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Fujifilm X10

Announced Sep 1, 2011 •
12 megapixels | 2.8 screen | 28 – 112 mm (4×)
John Farrer

I am VERY impressed with this camera. I took it on the Rocky Mountaineer train trip from Calgary to Vancouver!i=2097983646&k=q2VxPC6 - all the low light and wide angle shots were taken with the X10 (the rest with a Pentax K7 and 50-200 zoom). It also shoots amazing video in low light. This camera is better for the serious enthusiast than for someone who wants a "point and shoot" but other than that I would highly ...

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I mainly use this camera outdoors on climbing/hiking trips, and that's my main interest. By far the biggest plus point is the speed and quality of the lens. By far the biggest minus point is the battery life. The camera produces excellent images (I have a recent one, so no orbs) and in particular it's dynamic range in EXR mode is very good, and really helps with landscapes. The viewfinder is far from useless, and it's a massive help in sunny conditions. The lack of an automatic lens cover is ...

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These are really just my first impressions.... A very interesting little camera. Feels like a little Leica. Acts like a little Leica in terms of the controls being very nicely implemented, with nice detents and a clever zoom/off ring. Takes photos that look like Velvia film. Easy to see why people like it. That said, this is a camera with issues. I got it because I wrote a tool called DeOrbIt to remove the white orbs... and white orbs are much more common than I expected, although they're ...

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I have been a keen amateur for years and have owned everything from a Pentax spotmatic through the first autofocus camera Minolta 7000 and then on to digital working my way up through to a Nikon D90. I got sick of lugging an SLR with lenses etc. and decided to go for a compact, a small Sony DSC-HX5V which was OK but just OK. On sunny days I missed the viewfinder and looked around for an alternative, I was somewhat cautious and considered the Canon G1X and Nikon 7100 but after a trip to my ...

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Stephen Scharf

The X10 is one of the best cameras I've owned or used. This camera is so well built that it feels like my film cameras, not a "digicam" or a digital point and shoot. A terrific mirrorless digital, this camera feels and performs like a fine photographic tool. The quality of construction, ergonomics, feel of controls makes this camera a pleasure to operate and use. I love the hybrid between a retro look and feel with modern functionality. Image quality, particularly with respect to dynamic ...

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Its F2-2.8 lens gives it the speed and light needed, which really makes the camera much usable. Its 4x zoom lens is versatile enough for general street use and its compact size makes it more easier to carry around. Sometimes when you get too lazy to lug your big dslr, this is a great substitute. Furthermore it has a solid build. If fujifilm continues to keep updating firmware(most recent V2.0) then this camera is really worth the investment. Problems: There are times it cant start up.

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Am on a continuous quest for something small and serious, that doesn't cost the earth. Right now the X10 has everything I want in spades: 1) Decent price - beats all current advanced compacts in price (except the XZ1, but better IQ) 2) Versatile lens 3) Sharp imaging 4) Very decent low light ability (and multiple low-light options!) 5) Techno-wizardry that adds to your image options 6) Some sort of VF Ticks all the boxes for me pretty much, the menus are a bit of a handful at first, "quirky" ...

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Chuck Fralick

I've had mine for a few months now and I love it. While I have and have had many DSLRs, a Leica X1, and many compacts, I really enjoy this camera. I don't like big cameras when traveling and find myself gravitating towards the small ones. I like a moderate zoom range and this one is just about perfect. I'd like a 24m wide end, but the lens performance is super as is. I disagree completely with the one review that said there was vignetting at the wide end. Handling is pretty good for a small ...

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I bought the camera 4 months ago and experience several flaws. "Start up" does not always work. The glass part of the lens almost sticks out the lens tube and can get easily damaged. The lens in 28 mm position blocks the flash light. Because of the vulnerability of the lens I bought the Fujifilm lens hood. A 52 mm UV filter fits inside. For incomprehensible reason there are openings in the back part of the hood. Dust comes in through these openings. When the hood is attached it blocks out a ...

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