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Fujifilm X-M1

Announced Jun 25, 2013 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor
Vit Adamek

Brilliant value now. You can get a new like body for around £100 in UK. The LCD is really great with great visibility outdoors. The mushy details are no longer problem if shoot raw using Raw Therapee free RAW editor, which has great film simulations as well. The camera is pleasure to shoot with adapted lenses and I have no native AF lens yet as I don't feel need for it. Results with Canon FDn 50mm F1.4 and 28mm F2.8 are absolutely stunning. This is the camera which does not get in your way ...

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I have this for quite sometime now and I can truly say this is one of an awesome camera. Set aside all the specs, the image quality of the X-M1 is at par with some respected heavy full frame cameras I've owned. I'm talking about 5D Mark 2, 3, nikon D610... If you like a travel camera or you just don't want to carry a lot of weight, buy one now. No viewfinder you say? you can shoot with the live view, plus more battery life without the electronic viewfinder. I prefer an optical viewfinder over ...

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I handed many mid-DSLR model, and quite in love in this smal,l colorful, joyful & wonderfull X-M1. good JPEG quality, lessen use of viewfinder, compatibility with many gears, cute design, lightweight, deep color, easy control, ergonomic, versatile. Its true for the gold awarded camera. Thanks dpreview !

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I chose the X-M1 as I could not justify the extra expense for the X-E1 or X-Pro1, plus Fuji were offering it with a free XC 50-230mm lens as well as the XC 16-50mm. As it has the same sensor as the X-Pro1, my expectations for IQ were very high and I was not disappointed. I chose the camera in the tan/silver option, which meant it came with the silver lens instead of black. It just looks SO classy and so many people ask to look at it. More importantly, it takes great shots. IQ is superb, ...

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48 hrs with the X-M1 My friend bought the X-M1 with the thought that he could do without a viewfinder –optical, electronic or highbred. When he found out that his life was miserable without one, he decided to sell his X-M1 to me at a third less the price he paid for and at a generous installment time. I was hesitant to take it because I’m cash strapped and I already have too many cameras. And besides I told myself that should I join the Fuji X-Craze I would opt for the X-A1, not only because ...

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I have been playing with the X-M1 for two days, and so far I love it. The colors are superb (tank you Fuji), and the noise is not a problem up to ISO 6400. My only issue so far is the fact that the included RAW converter (Silkypix) can't duplicated the camera JPEGs (colors and contrasts don't match), but the in-camera's RAW converter can, although it's an hassle to have to proceed that way. Focusing is good and relatively fast, but kind of struggle in low light, even with the assist lamp. Ove ...

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I use X-M1 with 27 mm lenses more than one month. Prefer film mode natural+sharp=+2, frame size 1x1, auto ISO, S priority. Forgot about flash. Almost perfect, first class camera. Nikon and Cannon lost market. X-M1 is not so perfect like Sony Rx1R, but better than any other competitors. If you have no money for Rx1R, buy X-M1 + 27mm, no choice. Do not buy zoom lenses. Closest competitors: Leica X-Vario and Olympus D-5 - have nice picture but noisy on low ISO (sensor). Of course, Leica price ...

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