Pentax K100D Super

Announced Jun 28, 2007 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | APS-C sensor
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Hi, always in doubt if I should post it in the Pentax SLR forum or in this one, anyway... I've tried to trigger an off-camera YN560 in S1 mode with the pop-up flash of my K100D Super, in M mode. Everything works as it whould, but the pop-up flash obviously contributes to the exposure (fugly straight light). Flash exposure compensation is already @ -2.0 (even though I believe it doesnt' affect flash output in M mode..?) What can I do in order to reduce the blink of the pop-up flash to the bare...
By: LensBeginner (6 months ago)
Posted to: PC Talk
Hi, I have just calibrated my monitor with a Spyder 3 Pro I recently bought. Now I am using, at OS level, I believe, an .icm profile tailored to my monitor, with 0.15cd/m^2 black point and 120cd/m^2 white point. My camera (Pentax K100D Super) is set to shot in sRGB, and that's what's embeded in its .PEF files. I have bought a book on color profiling but I still have to finish a really interesting book on flash photography before starting the other. Now for the question: my RAW converter is...
Hi all, decided that I needed a "serious" flash (at least compared to the built-in one) to go with my K100D Super and bought a cheap, non-TTL, non-HSS flash that is often regarded as a good product for newbies (Couldn't spend five times or so as much in order to get a Metz). I have started researching and still in the thick of it regarding all things flash (reading The Hot Shoe Diaries, great book!) but I still have black spots here and there. :-| Question: can I trigger the Yongunuo with the...
Tim Streater
By: Tim Streater (Jun 15, 2013)
Posted to: Pentax SLR Talk
My wife has a K100D Super, from new, with the 18-55 kit zoom it came with. I'm starting to conclude that this lens has generally poor resolution, although chromatic aberration is fairly low. AIUI, this lens has been improved/replaced a couple of times. I find a review of the original (our version) on this site, and one of a more recent version on, but they present their data differently so it's hard to compare. PentaxForums has some user reviews that hint that the lens *is*...
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