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Pentax K20D

Announced Jan 23, 2008 •
15 megapixels | 2.7 screen | APS-C sensor

I have it since April 2008 and it is my first digital SLR. I use it for excursions in Switzerland and for travelling in Europe and the US. When I am out and about my preferred lens is the 50-135 F2.8 Aside from that I do bit product photography for my company with the 35mm Ltd. It is a very sturdy, reliable cam and fits nearly perfect into my hands. Problems: However, some feature may not be considered to be on cutting edge level: The automatic white balance gives poor results in mixed light ...

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Good cam. bought one to replace my trusty K100D. However, and unfortunately, was not fully satisfied although the cam was much much better than the K100D. E.g. good and reliable exposure, stunning resolution and good viewfinder and customisation. A joy to use with the 35mm macro limited - but I wanted a good travel zoom and USM (not much time with family and got rid of the AF-noise, e.g. with the 16-45mm reliable but no longer in time, poor Pentax, sorry). Had kept the cam itself if there ...

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I am an amateur photographer, but when deciding to buy my first SLR, I decided to chip in a bit more and bought the pentax k20d. And wow, am I ever impressed. I mean I don't have any experience to compare it with any others, but from going out on photo dates with others, I am extremely pleased. From my amateur point of view, I really enjoy the build of this camera. Really durable. It's controls are so easy and well placed. Battery life is great too. Just a really great buy for it's money. ...

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After a few years without a DSLR, I knew I wanted a 2nd tier model this time around. I did not have a huge amount of $$. My short list was the Nikon D80 or the Pentax K20d. The K20d was a perfect fit for my hands and logic of control layout and options available to customize my K20d. Solid feel, fast response w/o having to move the camera from my eye. Excellent VF, well thought out LCD display, Great JPGs out of the camera if you want less PP later. DNG!!! Big Deal...if you don't want your ...

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Having bought this camera as an upgrade from my EOS 10D (after a long research in the web) I can tell you now, after two months use and about 4000 pictures that it meets and surpasses my best expectations. The WB (default) is clearly supperior to Canon's under articial lighting, giving a more natural look. I still have both cameras at use and I'm inclined to bet in buying professional grade lenses to complement the 18-55 and 50-200 for low light work. As the saying goes, it´s the ...

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I purchased the K20D in May of 2008 right before a vacation to Lake Tahoe by rail. I know, it's not a good idea to buy a new piece of equipment before a major event to photograph but this one did not disappoint. The K20D is truly a great value for the money. Problems: Have not had any real problems, but can offer a few suggestions: First, I bought an 18-250mm lens which has far too little zoom friction. It could stand a little tightening up. Without locking it in place, the lens literally ...

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Available Light

I bought the K20D with the battery grip and magnifying eyepiece last December to have a second higher resolution body in addition to the 6 megapixel DS, which I still use as a backup. After 6 months and 1000+ images in all weather and lighting conditions my conclusion is that the K20K is a wonderful photographic tool, and a great value. I love its versatility and tailoring of exposure modes to the way I shoot. For example, programing the Av mode to change aperture on the rear dial with ISO ...

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I have bought K20D last August. So my opinion is: a) Produce the SHARPEST photos in the market. That cost little noisier photos than the current competition from biggest brands. b) Noise well controlled till 1600 ISO, capturing very good photos (you have the option of four choices for noise reduction). c) Excellent resolution. d) Excellent control, navigation and features. A friend of mine had Nikon D300 or D700 (I can’t remember) and surprised by the menu, the navigation, the features ...

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Since I own a number of legacy lens from Pentax this camera was a "natural" choice. Not only, that I'm happy with it, I'm really satisfied. It is virtually the best in supporting old lenses without auto-focus and auto-exposure. To get the most out of it, I replaced the built-in screen with a Focusing Screen with Split Prism and Microprism Collar. So, I get the accuracy and the so-called old-fashioned feeling of the film-days together with the superior quality of the digital sensor. Problems: ...

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I switched from canon eos 350d to K20d after being disappointed with it's picture quality. At the same time one of my friends got a canon eos40d. We, both amateurs, ran a camparison series of photography and vow, eos40d was nothing even close to my pentax. I am so satisfied with its results that I'm now uploading my pictures here and there. I have listed some problems bellow, but honestly, I don't even think about them anymore when I'm shooting now. It's a pleasure to have a k20d by my side. ...

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