Pentax smc D-FA 100mm F2.8 Macro WR

Announced Dec 9, 2009 •
Telephoto macro prime lens | Pentax KAF | 21910

I was looking for a medium telephoto lens I can use mostly for portraits, the search was quite wide from tiny 70mm Pentax Limited to huge 70-200mm Tamron. Because of the size and weight I cut out the Tamron, leaving only primes in consideration. The Sigma 85mm/1,4 was out of my reach, so there were primes like Sigma 105mm Macro, Tamron 90 mm Macro, Pentax 70mm, 77mm and 100 mm Macro. Out of these the Pentax lenses had the best reviews so the question was: shorter, but a bit faster and ...

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I thought I would never trade in or sell my Sigma 105mm Macro lens, but I did for the Pentax D-FA 100mm Macro WR. I was hesitant to do it, but now I am glad that I did.This is a superb piece of glass capable of laser sharp detail, rendering deep and rich colours and producing a magical bokeh. I have used it during a thunder storm with a deluge of rain and in a snowy blizzard...the WR designation is earned. The lens shook off the weather like a champ! As if this wasn't enough, the lens is ...

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Excellent lens in optical point of view. F2.8 is a bit softer but from F4 it is very sharp. F8 provides excellent resolution which hardly will be matched by anything less than lets say FA*200/4 Macro. Contrast is good, rounded aperture blades provide nice bokeh, WR is fine.. Just that AF behavior could be better. For portraits its OK. For close-ups with AF it sometimes hunts hardly even on K5. Problems: Missing focus limiter and aperture ring.

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I've bought this lens some months ago and it's currently the best lens in my kit. It's razor sharp all the way from max. aperture and it really made me feel like dumping all of my zooms. I wonder why Pentax didn't give this lens a "limited" designation, this is actually a lot better both construction and optical-wise than some "limiteds". Anyway, anyone considering serious 1:1 macro that delivers fantastic results and also does incredibly well in portrait/short tele work should really get one ...

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