Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D

Prime lens | Nikon F (FX)
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Despite its age, this old favourite still has much to offer for the modern photographer. It's an ideal partner to full-frame DSLRs, but also works well on DX as a short portrait lens. It offers the usual advantages of a prime, i.e. a bright maximum aperture for low light and shallow depth-of-field work, coupled with excellent image quality when stopped down; in both regards it offers users capabilities which simply aren't available from zooms.

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Highly Recommended
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Good for

Everyday photography on full-frame and APS-C, where its excellent sharpness deliver great results at optimal apertures

Not so good for

Wide-open use on full-frame DSLRs, where heavy vignetting and poor corner sharpness can cause issues (unless you like the effect) and lack of built-in AF motor limits usefulness on entry-level Nikon DSLRs.

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Image Quality
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Review of Nikon 50mm f/1.4D AF Nikkor
By: SLR Gear

Despite using a 15-year-old optical formula, the lens still stands up to scrutiny: while it's not tack-sharp when used wide-open, it's still quite good, and stopped down to ƒ/2.8 image quality is excellent. At ƒ/8, it's as sharp as sharp gets.

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