PIX 2015

Pentax Optio WP

Announced Jan 5, 2005 •
5 megapixels | 2 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

I love this camera, I couldn't be happier with it! I am shocked at some of the other reviews. They must have got a dud. Sharp, clear photos, no noise, even printed at 8x10. Fast, easy to use, amazing, in and out of the water. Sunny days, cloudy days, indoors, with flash, without flash. Outdoors, day and night. Everyone, looking at our photos wants to know what camera I used! Construction great, feels expensive. Images rival those of my $1,000.00 plus cameras. Reading camera reviews over ...

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Misha Hoichman

I tested this camera for sea kayaking, since I can't use my D70 at anything other than flat water. I loved the idea of WP being waterproof and fit a PFD pocket. I loved the features and the responsiveness. Yes, it's dumb, primitive, but that's exactly what I need on the sea: simple point and shoot. I can confirm it is really waterproof. I took it to a relatively big surf. It's much rougher than the usual "swimming pool" tests. Everything was pretty descent until I watched the images on a big ...

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Please keep in mind that the Optio WP I've got is the Japanese exclusive Black Mau edition; it's made in JPN, while other Optio WPs (Silver ones) sold outside of JPN (+ the blue & the pink ones) are made in China. For the construction, I think it looks kind of "cheap" compared to other digicams I've own (DSC-S85, C-5050Z, IXY 55). It looks too plastic. Still, I rate it 5 cos the front part is actually made of aluminium alloy. Plus, all the connections were hiden neatly behinds the ...

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Ewen Roy

Excellent macro results from this camera. As soon as I read the specs, I ordered this camera. Initial results were disapointing. After increasing in-camera saturation to max and becoming familiar with it, I'm totally satisfied. Macro is excellent with focus down almost to lens contact. Flash control in macro is excellent and have taken dozens of well-exposed fungi shots with great depth of field results. As a pocketable accessory to a dslr in the field or as a handy social camera, I rate this ...

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I have a 20D and a G5. Compared to those beasts, the image quality is very poor. at iso 400, the noise is the worst ive seen outside of the camera on a phone. At iso 100 its like iso 400 on the 20D. Only at iso 50 is the noise and sharpness acceptable, but then you need a lot of light. I did like the "green button". you can assign this to 4 functions. I assigned 1.Ev comp, 2.ISO level. 3.Focus area. The user interface is quite good - you dont need a manual. There are no manual controls ...

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Bought this one for its waterproof capability for taking kids pict around/in the pool. Have used it in the pool but not much submerge action(more of splash and dip) but it works as advertised. Pict is a bit noisy esp indoor with low light, need a lot of light to get good picture. Bit underexposure as well because of IMHO not enough flash power. Pict looks OK in camera but a bit dissapointment in computer. Use as backup for KM A2 as my main camera. I know it is like comparing apples to ...

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Bought this camera becasue I wanted a small pocketable camera - waterproof feature was a nice bonus. Image quality is good, but no better than (slight inferior, actually) than my 3MP Canon A310. Images were slightly noisier and colors (in default saturation) more washed out than the Canon. Saturation is adjustable, but only in large increments - pictures were either too saturated (@ + 1 saturation) or too washed out (@ default). Movie mode is also inferior to the Canon A310; the Pentax has ...

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Bought esp. for underwater. Tried in the swimming pool (6m~18ft deep), at freediving training. Works nice, even at 3-4 m deep (~12ft), if deeper - shutter button sticks in because of the pressure and it starts to take photos in unstoppable series, until you float up to 10ft deep. Anyway, 200% reserve is good (it's certified down to 1.5m deep). Small and nice gadget, equal in quality to competition on surface, and unequalled for ease of use under the surface. Problems: The flash is too close ...

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I didn’t expect lot from this camera. I was convinced if something can do lot it can’t do anything well. But I decided to try and I was surprised. Not only it is good in pool but on try land too. I have fired thousands of pictures already and I am still satisfied and surprised. It is small and ergonomic. It fits into mobile pocket. It is really waterproof. You can take it anywhere. SPA is no problem. It fires great pictures. Noise is marginal and not disturbing. It has very close macro. Ant ...

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brad ersly

Took camera on a recent week long motorcycle trip, http://www.pbase.com/bersly/thank_you_jim&page=all Picts came out great, shot 115 picts on one battery ! Quality of indoor flash picts is marginal but most point and shoots are no different. Camera does what I bought it for. Problems: None so far

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