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Pentax *ist DL2

Announced Jan 27, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | APS-C sensor
Al F

I've been a 35mm Pentax SLR guy for 30 years, so when I saw an *ist DL2 body for $250 I took the plunge. The build quality is excellent, and most of the controls are quite intuitive. Even though this camera uses mirrors instead of a pentaprism, the viewfinder is much brighter than some other competing brands I've looked at. I love the fact that my old lenses work quite well on this camera. With a short zoom lens, this camera makes a nice small package that is easy to handle. Problems: As many ...

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This camera is ok, for 299 euro you can't expect more. What i like of it is that it is a very light camera, because of this i use it anywhere. There is no reason to let it home. For 6 mp it gives good results. (If i use heavyier lenses i use K10D)

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My first (own) DSLR and I’m very happy with it. Bought it with 18-55 & 50-200 kit lenses, 1GB SD-Card and bag. Besides the fantastic prize I liked the look, grip (got large hands an no problems with it) and the small weight of the Camera (only under 1,5 kg in the bag with both lenses) Compared it with Canon EOS350D and Nikon D50. All great in their way but I liked the istDL2 best for the build quality and the brighter viewfinder. The biggest selling point for me was the downward compatibility ...

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R Williams

pentax istdl2.bought this as I have a number of m&ka Pentax lenses.I have used Pentax since 1962 without trouble.Comparing this dl2 agaiunst my son's CANON350 dI I find the Pentax more user friendlyand the kit lens is mch better than that of the Canon.Iam not biased against CANON as I use several of their lenses on my Leica of that erai (50's-60's) in preference to Leica's own. Problems: None

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Keith Holyoake

My first DSLR and a good choice! Been used to 35mm SLR's previously and this helped ease of use on new camera. Previous digital was a Fujifilm S9500 digicam and the Pentax produces mush better images and is far easier to use. Also the camera with both "kit" lenses is light and compact enough to carry all day. Considered the newer K100D but price was a big influence (bought my *ist DL2 for only £350 in UK) - doesn't have Shake Reduction but I've got a good tripod! Would recomend to anyone ...

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Alexander Shap

Bought my Pentax ist DL2 two days ago from Jessops in London. By some reason its being discontinued. In the first branch of Jessops was only ex-display left. Before buying checked inside the body and found lots of dust! Jessops refused to give discount or guarantee easy return if any problems. As the result, went to other branch of Jessop and got one boxed. Do not go for ex-display, those cameras there for ages! Bought camera for £349.00+ leather carry case for £20(on carry case got £5 ...

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Steve Jacobs

This Pentax *ist DL quite a pleasurable experience. With this Pentax *ist DL only being out of the box for a week, it reminds me often why I have been Pentax customer for quite some time and will continue to be so. What strikes one immediately is how well the interface and software was constructed and implemented by the Pentax engineer's. The Pentax engineers have virtually anticipated (very nicely) how the user would use and interact with the camera as well as it's functions. It is very ...

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Gavin Sinclair

As a first DSLR this is an excellent choice. I spent time testing and handling various cameras and the DL2 had a really robust feeling. Acceptable results can be achieved with programme scene or automatic settings. The kit lens seems relatively good and there are plenty of pentax compatible lenses on ebay. Pentax seem to be staking a decent claim in the DSLR market with more advanced K100 and K10 models in the pipeline. With this model having a price advantage over other makes - particularly ...

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I am already a Pentax user, owning a brilliant MZ-10 AF SLR. A Sigma 28-80mm mini-macro, 100-300mm F4.5-6.7 and EF430 flashgun complete my system. I like other Pentax users have been waiting for both the availibility and price of a digital body to become accessible. Well this month they did. The *ist DL2 is now retailing at £350 with 18-55 lens. First week impressions follow. Noticed that the camera tends to slight under exposure, but this maybe a question of taste. It is easy to use and has ...

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jackie semple

Just had this camera one week but have used it sufficiently to feel confident about giving an opinion. In terms of DSLRs I have tried the rest and I guess I have now tried the best - at least for me. I guess everyone has their preferences but I find this camera is a joy to use with everything easy to understand, super ergonomics, menus that are straightforward, great viewfinder - better than the rest by far, ease of handling, USB 2.0 compatible so don't have to wait ages for downloads, AA ...

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