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Pentax Optio 330RS

Announced Jun 3, 2002 •
3 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 37 – 111 mm (3×)

One of the best digital cameras that I have used for ease of use, quality and size. Features are well integrated into the camera and picture quality has always been good and without compromise. Camera is well constructed, however, battery life is a little on the low side.

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My first digital camera, so can't really compare with others. I was deciding between Canon A70, Olympus 300, Nikon 3100 and Optio 330 RS which are in the same price range. Decided on this tiny little camera due to the following:- - Solid build with stainless steel case - Ultra compact size to carry any where and every where - Enough features to grow with especially the manual features - Rechargeable battery - 3x optical zoom - F2.6 lense - User friendly The camera takes nice and sharp ...

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What a wonderful Camera! Not only does it come with a rechargable battery, but it has a lovely metal case, 11mb internal memory AND a sixteen megabye compact flash card. It's definatly a great buy, especially in my city (for $550). I bought mine from London Drugs in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) and the service there was wonderful, they actually knew what they were talking about, which is something that's hard to come by these days when it comes to digital cameras. I have had wonderful ...

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Tariq Sami

Decent little camera in some areas. Bought it as a back-up easy-carry alternative to a larger prosumer digital or SLR... now regretting it a bit... read more... PROs: + ease of use + size + weight + construction + colour values are very good The 330RS' strengths are it's construction (stainless steel body), compact size, and ease of use. I spent about 20 minutes with the manual and another 30 minutes of actual hands-on use and I had mastered almost every aspect and feature of the camera. Two ...

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Great little camera. Compared it with friend's IXUS V (2,1 MP though), and it's real competitor IXUS V3. Optio's pics quality, ease of use (going through menus is a breeze), 3X zoom ...etc, really beats any IXUS by far. Worth mentioning that what I paid for my OPTIO 330RS (approx. 500 Euros) is in my country - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo) about 20% less that the current price of IXUS V3 (approx 600 Euros). Also, OPTIO's manual controls (most of it) are giving me much more freedom than ...

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This is an excelent camera for the money. Like many others who have posted a review of this camera, I had the intention of getting a Canon digital elph and was talked into the 330RS by a store sales clerk. (It did help that the store was sold out of the canons at the time). I was attracted to this camera by its' manual mode and three times zoom. My main complaint is the slow and picky auto focus proformance. The slow proformance means that taking action shots is very hard. (ie any thing where ...

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I was looking for a digital camera that was small enough to have with me averywhere I go. I was looking at the Sony cybershot low-mid end cameras, but when I saw the Optio camera at the store I decided to get it instead. The reasons why I chose Optio, was the size and the manual functions. I like the manual function a lot since it gives me flexibility. I have taken pictures in meny diferent light situation, and most of the pictures come out quite nice. I have noted, as other reviewers, that ...

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ion cionca

Tested the Optio330RS for one week after having sold my old Canon S20. Out of 260 pix only 10 were acceptably sharp (and none as good as on Canon): big focus problems in all conditions (in/out door, sunny, cloudy, etc...) otherwise, very nice camera: tiny, solid construction, great user interface, nice colors and fast response too bad.. brought it back and wait for Nikon's Coolpix 4300 Problems: - focus problems - heavy noise unless high quality selected (and thus 1.8 MB image file) - stupid ...

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I bought this camera after spending a lot of time researching the area. I knew I was looking for a mid-range, mid-spec camera which would produce good images at a fair price. With this camera I wasn't at all disappointed. I study Architecture and use photography an awful lot in my work, along with my ever reliable... well most of the time SLR and my compact I needed a camera that would be quick and easy to use for the photos that you want there and then with no real fuss with quick review ...

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Great as a 'point and shoot' type camera. I bought mine about 6 weeks ago and have been using it in all sorts of lighting conditions without any problems at all. I have not experienced any of the soft focus problems being reported by owners of the Optio430 so I don't know if that problem is specific to the 430, or if I just lucked out. The small size of the camera is probably its best feature. Similar in size to a packet of cigarettes and easy to keep in the pocket. It won't replace my SLR ...

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