Pentax K20D

Announced Jan 23, 2008 •
15 megapixels | 2.7 screen | APS-C sensor
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DCRP Review: Pentax K20D
By: Jeff Keller, Digital Camera Resource Page (Sep 6, 2008)

The Pentax K20D is a very good digital SLR that offers the same resolution, build quality, and feature set of cameras costing hundreds of dollars more. Its highlights include a 14.6 Megapixel CMOS sensor, built-in image stabilization, and a weather-sealed, sturdy body. While the K20D needs work in certain areas, it's a definite improvement over its predecessor, and a D-SLR that I can recommend.

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Pentax K20D review
By: Jamie Harrison, What Digital Camera (May 5, 2008)

This is a solid camera with much to recommend it, not least its sensor and lovely handling. It stands its ground well against its rivals, even having an edge in terms of resolution. Despite some concerns about the exposure system, I managed to produce some great images and, more importantly, had fun doing it. This is really where the camera stands out; it’s great to use and feels comfortable...

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Pentax K20D review

The Pentax K20D is certainly a powerful and capable DSLR. It inherits an impressive core specification from its predecessor which includes a dust and weather-resistant body, built-in Shake Reduction, a decent optical viewfinder, innovative exposure modes, a wealth of custom options and the choice of recording RAW images in either Pentax’s own PEF or Adobe’s open DNG formats. To this...

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