PIX 2015

Pentax EI-200

Announced Feb 3, 2000 •
2 megapixels | 2 screen | 34 – 108 mm (3.2×)
John Macfarlane

OK until started having problems with camera switching off by itself, then once camera had reached 18 months old, I could not switch it on. Took it to local camera specialist who sent off for estimate on repair cost. Shock horror, told it was beyond economic repair - £450 down the tubes. Is there anything I can do to kick Pentax into a partial refund, as it appears from other forum posts, I an not the only one with power problems

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I'm a thirty year architect. After several days of intense research, I bought this camera for general purpose use through AOL Netmarket 07/05/01 . I was initially happily excited about the purchase, although it's brutal on battery use, even Ray O Vac's rechargeable NiMh units. I had only taken about 150 shots with it when it quit functioning less than four months later. I sent the camera back to Pentax in Colorado for repair 11/01. Although it's been in a padded case since only hours I got ...

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