PIX 2015

Fujifilm FinePix S4500

Announced Jan 5, 2012 •
14 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 720 mm (30×)

Very good price, bought this for only 150$. Unless you REALLY want a 30x zoom and REALLY don't have money, I wouldn't suggest this camera. It takes good pictures outside in bright daylight and have a big zoom, but that's pretty much all that's good about it. The burst mode is fine, but far behind the Canon SX40 (twice the price though). The autofocus is really cheap and the camera takes pictures even if it can't focus correctly. I don't expect manual focus in point and shoot cameras, but for ...

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Costco has this camera for $179, and I like to have a camera with me at all times that is cheap so if something happens I will not fret about the loss. I saw this at Costco and while it feels cheap, it seems to work fairly well. It starts up fast, focuses reasonably quick, has a really long 30x zoom and handles 24mm at the wide end. Works intuitively and I have not had to crack open the manual yet to shoot. Took to the race track and got some decent long shots of the horses. Uses double aa ...

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