PIX 2015

Pentax *ist DS

Announced Sep 13, 2004 •
6 megapixels | 2 screen | APS-C sensor

As an amateur photographer, the *ist DS has everything I need and nothing I don't. It gets out of the way and lets me focus on improving my photographic skills. Things I love about it: 1. Very clear 2" LCD 2. Big and clear viewfinder 3. Deep hand grip 4. Small size 5. Compatibility with all k-mount lens 6. Ease of use 7. Very good high iso performance Things I wish were better: 1. Shot to shot buffer shooting in RAW 2. More knobs to adjust settings without the menu All in all, the *ist DS ...

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Upgraded from ME to *ist DS in February 2006. Impressed by size of camera, build quality, excellent bright viewfinder and ability to use existing Pentax lenses. I find image quality in *** JPEG to be excellent, especially after following a few recommended tweaks to default settings. RAW images are excellent and surprisingly good for a 6.1 megapixel sensor. Problems: Aperture priority exposure control with manual K lenses is a two-step process, requiring a mirror retraction before firing - ...

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Lars Holte

I feel I have to give top marks on all counts. This is a great camera - especially considering its price. And I love its size, its excellent penta-prism viewfinder, its ergonomics and its ability to handle old legacy lenses from way back when... I have a bunch of Pentax manual focus lenses from the 70'ies and 80'ies that work perfectly with this top modern camera. Only minor criticism: that I have to access a menu to alter focusing mode (spot, selectable point or auto) and exposure mode ...

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I bought my DS body because I wanted to expand my knowledge of photography and this particular model offered the best bang for the buck. Below is a review from a very green Pentax DSLR user: Strengths of the DS: *Image quality and Low-light performance: I was not disappointed with the results this camera gave. Image quality was superb even at ISO1600 in less than ideal indoor lighting. *Build quality: Solid construction, in a compact and neat package. Feels like a real tool, a definite ...

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Denis Bousquet

Very nice camera, bought it in june 05 and shot over 1000 pictures since. Th 18-55 kit zoom is very efficient, not too much distorsion, very sharp, but a strong vigneting at wide angle length and maximum aperture. I like the automatic manual AF override. I bought my first Pentax Spotmatic SLR in 1969, with 42mm screw mount Takumar 1,8-55, 3,5-28 and 2,5-135. all still working and I tried the 2,5-135 on the istDS: a great lens! I also have a MV bought in1982, with Pentax 1,8-50 and 2,8-28. The ...

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This camera has a great viewfinder for a DSLR. Manual focusing is a breeze, which I happen to do often. It's the perfect size and very easy to use. Of course, it accepts all older Pentax lenses which gives you access to some great glass. For the price, this camera is hard to beat. Problems: After 6 months hard use, it has performed flawlessly.

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Pentax *istD was my fast dSLR camera, loved it. Changed it to *istDs about one year ago, love it even more. This is one camera that I'd recommend to any amateur photographer. It's almost perfect in every way. Problems: Sometimes I do wish it could response abit faster (AF in low light especially). But overall, it's fast enough for most of my use.

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After doing months of research including hands on testing, I choose this camera over the Nikon and Canon offerings because of its build quality, ergonimics, bright viewfinder, and picture quality. Also, drawn to the DS because of the DA lenses that match the size, wieght, and quality of the DS and more coming out in 2006. I had a Canon AE-1 with several lenses and was not going to luge around that size and weight again. You know "been there, done that". You can easily have the kit lense on ...

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I got my first Digital camera about 6 years ago, since then I got another with those two I took around 33,000 photos. I found in the end I needed to step up to a Digital SLR for the Lens options, after much research and I used this sight as well, I bought the Pentax *ist DS. I have a Pentax SLR which lenses I'm able to use on this, even the full manual lens. I love the size and ease of use. Recently I did a wedding a friend's daughter and the groom's family also had two photographers ...

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Excellent camera - the ability to use just about any Pentax lenses right back to M42 screw-mount Takuamr's means you don't have to break the bank to get started with some high-quality lenses, either you have them already or you can trawl ebay for a week or so and pick up some bargains. Six-megapixels may sound limiting but that's only if you believe the marketing hype. Build quality is very good, viewfinder is better than most, the ability to use AA's or CR- V3's is especially useful. Problems: ...

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