Nikon D7100

Announced Feb 21, 2013 •
24 megapixels | 3.2 screen | APS-C sensor
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Hey folks sold my 80 400 ED vr, looking to re-aleign my gear not sure if i'm going to try another. Looking for some advice on either going all DX, and maybe FX, I'm selling my D700 next week.  I'll only have my D7100 and D3300. I've been interested in a DF, since intro, not interested in 810! looking for small kit of primes no zooms, my Dx has 18 140, and 18 55 kit.  Also nosing around Sony, A7 II, and Fuji XTI, not sure about their lenses, just want a light quality kit.  I started in...
Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a short telephoto prime lens that would be general purpose, i.e. portrait, landscape, street; if there is such animal. My budget is $500 - $600 From what I have found - DXO Short telephoto primes for a D7100 -, the lens range from 50mm - 80mm, and here are several within my budget Nikon AF-S NIKKOR...
Hello, I really appreciate all the help this forum provides. I have fine-tuned my Nikon 35mm 1.8G on my D7100, well I have read in other posts that if you do not turn off the auto fine tune and mount another lens that has not been tuned can adversely affect the focus. Is this correct? If so then how does it affect the focus?  And will this do any permanent damage to either the camera or the lens Thanks so much for any help
By: svennn (1 week ago)
Hey everyone, I wanted to ask a question, I was looking to purchase a Cannon 6D as I heard that it is one of, if not the best camera for night photography, noise reduction and sharpness compared to the sony a7 series. I was wondering if there was anything else that I should look at in terms of cameras, I currently have a nikon d7100. Thank you.
By: Benz3ne (1 week ago)
Good, albeit rainy, afternoon all (at least it is here in Wales, UK)! I, like many others in the 'beginners questions' section, am looking at purchasing my first 'proper' camera to get into photography.  Unlike many others, I've done a fair amount of reading around, watching videos etc. to get an idea of what should suit my needs and, ultimately, what camera type (and more specifically brand/model) I should plumb for. My knowledge is currently limited to cheap, old, point-and-shoot cameras...
Hi there, So I have the D7100 with the 16-80 2.8-4 lens, which is a fantastic combination.  Love the setup.  I also have some FX glass as well, the 70-200 f4 and 60mm 2.8 AF-d.  Due to some upcoming shoots, I need a bigger RAW buffer.  I also happen to be shooting some engagement pictures for some friends and will be investing in a speed light.  My next purchase will likely be the D7200 so I can continue to use my 16-80, but get the bigger RAW buffer that I need.  However, it got me...
Hello guys, I bought the 85mm 1.8G in used from and to be honest I was expecting a little too much by studying the sharpness charts from DXOmark The corner to corner sharpness even at f/1.8 is jaw dropping but I dont think my copy of this lens is that good. I thought may be my lens needs AF Fine tune but then I saw that when my shutter button is half pressed, my Nikon D7100 displays that focus confirmation dot and it remains steady even for 10 seconds. So I just want to get other...
I have Mississippi kites in my neighborhood and I love to photograph them. I caught this one soaring above me, not too high, and then I caught it in this stoop. I don't think the fuzziness is motion blur, even in a stoop at 1/2000th, is it? What do you guys think? These are full size from my D7100 --"Our young men should spend more time considering the composition and merit of their images, and less time with magnifying glasses counting how many bricks and shingles they can resolve." -...
By: ASOKEDAS (2 weeks ago)
Posted to: Open Talk
Hi, I am having a bit of bother choosing a UWA for my d7100. After research, choice seems almost  between nikon10-24, tokina 11-20, sigma10-20f3.5 and? any other.Performance and bang for the buck are major criteria of choice and in performance, IQ will garner most weight. Compatiblity issues for future bodies may be set aside but not ignored.No plans for FF, next body likely d7200 or d500.Interest include landscape and historical monuments.Anybody having experience of UWA photography with...
By: jhumjhum1 (2 weeks ago)
i'm a beginner in photography world. recently i bought nikon d7100 with 18:140mm kit lens. but whenever i'm trying to click the photos the photographs are shaky . i couldn't understand the reason. i'm trying to hold the camera firmly but still it happens. can anybody please help me about this problem.
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