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Established: 1964
First digital camera: PhotoPC 500, 1997
Country: Japan
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Although Epson, part of watchmaker Seiko, are far better known for printers than cameras, the company had a modicum of success in the early days of consumer digital cameras with the PhotoPC range. The last Epson digital compact (that we’re aware of) was the L-500V in 2004. In 2004 Epson launched the world’s first digital rangefinder camera based around a Cosina film model with Leica M mount. Still in production today, the R-D1x is only sold in Japan.
Epson’s long discontinued PhotoPC line of compact digital cameras consisted of just 14 models released between 1997 and 2004.
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Epson's current collection of consumer-level printers comprises three ranges - Stylus, WorkForce and Artisan. The Stylus models are optimised for serious photographic reproduction (on media up to 17in wide, courtesy of the Stylus Pro 4900), the WorkForce models for multi-function use and the Artisan range for fast 6x4in printing.
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