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Ricoh Caplio GX8

Announced Apr 26, 2005 •
8 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 28 – 85 mm (3×)

Ricoh Caplio GX. No slot for the original GX so I am putting this here. My first digital camera. The feature set seemed fantastic and the performance on focus and shutter lag was better than anything else at the time. My favourite features of the camera are: Great macro. Wide angle lens. Full manual control (almost). External flash facility. Automated shooting (eg take a shot every 30 seconds). Allows use of polariser. Instantaneous shutter when used in some modes. This has captured shots for me

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Franz Fuchs

Ich besitze die GX8 seit Dez. 2005 und bin davon ganz begeistert. Es dauerte anfangs einige Zeit, bis ich mit den vielen Einstellmöglichkeiten zurecht kam. Vor allem störte mich das Bilderrauschen bei schwachen Lichtverhältnissen im höheren ISO Bereich (ab ISO 200). Durch die Möglichkeiten des externen Blitzes ließen sich diese Probleme bestens bereinigen. Die guten Erfahrungen mit dieser Kamera haben mich bisher abgehalten, eine Spiegelreflexkamera zu kaufen. Andere Firmen (Olympus, Canon) ...

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Altogether - a great camera. Construction - feels great in the hand, but the plastic tripod thread should have been metal. Features - no other pocket camera in existence offers a 28mm wide angle lens, a built-in optical viewfinder and a flash hot-shoe. The GX8 is one of a kind. 1 cm macro, interval shooting, manual controls, hyperfocal focus option (Snap mode) round up a very capable camera. Image quality - very good image quality, though there is some corner softness and CA. Nothing to worry ...

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will foreman

I have been using my GX8 for over a year now, and to be honest have had lots of fun with it and still do. The 1600 ISO setting is largely useless for "normal" photography but absolutely brilliant for weird effects, especially night shots. Have noticed no real deficiencies in image quality (for pixel peepers only) Normally focus is spot on, manual functions give plenty to play with in general. I personally like the lack of image processing: this really is RAW. Tough camera. Problems: When are ...

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I have been using the GX8 for 11 months now and I am impressed with the quality and features this little box has to offer. Apart from being very fast to boot and get a good photo in an instant, the manual options for such a small camera are fantastic. Battery life is excellent. My GX8 came with battery and charger. Spare batteries are available for around $20 off ebay. USB2.0 is nice and fast for transfer to computer. GX8 works fine with Windows XP. The camera is very light and fairly discrete. ...

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I'm using this camera for some time, it is not my first one but the previous was quite as a toy for todays standards (Mustek GsmartII 1,3mpix)... so here is my opinion: Advantages: - very fast start (the most important one for me) - good grip and handy - solid allu construction (not the creacky plastic) & old stylish look (yeah--black cameras rulez) - programable ADJ button -nice&usefull - nice operation time (@2x2400Nimh no-names) - good autofocus - one sharp lightsource is enough to set ...

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I bought this camera via internet and my decision to buy it was completely based on the specifications and features. It's probably the first compact 8mp camera in the market with SD card storage. Now after few weeks of intense use i could say that i'm still have controversial feelings towards this device. It's definetely very comfortable to use, full manual control, easy to handle, natural colors. It's design looks a bit old stylish and people get surprised that it is a 8mp camera, and this ...

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Steve Jhb

It's my first digital camera, so I thought long and hard before buying the GX8. It's a great camera. I enjoy the tough, black metal body and finger grip. I locked the ASA on 100 and the image quality has been excellent - even with (small) 1MB files. I copied 50mb of pics onto my PC in a few seconds thanks to the USB 2.0. connection The much advertised fast start-up and low shutter lag is for real and makes picture taking more spontaneous. Nice shutter control with clear half-way mark for ...

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Good solid construction and relatively simple to use. Lens is sharp and has a wide angle equivalent of 28mm - very useful. Image quality is very good at low ISO levels - 100 and 64. Noise is evident at 200 and above - but can be reduced using post processing to acceptable levels. NiMH AAs are OK - but the camera performance is far better when using the optional lithium battery - available on ebay for less than £10 - but you will need a charger. Problems: No major problems so far.

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The camera is well built with a nice rugged surface and a grip wich makes it easy to hold steady. It is still very compact and pocketable. The inclusion of a hotshoe is a big advantage. The camera handles very well. Menus are minimal, simple and fast to use. Most common adjustments, in a separate adjustment button. You can add one of your own settings to that button. Aperture priority setting with three apertures available. The camera is fast to work with using aperture priority and exposure ...

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