PIX 2015

Pentax Optio S

Announced Jan 9, 2003 •
3 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Manar Hussain

Aweful support ruined what seemed a great camera. Silly small and light whilst still giving decent features was my aim - and I got that. Alas the lcd cracked in an incident so minor I can't even tell when it happened. Far worse - Pentax UK support has been terrible. Problems: LCD screen cracked trivially and UK Pentax support have been shockingly poor. After sending my camera in, they first sent me an invoice for repairs. No cover letter or any pretence at customer care. Then I get an invoice ...

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Andy Gow

As a Camera the Optio S has stood up well. In the few months I have used it it generally provides good images (providing care is taken to hold the shutter half way), and its movies and sound capabilities are better than some more expensive cameras, despite its small size. However, since the LCD screen broke after a month of usage and Pentax refused to repair it under warranty, my opinion of the camera, both in terms of the quality of construction and the customer support for it, is very low ...

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GREAT FEATURES! I LOVE(d) THIS CAMERA. It has almost everything I need for a compact camera. Super macro is awesome. BUT.... Problems: The pictures are very pathetic. There is so much noise in them no matter what lighting conditions I use. I end up taking 640x480 or 1024x768 since it is so damn noisy! The battery door is flimsy, but it is more forgiving and probably less likely to break, but super easy to open when bumped accidentally. HUGE PROBLEM: The flash memory card sometimes loses ...

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f. plant

Love the concept, and feature set. Even a few years from now when its tech is obsolete, it should still be useful due to its small size. Don't mind switch position as it gives me a more relaxed hand than if it was closer to the strap side. Like the voice recording feature for voice memos. Quality control seems to be an issue and gave construction and image a 2 because of it. hope they do an upgrade on the firmware to improve video as it is blocky, and to bring images up to the quality ...

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Anders Galmén

WARNING!! Problems: UPDATE: I do not recommend this camera. After one week the screen started to "flicker", images got very dark some times, white turns to redish etc. (some times, specially when zooming) after walking around a beach with the camera I noted a small space between the front-shell and the back-shell of the camera. This must have been where a little bit of sand got in. When I got home I sent this camera to service. Because I didn't mention there was problems from the beginning ...

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This camera is good but the pentax is overshadowed but the casio exslim Z3. The casio is identical in evrey respect except its build quality which, is much better. The battery door on the pentax feels a little flimsy where as the Z3's battrey door has a satisfying clunk. The Z3's screen is also brighter in a outdoor conditions and is 2 inches not 1.5 as on the optio S. both cameras are made by pentax and have exactly the same lens htey cost the same and are more or less the same size. The ...

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Kim Bay Smidt

VERY nice little jewel! :-) Problems: 1) Bad image quality compared to other 3 mega pixels cameras. E.g. Canon S230 is WAY BETTER IMHO! All pictures look a bit out of focus and I've not seen one single picture on the net that's impress me! 2) The joystick is VERY little and can be tricky to use. 3) And the biggest problem: Folks thinking that this is a forum... READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING...

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I bought this camera yesterday, so this will only be some first impressions. First it´s incredibly small, besides the altoids tin, it also fits in a box of cigaretts. I´m quite satisfied with the picture quality, i think it is good in proportion to it´s size. 3 megapixels are enough for me, you can do good prints in A 4 format. I will update this review in some weeks, when i have more experience with that camera. Problems: For now, there are no problems. Some people write that the tiny 4 way ...

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This is not a review!!! Alot of people (including my self) have been waiting for sample images from the Optio S. Now I have found a few on http://www.cyberphoto.se/pentax/digital/ops.php The site is in swedish but the pictures are universal :) Problems: It just be me but I reckon the pictures look sharp in the middle, but rather fuzzy "of center".

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This is not a review. I have questions about the camera, for people who actually own it already. Do you know if the camera's OS is the same / similar to the Casio Exilim-Z3? They share the same general features (including the lens mechanism), so I wondered. Will the Pentax Optio S also offer the pre-shot and split-shot modes? (It's a cool feature described here ... http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/read_opinion_text.asp?prodkey=casio_exz3&opinion=15442 ) And how is the quality of the LCD ...

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