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Scanning (continued)

Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD

The PX72WD's scanner has a resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi, which is far more than you will ever need for reflective scanning - most print scanning only needs to be performed at 300 or 600 dpi. The copy print scans of the Kodak reference prints produced clean colors - particularly impressive is the colors reproduction on the fruit and flowers. It is worth noting though that the scanner lid closes flush to the scan surface (platen) which limits the thickness of material that can be scanned. Scanning times are very fast, four seconds to scan in an A4 page and 2 minutes 28 seconds to scan and produce an A4 print.

HP Photosmart Premium X310

The HP Photosmart Premium C310 has the lowest resolution flatbed scanner of the three printers in this review, at only 1200 dpi. However, as previously stated, for the vast majority of purposes 300 to 600 dpi is perfectly adequate for reflective scanning (of printed materials). The low resolution isn't a problem, but scan quality, sadly, is. Our Kodak test scans and prints look dull and lifeless when compared to the other two printers and reference prints.

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I'm looking to buy a good all-in-one printer and I have some questions that might sound silly.
Are all-in-one printer all wireless printers like this I found here?
What is the medium price for a all-in-one printer? I found on amazon all-in-one printers at 50$, are they any good?

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1.Fast communication and very reliable.
2. Suggestions for similar items if some products were out of stock
3. Easy process of ordering and paying
4. You can change the order at any time during the process (before they finally purchased everything)
5. Delivery time was ok! (3 weeks after I ordered everything)
6. Accept many payment methods,like Paypal, Visa card,Master card,even provide Mobile payment, it was so surprise to me.
They also provide the taobao International Forwarding Services. I suppose if you already found items on taobao you can also

just send them the links and specifications, too, especially if you don’t find anything on their own site! I’m sure i will

closed to wheretao-com again, maybe now.


Crazy printer but very strong and poweful.

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Joel Stern

It would be nice if these were available

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