PIX 2015

Olympus TG-820 iHS

Announced Feb 8, 2012 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)

WOW, rarely do I return anything.. this one is for sure going back. Jog dial is difficult to maneuver around functions, often arriving unintended option. It has slow navigation to move around settings. Flash recycle time is SLOW, esp underwater. Continuous HS is pretty fast when it responds. Size is fine. Quality is sub marginal. Maybe I am a hard judge coming from DSLR's. But, the Lumix compacts that I throw in the glove box and out to dinner, is far superior.. Back to Lumix. Sorry Olympus!

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Enfin un appareil qui donne de fort bonnes photos ET qui résiste au sable et à l'eau ! Une excellente surprise même en basse lumière. Seul point moins positif : le passage d'un profil de prise de vues à un autre est un peu trop facile et entraine certains changements involontaires Problems: pas à ce jour ( 1500 photos pris principalement au Sultanat d'Oman ( sables, mer, etc )

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This is my 8th digital camera, (had Rico RDC 2E, Pentax WP33, Pentax 720SW, Olympus 1030, Olympus 8010, Sony TX5, Panasonic FT3). I've stopped using the FT3 (only 4 months old ) because the inside of the lens has fogged up a couple of times when swimming in 1 mt of water. Not interested in going the warranty claim route - much rather throw it in the bin & not buy another Panasonic. Anyway, on to the TG-820. I'll update this post as I use the camera more. I wanted to post early because this ...

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Got the camera two days ago and it's really solid. Though people complain about its getting heavier and chunkier, such trade-off is actually a benefit. The solid built gives it more strength to withstand being thrown or submerge into the water. I find out the magic filter is quite promising with more than 10 filters. The panoramic shot is good but the 2nd and 3rd frame often have this line where it does not properly stitched. Videos are great with vibrant colours.

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I just got this today and I've bee shooting these types since the Stylus 400 came out in 2003, prior I shot Canon with a water housing and it was bulky, heavy and ugly.. I've then shot the 770sw, 8000, 8010 and now the tg-820, I have spent 12hrs ( got one today 2/23/12) with it, LOVE it.. the user that posted it's to heavy etc has zero clue what is going on, I was a snowboard rep for 15yrs, not to mention surfing, kayaking, mtb, motorcycles and the list goes on and on and these tuff series ...

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Checking out this Olympus tg820 at the 2012 Las Vegas CES I was very disappointed that Olympus keeps making their waterproof cameras bigger and heavier. The Olympus tg820 is the heaviest, chunkiest (as of this writing) waterproof camera on the market. Rather than focus on streamlining the tg820 for a slimmer, lighter waterproof camera they are more focused on shock and crush proofing that the majority of us aren't worried about. This may be fine for some folks but for athletes and surfers to ...

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