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Fine Art Media Printing

If you want a printer as a general jobbing workhorse then this printer is not for you. However, if you want a printer that delivers high-quality Fine Art prints then read on.

The R3000 caters for the photographer - artist who demands the highest quality fine art printing. The printer can handle thick card as well as a variety of media types. I tried Epson's Traditional Photo Paper, a 330g/m weight, fibber base, Acid and lignin free, smooth glossy surface. This media uses the same profile as Premium Glossy Photo.

Loading Fine art media is not that intuitive, I try to accomplish tasks without having to refer to the manual and see where it takes me. I loaded the media into the rear media holder and received an error message saying my roll media was not correctly loaded. OK, if in doubt, read the instructions. The front LCD panel gives fully illustrated instructions on how to load straight paper path media.

Although the paper emerges from the rear of the printer during straight-path printing, the printer will only accept roll media from this direction - thick sheet media and card are loaded using the front straight paper path.

First depress the front straight paper tray to open it, now load the media, printing surface upwards, align the media with the guide line mark on the tray and then press the OK button. The media is drawn into the printer and makes a partial exit at the rear media holder. Now close the front straight paper tray and pull out the bottom media catcher tray. You are now ready to start printing. From the printer driver you must ensure that you select the correct media tray, i.e. Front - Fine Art. I am sure that some clever person at Epson will one day come up with a solution that would automatically select this option in the driver once the media is loaded. Although Epson refers to this as a straight paper path, in reality it isn't, the paper does go through a 45 degree angle when making an exit at the rear. For thick card there is a genuinely straight paper path, but this requires sufficient clearance at the rear of the printer.

For the Traditional Photo Paper you have to select Epson Premium Glossy media and set the highest quality setting. This media produces stunning quality prints, it is also nice to see a surface that resembles traditional photo paper rather than a glossy glass like surface that we are becoming accustomed to. Just to add an extra touch, the media is packaged in a black lightproof envelope - just like the packaging for bromide papers.

The R3000 doesn't have a gloss optimizer ink so there can be a gloss differential when using glossy media, you can get around this by selecting a High Point Shift in the Advanced B/W Photo setting. This applies a very light grey to the white (paper base) areas. For color printing you will have to apply a Levels in Photoshop and set the White Output Level to 248 (approx) this then also applies a light coating to the white areas thereby eliminating any gloss differential.

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I have Banding on an Epson Stylus Photo R3000. How can I get rid of it I have done nozzle check and head cleaning


wat do you think of an r2000. Have you ever tried an R2000

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Peter Wallburg Studios

Below is the letter I sent Epson support after my 4th R3000 printer broke within a year:
Hi, I can't believe I am writing to you. I have been a loyal Epson client for years. I have used every Gemini printer and then some. I have a portrait studio in Summit, NJ ( last year purchased an R3000 printer. In the past two months I have been sent 3 replacement printers. Today the last one stopped working properly. When I called tech support they informed me that I am now out of warranty and that I have to take it to a repair center. This is wrong on numerous levels. I just received this printer within the past month and to desert me at my busiest time of year is ethically and morally wrong. I could understand this if it were the original printer but it is not. I am very distressed at Epson and would appreciate your reconsidering the situation as I am desperately trying to get prints to my clients.


I've been an early buyer of Epson, starting with a needle printer, then I've got a simple inkjet printer, then an all-in-one Epson printer. With all of them I've got problems, paper jam, spot ink issues and too many cartridge cleaning cycle, which ended to deplete my cartridge. Some years ago I've read that Epson was cheating on cartridges, forcing the users buying new one. My opinion on Epson is very, very poor and I've said that never more I will buy this brand. When I'm reading the negative comments on this board I'm confident on my opinion and again I will never buy an Epson. Since years I'm with HP for my office and common prints and I'm more than happy. I'm now looking for a serious photo printer and I will go with Canon Pro-1 or Pro-10. A big thanks to DPreview for the nice review on all printers. I think Epson is like Ferrari, very good performance when it's working but on the long run is fragile. I hope Canon will be like HP or like Porsche good workhorse and reliable.

Miike Dougherty

My first R3000 had to be replaced 3 months ago because of relentless ink clogging due to the printer switching black inks to make matte prints. The replacement won't recognize the VM cartridge which is genuine Epson. While the glossy prints are outstanding, the printer is problematic. If you don't like to be frustrated, buy something else. I'm now researching what printer to replace it with.

Robert Learner

My 1800 clogged a few times, now my 1900 has a black jet clogged and I'm out of warranty. I go thru an absurd amount of ink too, the necessary cleaning just eats it, though these two printers have smaller cartridges than the 3000 so this might be less of an issue.

Am looking at a Canon Pixma 10 -- have either of you tried this? About had it w/Epson, every other time I try to use it there's a problem.


It brings just frustration. When it was new it was 3 times in servis because continuous nozzle cleaning. You cannot do anything, printer does not print, it just cleans and expensive ink is running away. Even worse, Epson support was passive. According their customer servise this was completly new issue for them - hahaha, just look on number of same issues on web. Their servis never found anything, they always said printer works fine but after 3rd servis, printer started to work properly and did for 1,5 year - simply no cleaning. Until now. I change ylllow cartridge and it is just cleaning. My recomendation: avoid Epson.

Total comments: 7