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Nikon Coolpix P7100

Announced Aug 24, 2011 •
10 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 200 mm (7.1×)

Bought this to replace my aging Canon Powershot A540. I needed an affordable camera that has full manual controls and manual focus. I wanted a camera that had better lowlight ability than my Powershot. I was waiting for a second hand G series when I saw this camera on special for about the same price as a second hand G. I like the LCD screen, plenty of detail visible in the pictures. I'm enjoying the extra zoom reach over the Powershot and the fact that it is faster. Problems: Someone needs ...

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Rodolfo R

Pido disculpas por hacer este comentario en español, mi ingles escrito no es lo suficientemente decente para hacerlo en esa lengua. Compré esta cámara hace unas semanas y en este corto tiempo he descubierto que está lejos de ser la compacta perfecta. La calidad de las imágenes que dá el sensor en indiscutible, nada que objetar. Aún me falta mucho por experimentar como para dar una pinión final, sólo quería advertir a posibles compradores del modelo de lo que le falta y lo que "funciona mal" ...

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I bought my P7100 as a carry-everywhere supplement to my D300s, and it has been great for that. Image quality is effectively as good as the D300s for web and video picture frame use, with good color rendition and nice operation indoors with natural light (no flash). I shoot RAW. VR is very effective. Video is ho-hum. Flash recycle time is slow and feels unpredictable. Battery life is excellent. I never worry about running out of power when going out for the day. Annoyances are slow operation ...

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This is an excellent compact camera, and the best for my use. I own a Nikon D90, and a Canon G11 too. Image quality are on par if you shoot raw. The Canon is better if you shoot jpeg. I shoot only raw. That's why I bought the P7100. For me, the two main advantages of the Nikon over the Canon are : - the longer zoom (200mm against 140mm). That's very handy when you want take pictures of people. The lens is very sharp. - the perfectly usable optical viewfinder. That's the most important thing ...

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More compact than it looks. I can fit it in my coat or jacket pockets. Great for just having it when your out and about.

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This camera is a fair step down from having used DSLRs for the last seven years. The level of detail from the small sensor, and the ISO noise at even 400 leave a lot to be desired... if you are pixel peeping. For me, this camera has done exactly what I hoped it would do: to capture my life, my travels, sometimes even my dinner in a way that the DSLR never did because more often than not I was leaving the DSLR behind or not bothering to pull it out of its bag to take impromptu shots. This ...

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pregi: sviluppa la creatività con le opzioni B/W e bordo nero e altri gadget. Comodi i tre pulsanti U1-U2-U3 per le impostazioni personali più frequenti. Buona qualità del sensore. difetti: esposimetro tende a sovraesporre, bisogna controllare lo scatto e ripetere con -1/3 o -2/3 di stop a volte anche di più. la ruota controllo esposizione si sposta inavvertitamente durante l'uso occorre attenzione. E' una grande macchina anche per viaggi impegnativi.

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