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Pentax Optio S4

Announced Sep 3, 2003 •
4 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

This is my 2nd superCompact camera (4th overall camera after a FujiFilm, Kodak and ultracompact CannonSD200). After reading reviews, I can tell most people know what they are talking about and judge the camera correctly. This camera is not better nor worse than the Ultra compact cameras (not too many) in its class, I did some research (Fall2005) and found this camera to be the SMALLEST on the market!!! Pls someone prove me wrong. Only If you are an experienced photographer (and read the ...

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This is an great little camera. I bought it a about almost two years ago. It still works great. The macro mode is wonderful and very easy to use. I bought this as a take anywhere camera and have kept it in an Altoids tin. Works wonderfully. It has gotten a little scratched on the metal body and the Altoids tin does cut a little in to the camera on the corners but it still works like new. Also RAW is available if you know how. (do a search in the Pentax form) I have found that a faster SD ...

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Hugo Reis

one amazing cam, very light, your texture of body is safe, good zoom in so small cam. Good batery life and time to charge is faster, but i change for dual AAA baterys. Problems: Time video limited for 60 sec. and recoganize time is sllow.

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Excellent camera for such a small size. Been using it for 12 months now and have few complaints. I also use a Kodak 6490 (to give me other features I want). I expected there to be a big difference in picture quality, but there is not, provided you use best quality on the Pentax. (There is a noticeable diff, but you need to be at larger than 8x10 to spot it). Bought this so I could always have a camera with me as well as to carrry during my marathon running. Exceeds my expectations in ...

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PERFECTLY SMALL. Incredible battery life! As I write this review, I am charging the battery for only the 4th time since June 2004! Unbelievable. When shopping for a digital camera to replace my 35mm camera, I was either going to get the best camera I could find under $1000, or I was going to get the smallest one I could find. I opted for this camera, and have no regrets. I could not find a smaller digital camera that was at least a 4 megapixel camera. I paid extra for the leather form-fit ...

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what can I say but after reading reviews was expecting lots of so and so images but its nice to be pleasantly surprised. This camera is better then the z40 from Casio , I tried out last year. I was hesistant to get this because it was not the s4i and while everyone had good things to say they talked about soft images. Where? The images blur because its easy to move but heck with a little effort this thing delivers with a A nice expectation realized .Its not a v1 or slr but definitely ...

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I absolutely love this camera! I've had the camera for 4 months now and take it with me everywhere. You cannot beat it for the size and the quality. It really does fit in an Altoids can. In fact, I lined an Altoids can with sticky-back felt and that is what I use for a camera case. Prior to purchasing this camera, I had tried other cameras in the ultra-compact category. None of which came close to the quality and sharpness of this one. It also has some fun features like the night mode which ...

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I wanted a small , compact camera for carrying around every day . I also want a digital SLR for more creative/quality output. Having now bought the Optio S4,I am not so sure if I need to spend the big money yet on the D-SLR.Construction is excellent , image quality is outstanding for such a small lens and CCD and portability means I can take it everywhere . I am now taking pictures (which is the important thing) , when before I would not have had a camera with me!!! Highly recommended(2 ...

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