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Pentax K-r

Announced Sep 9, 2010 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor
Michael Piziak

I've owned the k2000 and k-x and thought those 2 were good cameras.  I like this Pentax as well.  My favorite part is the rechargeable lithium ion batteries, as the k2000 and k-x used AA batteries that were used up quickly.  Cosmetically, I like it that they left the silver decorative chrome off this model.  This camera performs well with high ISO settings.

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Solar Ben

I've been using the K-r for two years. ISO 3200 RAW is surprisingly clean - check the RAW noise charts in the review. 6fps great for action shooting. Problems: If you have lens corrections on, the images take a few seconds to appear on the view screen after you take them.

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Reliable, ergonomically excellent, great RAW image quality (as far as i can tell, still better than 2012 releases like the Canon 650D/Nikon D3200), 6fps, incredibly cheap, light, decent VF, easy menu layout, HDR, customizable 'green' button, fast start-up, many other features like the ability to convert most recent JPEG to raw with one button press etc.. Another massive advantage of going with the k-r (or most Pentax DSLRS) is the awesome in-camera SR (shake reduction). I've taken handheld ...

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Barry Fitzgerald's review is spot on. Currently own the K2000 and the K-r is a vast improvement. Problems: From the factory, the K-r front focusing was really bad (tested 3 lens: 18-55mm f3.5-5.6, 28-90mm f3.5-5.6, and 35mm f2.4). I had to AF Fine Adjust to -10. I then found a nifty app called PK_Tether, which allows you to put Pentax cameras (K-x, K7, K5, K-r, K20D, K10D, K200) into debug mode. That enables you to get to the Debug menu and do AF calibration. I am not sure what the max is ...

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Anirut J

After a month and a half with the K-r and about 3000 shots, I may say that this camera is near perfect "for its class". Perfect here I mean very good IQ, well-balanced detail:noise at high ISO, ample of functions essential to photography and probably the best in price/performance today. It's responsive with good ergonomics, good AF speed for its class and a surprisingly fast live-view AF. The button layout is easy to understand and the menu is intuitive. I didn't even need to use the user ...

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I have owned an Olympus e-510, Canon 450d, Canon 40d, Nikon d90, Nikon d300, Nikon d700 and Canon 7d, so I've had a wide range of equipment from which to draw comparisons for this review. In short, I believe the Pentax K-r represents the best value on the market today, hands down. I was a bit disappointed at the low IQ scores dpreview assigned to the k-r in its review, as I've found it to rival the big boys in IQ, including the d700 and 7d. The small form factor is handy, because it's ...

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