Pentax smc FA 50mm F1.4

Prime lens | Pentax KAF

Nice lens, F1.4-F2 is a bit soft and contains chromatic aberations. F2.8+ is really sharp. F5.6-F7.1 produces excellent resolution. AF is very fast. Smooth bokeh, but sometimes those non-rounded eight aperture blades are a bit visible. Build quality very good. Lens is small and light. Contrast can be enhanced by optional lens hood which I strongly recommend to buy. Cheap third-party one for 49mm screw is enough and helps significantly. Problems: Lens hood not provided - 49mm screw hood needed.

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I use it for portraits and close-ups at f 4-5,6 and with 1,7x-AF-converter:best results without any CA's. Very, very sharp. For landscapes with high contrast in the corners, very small CA's visible.(no problem with PhSh 4 or 8) I take with it astrophotos between f 2,8.4 with my k-x (12.800 iSO), too.Astigmatism very well controlled. Stars are sharp points. One of my best lenses. High contrast, nice colors, nice bokeh.

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To make a long story short, the FA 50 1.4 is a great lens for the cost that I paid for mine in used condition. It’s; very light and compact, focuses relatively fast on my K-5, produces a very nice Bokeh, and is pretty sharp at f1.8 or higher. The thing I like most about this lens over say the $650-800 DA*55 1.4, which you'll never find a used copy for under $500, is that I only paid $175 for mine in a moderately used condition. So, I get a lot more performance/price ratio and don’t ever ...

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