Pentax K200D

Announced Jan 23, 2008 •
10 megapixels | 2.7 screen | APS-C sensor
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Pentax K200D review
By: Jamie Harrison, What Digital Camera (Jun 2, 2008)

I really enjoyed using the K200D. It is logical to handle and its build quality means I’d be happy to use it in harsher conditions. The images I got from the camera also were very pleasing, especially considering previous exposure problems with other Pentax cameras, and the ‘Bright’ mode is certainly my favourite for JPEGs.

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Pentax K200D review

The Pentax K200D is certainly a unique proposition in the current entry-level DSLR market. While most rival manufacturers are packing in the gadgets on their latest models, Pentax has opted for a more traditional approach, eschewing fashionable features like Live View and instead focusing on controls, customisation and build quality. Like many cameras these days, the K200D shares a number...

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