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Olympus PEN E-P2

Announced Nov 5, 2009 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | Four Thirds sensor

I was looking for a replacement for my now depleted gear lust list. Gear I owned then realised I didn't need as a stills hobbyist. Canon cameras and lenses and a Fuji X100s I had for a few months. I saw the Olympus PEN-2 on ebay for $90 with a camera bag. I couldn't resist. It takes amazing photos for an older digital camera. The kit zoom lens is great for street shots and I also have the 15m cap lens. The back screen isn't as good as current LCD screens but good enough to frame a shot. ...

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The E-p2, only got it for some weeks now, is a great (small) camera. Lot's of options for making it "your "camera and " automatically " if that's what you want. Great pictures you will get from this handsome looking camera . . . Problems: None, so far.

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This m43 camera (first I got) is very easy to use and perfors so well in mostly almost conditions. I´ve been using it for more than a year, JPEGs are beautiful and sometimes outstanding. Construction is very nice not cheaper one. I use it with 14-150mm attached and sometimes 14-42mm, both ofe them very nice too, mostly for general photography. I you want more velocity so must get a faster lens. Battery life is quite good. I´haven´t used EV wiewfinder hope it is so much useful for whom comes ...

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I was using this camera for more than 08 months and I really like it. Like IQ, camera construction and choices you have to get a good picture in most of the conditions. I up-graded from Oly`s 5060 and 8080 (I love them also) and to me was what I expected. I´m also ried and tested other brands before buying it, but colors and image quality was the best to me at this range (now I have to wait to try EP 3). I used first with 14 - 42 kit lens and now I´ve been using it with Oly´s 14 - 150. You ...

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I read carefully through the various reviews of this camera before purchasing. I have a 4/3 format SLR and so was used to Olympus. I really appreciated the look and feel of this camera: solid but not heavy, easy to handle but not bulky. I like the flexibility - indooors, use the 17 mm prime lens with flash as needed, outdoors and sports, use the 10X zoom with electronic viewfinder. Autofocus with the 17mm (34 mm equiv.) is fast and crisp, even in relatively low light. I did not buy the std. ...

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Use the P2 since 6 month already, in general I'm happy with this small part and the image quality is nearly to my D90. I use Panasonic lenses 14-140 and the 14-45 for city snaps, for evenings very handy without the EVF sometimes the 17 . Also my Leica lenses from 35, 50 and 90 with 2,0 and 2,8 come to be great new used. Problems: Fixing of the EVF is't solved, I lost already one and the new one was very expensive. I sometimes have a wrong function in use because it is to easy to press buttons ...

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Was initially sceptical of the Pen series, but the E-P2 with its EVF has changed this. It is now my camera of choice - more usable than any other - easy to carry therefore I use it more. Even with the EVF attached it is pocketable (if you have largish pockets!). Feels really solid - more of a camera than the Panansonic G1 which I briefly owned. Noise is really not a problem if shooting RAW and processing in LR3. Manual focussing with magnified assist is really useful and I find myself using ...

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love the ep2 and vf2 combination. sold the ep1 bcos it did not really work with manual focussing of fast lenses. if you use af and the m43 lenses, then ep1 is fine. i only use manual lenses and the vf2 is the BEST right now. wish the ep2 had been built pro, meaning more robust and faster ergonomics, like a leica m9 type of controls. [] Problems: none so far

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The results from the PEN E-P2 are excellent, as good as those from the E-620 or E-30. This makes a great second, small camera for serious DSLR users that can be carried easily. The 14-42 kit lens performs well, but the Panasonic F1.7 20 mm micro four-thirds lens is sharper--a must have, which allows this camera to shoot without a flash in most situations, including night shots. The electronic viewfinder works very well in bright outdoor light. As reviews have noted, the focusing speed is ...

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