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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 Specifications

Body type
Body typeCompact
Body materialComposite
Max resolution5472 x 3648
Other resolutions3:2: 2736 x 1824; 4:3: 4864 x 3648, 2592 x 1944; 16:9: 5472 x 3080, 2720 x 1528; 1:1: 3648 x 3648, 1920 x 1920
Image ratio w:h1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9
Effective pixels20 megapixels
Sensor photo detectors21 megapixels
Sensor size1″ (13.2 x 8.8 mm)
Sensor typeBSI-CMOS
Color spacesRGB
Color filter arrayPrimary color filter
White balance presets8
Custom white balanceNo
Image stabilizationOptical
Uncompressed formatNo
JPEG quality levelsNormal
File format
  • JPEG (DCF)
Optics & Focus
Focal length (equiv.)28–100 mm
Optical zoom3.6×
Maximum apertureF1.8 - F4.9
  • Contrast Detect (sensor)
  • Multi-area
  • Touch
  • Face Detection
Autofocus assist lampNo
Digital zoomNo
Manual focusYes
Macro focus range5 cm (1.97)
Screen / viewfinder
Articulated LCDNo
Touch screenYes (via smartphone)
Screen typeDepends on connected smartphone
Live viewYes (via smartphone)
Viewfinder typeNone
Photography features
Minimum shutter speed4 sec
Maximum shutter speed1/2000 sec
Built-in flashNo
External flashNo
Flash modesNone
Drive modes
  • Single
Self-timerYes (2, 10 secs)
Metering modes
  • Multi
Exposure compensation±3 (at 1/3 EV steps)
WB BracketingNo
Videography features
Resolutions1440 x 1080 (30 fps)
Storage typesmicroSD, microSDHC, microSDXC, Memory Stick Micro
USB USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)
Wireless notes802.11b/g/n with NFC
Remote controlYes (via smartphone)
Environmentally sealedNo
BatteryBattery Pack
Battery descriptionNP-BN, NP-BN1
Battery Life (CIPA)200
Weight (inc. batteries)179 g (0.39 lb / 6.31 oz)
Dimensions63 x 63 x 56 mm (2.46 x 2.46 x 2.19)
Other features
Orientation sensorYes
Timelapse recordingNo
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So far I am loving this camera- I am so tired of hauling dslr everywhere - the photos that I am getting are clear to the point of seeing every hair that was standing up on my granddaughters head when it was static! I have never had a problem carrying a small point and shoot but hated the fact that I could not control the camera but this is about the same size and I have control of the settings. I can not wait for vacations now. The only feature that I would love to have is a remote control. What is hilarious is for years I have wanted a camera that could be used as a phone - well I kinda have that and the first time the phone rang while I had this camera attached to the phone sent myself and the person I was with into full on laughter.

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If Sony waterproofed this, could it be a GoPro killer?


I bought it last week. Yes it's big, not pocketable, no manual control, and you can't use flash (you can always use flaslight I guess lol), but I like it a lot. The fact that you can use it to take pics from insane, nearly impossible angles is awesome. The image quality is amazing too. Much better than I expected. About the size, I doubt anybody would wanna put this thing in their pocket. I would say this lens is useful for people who are on holiday but dont wanna carry their heavy DSLR or relatively heavy m43. The qx100 is gonna save your shoulder! Focusing isnt quite easy in low light, but still ok I guess. People are complaining about the inability to shoot RAW. This lens is designed to be used with smartphones, which makes raw capabilities a bit pointless. It's a nice lens. Very fun to use. Yes it's bigger than qx10 but you get great image quality. Yes bigger than pancake m43 lenses, but you get zoom. Lack of flash is what bugs me the most.

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I have to stop myself everyday from running to the store to get one of these… Mainly to be able to take photos discreetly and remotely, and to edit and share or archive on the spot… But I feel it might quickly become drawer clutter once the initial thrill is gone.

In any case, wouldn't it be so much easier to add phone capabilities in to an RX100?

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I've been using the QX10 and being able to take photos from ten feet away while the unit is attached to a gorillapod tripod at an insane angle/position is pretty cool. Picture quality is better than what you get from an iPhone 5s but I guess a prosumer would not be impressed with it. (Unless you make a living as a photographer, you're a prosumer at best.) My Android KitKat 4.4.2 version phone with NFC connects/pairs smoothly with the QX10. It takes 1-2 seconds. And it connects faster if you have the newest QX10 firmware update. All in all, I love this "stealth" camera. People always think it's a camera lens, not a camera. Definitely going to buy the next iteration of the QX10, even if it just has incremental improvements. The smaller form factor of the QX10 compared to the QX100 trumps the higher quality picture that you get from the latter. This camera is really geared towards Instagramming (don't know if that's a word) and other photo sharing apps, which makes it ideal for me,

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It seems like many are not happy with the ability to shoot RAW….for me that's not that big of a deal since I would never be using this as my main camera that I had to pay my bills with. But for a cool massive file upgrade I can have for my iPhone5S I would be TOTALLY content with 20MP inch sensor jpgs. What really is something that would be rough to live with is NO burst rate. Not having the ability to take more than one shot at a time would mean missing many images here in Hawaii for me such as waves and moments that a burst rate comes in handy for. The RX100 has a burst rate of 10fps and not sure why this QX100 can't too. I am SOOOO close to ordering on B&H, but still holding off reading reviews and also spending another $600 after I get a spare battery and that case and shipping to Hawaii. Aloha and Sony get the burst mode going already!!!!! :)

Eric JF Kleijssen

"Sony announces new updates to QX Lens-Style cameras"
Added option to shoot in shutter prio mode (1/3 EV step from 30” – 1/2000)

In Programmable Auto mode, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority mode, the ISO range has been extended to cover ISO160 – ISO12800

And video records in HD @ 30fps now



Yet another camera that is SO PAINFULLY close to being extraordinarily useful for UAV aerial photography but just not there. Let me swap out the lens for a prime, let me shoot in raw, and show me how to connect to a directional wifi antennae and a laptop and we have a deal. May as well throw in an infrared option and a foveon sensor while you're at it... please.. some day...

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The QX100 is a great gadget. It would be more useful if it had manual controls available. Would it be wishful thinking that Sony will make that available with a software update?
That said... as an accessory to a smartphone, size is really an issue here.
If nokia were to make a similar pureview module pairable to any android device with software and manual controls... I think it would sell like hot cakes... I would be ready to pay 200 bucks one. Now this would never happen as MS bought out Nokia...


I just picked one up and loving it. I can see the constraints this puts on a more professional photographer, but what I love about this is that I can take any phone and never have to worry about crummy photo quality regardless of what platform I'm on. I now have a high quality point and shoot to carry around that I can quality connect to my phone.

It's a smart design but I agree that it isn't as "compact" as it should be. If the QX10 put out the quality of the QX100, the dimensions of the QX10 would be a much more logical approach. You can at least fit one of those in your pocket; but the quality coming out of that system is by far much poorer then the QX100.

I hope Sony continues this approach and markets it better. If they can slim this system down to make it pocketable, while maintaining at least the quality of the QX100, it's a great accessory to have on the go as you are always going to have your smart phone with you in this day and age. I'm bringing it to a PB event next.


i'd imagine this would be useful for medical, surveillance, automotive, sports and other applications


I bet it would look really cool to attach 2 or 3 of these lenses to a 10" tablet. It would impress a lot of people, don't you think?

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Doctor Andy

I've been using this for a few days, as a rental (hey, I was curious). The photos are awesome. Even the 2MP small versions sent to the phone are outstanding. But I just can't imagine owning this, for reasons people have already brought up. Just who is the target market?


I want it!!

In my opinion its a great idea to add this stuff to phone!
When you need good camera you have it when you need phone you have it to so its fantastic!


The RX100II fits in your pocket better and you can use it off camera better either sitting on its flat bottom or a tripod. So I like sonys attempt, but I think the consumer experience would be better just owning an RX100 in one pocket and your smart phone in the other other. This QX is too round to fit nicely in your pocket.

Also I have been trying all the apps and connectivity with NFC and otherwise on Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus, and over all the ease of using an eye-fi card that connects automatically is way better. I just take a picture and 20 seconds later the photo is on my phone in my pocket. Eye-fi is better unless you want to control your camera separately which I rarely do.

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Robert Jensen

What I see as this camera's main selling point is the ability to use the 'lens' portion off camera, either low to the ground (especially in wet/muddy conditions), high over the heads of a crowd, around corners, and difficult to reach spots. For example, pointing it up your chimney, or through a hole in a wall to document their condition. Hard to impossible to do easily using a conventional camera since you aren't able to see what you're looking at. A remote viewfinder is great to have in those conditions.

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I think you're right about the remote capability. I think this will make a niche device. Being able to stick the camera on a pole or down a hole could be very useful in some applications, but probably limited.

Would be more interesting with remote motor control of direction.

For much of what it can do, probably better off just getting add-on lenses for the phone like Schneider iPro.


With two out of the three [iso, shutter speed, aperture], the camera can be expected to figure out the third. This camera is using only one of the three, the aperture, and figuring the other two ["shutter speed" and "iso"]

I assume there is not really a shutter in this thing. The shutter is open all the time, as it sends the picture continuously to the phone.

ISO is a measurement that started with inflexible film, but the iso for an electronic camera is dynamic.

Is this camera figuring out the movement on the field so as to decide if the "shutter speed"should be faster by detecting movement? In a SciFi world you could conceptualize a "smart" electronic "film" that could slow the "shutter" to improve the quality of an unchanging still scene, or speed it up if it detects motion that necessitates a faster shutter action.

With a genius camera the camera could do fine with just an aperture option.

You folks that have used this camera, do you think it is a genius or a moron?

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With that price and size it has to have all that have real camera! RAW and ISO above all!
With such a limited options I see QX100 as overpriced and oversized toy, in photographic sense - absolutely useless...
In balance with all the aspects, QX10 is much better option! Much more pocketable, much cheaper and offers one thing phones certainly lack: large zoom!
Card slot is ok, but zoom and sutter controll are absolute excess! It should have been stripped of all details that could be handled by camera! Software could control focus and shutter separately, and lens has zoom ring already...
Very unlike Sony to introduce half thought product... It's for very narrow audience.
Shame... :-(

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What is this compulsion to immediately share photos of lattes and fancy dinners to a hoard of people that probably don't give a crap?


That is the Facebook generation. Look at my dog smiling at me and my great cup of espresso and my sister's new thong. Don't you all care?

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I actually enjoy taking good photos of good subjects and sharing them right away on social media. Doesnt have to be lattes, but I can take a photo of my daughter on stage with an iPhone or my high end point and shoot, why not the latter? I routinely post photos immediately from my collection of enthusiast compacts like the XZ-1, Ricoh GR, Panasonic LF1, and even my micro four thirds. These photos are not always amazing fine art, but the higher quality versions of very important events. Recording memories is the number reason a person buys a camera, why shouldnt it be a higher quality camera than a phone?

Most of the people complaining about Facebook rarely have their photos seen by people who really matter to them. Is sharing your photos on DPreview for maybe one or two other photogs to see really better than posting to your friends and family on Social Media? Or must every photo you take be a fine art print? There is only so much room on a wall, unless its a virtual wall.

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Yes I too actually enjoy taking pictures and sharing them as they are pertinent and current and locking in an actual quality file as opposed to only having my iPhone5S files. And speak for yourself….I live Hawaii and am in paradise 24/7/365 so I have stunning moments revealing them my way constantly and love using my iPhone as a go to device as well as my D4 and D800 and others I shoot with as well. I want to purchase this SOOO badly also wanting to love it, but really can't believe there is no burst rate and taking one pic at a time when wanting to shoot waves and motion bums me out! The RX has a burst rate of 10fps and would be absolutely sold if the QX100 did too. RAW of course would be the cherry on top, but could live with high quality jpgs shooting with this and my iPhone. I used one once for only a few shots and could tell it was pretty damn amazing for the picture quality. Aloha


I am a bit skeptical . Convergence is the holy grail : one device that can do good photo and connectivity at same time.

The buyer of the Q100 needs to carry 2 devices. ( the smartphone and the Q100 add on). If you are willing to carry 2 devices why not carry your phone and your existing pocket camera ?

The bottom line: The Q100 could be a good deal only for someone that do not have a compact camera and it is thinking to buy one.

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Wouldn't this nicely couple with the google glasses or similar wearable accessories that we all will be carrying in a few years? Keeping quality lenses and sensors on those types of glasses may not be feasible but using this one both have the convenience of the wearable glasses and best photographic quality. Besides, leaning your head to take low angle photos looks very weird, but with this you keep your chin up!


If it was actually smaller and more portable and much cheaper than the actual camera it hails from, it would have a reason for existing. It however, is none of these things. You lose more than a few manual controls when you downsize (or upsize?) to the Qx10. It becomes a large parasite on your phone that cannot work autonomously, has no flash, has very poor battery life, and has dozens of other reasons detracting from it. The appeal of smartphones and smartphone cameras is the all-in-one packaging and pocketability. If you are going for two devices, might as well make it a full fledged camera. If you want connectivity, most cameras have wifi now to sync with your phone, which is basically what the QX100 is doing anyway.


This might seem unwieldy at first, but the idea is great. I’ve held back at looking at a portable camera until it can share with the “cloud”! I have loved the idea of the Sony RX100 since my dad purchased one soon after they came out. The largest portable sensor in a point-n-shoot, fast glass, good video, manual controls, etc. The two things it lacked was GPS for geotagging every photo and wireless to upload to the cloud. This solves both problems while using familiar iPhone (*cough* or other suckier smartphone) controls. That sounds great to me! (And with the new iPhone 5S processor…oh man, bet it doesn’t have any difficult handling this camera!)


Buy a camera to take pics, if your phone will take snap shoots more power.It would be like using your shoe for a phone, oh me, think they already did that.
Hey Sony, in place of this real good idea, not. Why not put a lens on your point and shoot that does not end up @ F6 at the end of the zoom.

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MEMO to Sony: PLEASE make it possible to control multiple modules in the app!!!

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I ordered one yesterday. It would be so nice if the app would make it possible to control two of these camera modules for 3D!!!

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if your phone has NFC, you can use it to power the QX, launch the app and make the connection with just one touch of the devices against each other.


RAW would be hard to use with the lack of RAW processing software on mobile platforms.
as it targets smartphone and tablet users that do little processing and share almost immediately, adding a RAW workflow would take too long, i guess.

though having the choice would be nice, at least, for very special pictures that you take great care to compose/frame and expose, and later edit on your computer.

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I agree. $500 is a lot for an imaging device that won't save a raw file for you.


Love it! Perfect for gearhead$$$ who have deep wallets and make little connection between price and value. I'd rather carry an extra, full-featured little cam than a bulky, phone-dependent piece of plastic (sorry...."composite.") Of course, I'd rather just carry a cellphone - imagine... they actually have their own built-in cameras on them! They even have a little lamp, too!


Oh, Sony, c'mon. This could be such a great new thing in digital photography, please add RAW and more manual control options...

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$500.00 for a Jpeg only device and no manual, shutter speed modes.

I'll do what Joe Montana did.


Considering the target market for this product, I expected Sony to not offer as much control over ISO, RAW, etc. It was made for smartphone/ tablet users looking for better image quality, not really for the enthusuast or pro crowds who alrady use DSLRs and the like.


Including raw capabilities does not negatively impact image quality. Much like video, if you don't want to use it, don't. It doesn't hurt or cost to have it there.

No, this is about market segmentation.


I guess it's the beginning of a long and successful story. Today maybe a toy for smartphone enthusiasts, tomorrow a tool for the pros with bigger lenses and intermountable sensor/processor units. You won't have to buy cameras anymore in order to keep pace with electronic progress.


Never understood why so many reviewers say "NFC is uncommon"

All Windows Phone 8, Galaxy S3+ / Note 2+, Sony Xperias since last year, HTCs from last year (most medium range Android devices), Blackberry 10 devices.

Combined, that's like 30-40%+ of the smartphone market.

So apparently, we need, what? 70%? Before it's common?


Quite simple.
Apple does not support it, hence it will be forever "uncommon" even when 99% of smartphones other than iPhones will feature it.
(For a good laugh go to Apple zealots shrine-forums and read about what they have to say about NFC)

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Ah, just noticed ... NO RAW (RAW+JPG) - (which, I just checked & the RX100 II does have) ... too bad!

Micro-SD is a bit of a shame too, though somewhat understandable given the package size ...



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What's wrong with microSD?


...yeah, the speeds and capacities on microSD are coming up. No reason to shun them.

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Hmm... this is pretty interesting. I mean wouldnt that be the ultimate vari-angle flip out screen? :D

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it is aspirational idea, but , i think the device still too big to carry to use with a phone


I actually tried this on my xperia z, connection took exactly 1 second via nfc. Phone launched play memories by itself and camera was ready to go, very intuitive. It is perfect I don't care what everybody says. Qx100 is definitely not a pocket device, Qx10 maybe. Hey I hear you about raw images and everything but take the dust of your Dslr brake your neck carrying and have fun with it.
Control over the lens is different story though. I am sure it will have some updates and you will get as much control as on RX100.
This definitely not for everybody. You might have to think out of the box to use it hard to come by nowadays


So photographers on preview will avoid this, so what. It was made for the regular cellphone users. If the hipster won't buy then Sony will be worry. If it drops to 350-400 I am interested. No I don't want the smaller sensor.




Very interesting idea, and I'm not so sure those will end up in the bargain bin as some people predict. To me, this looks like a great innovation that might catch on, after some things are improved a bit. The article does a great job in pointing out those issues. My main concerns are, first, the need to turn on two devices and wait until they connect with each other, second, "pocketability" and, third, the ability to shoot raw. I hope Apple and Google will work with Sony to solve the first problem. Size might be something we might have to compromise a bit, to get very good quality, and the raw issue is easily solved. Another great innovation coming from Sony, with SLTs, NEX, RX-100 and now this, Sony is really on a roll! However, I'll probably wait for the improved QX100 II to come out...

ABM Barry

Mmmm Interesting exercise, however, I tend to think it will be the subject of"

"Clearance Sale,
All stock to go
Massive price reduction!
B&H Amazon $99 + Free Shipping!

I can imagine doing a studio shoot, .. The Camera "Rings"

"Excuse me client, I just have to answer my camera, .ah, mm phone!"

"Hi Mum, sorry I can't talk now, I'm just on the other camera, em oh, I mean phone! No it's OK Mum , I'm fine! You wouldn't understand right now, I'll explain later."

I see it as possibly useful as a solution for specific projects. I can think of a few.

Barry M. Australia

Stealthy Ninja

How old are you Barry? Seems like camera phones are a new thing to you. So you're either very old or very young.


One handed photo...use a smartphone
Two handed photo use a camera
Ifyou are lucky enough to have three buy this nice sony

1 upvote

Bargain bin in six months time.
If sony and the rest want to do something useful they could make cameras that can use tablets/ phones as remote controls, monitors, to add geotagging to exif info and much more .
Come on Sony make a camera that lets us enhance our camera with smartphone tech .
I don't think we need or want a camera that sacrifices so much photographic funtionality to work with a phone ....until one or the other gets dropped


It's cheaper than an RX100 II, sure, but it's also less pocket friendly and way less versatile... At least the lower end model shoots for some semblance of portability. I guess if I carried a purse on a daily basis I'd be intrigued, the price is sorta right, but I just don't see the appeal.

If I want something portable I'll slip an RX100 (or an SD110, or an LF1) in my right pocket and the phone in my left, sharing is still cake over wifi and I get far more control (not to mention battery life). If I'm gonna carry a bag or sling it over my shoulder I'll grab a NEX, M43, DSLR, etc.


Curious? Check the pre-ordered numbers. Image quality in a smaller package is a no-brainer to all but the entrenched. How can you "know it all" when "it" is always changing?

OMG it's not perfect? It's the first---jeez the list of imperfect cameras is long. Fuji made pseudo RFs which could not MF (very well anyway). etc.

For sony, there is always a little chip around here. A chip on the shoulder. The original nex-5 could only manage a "silver".

So, here we go again.

Low Budget Dave

For my money, they could have just put a telephone in the RX100.

It will be fun to play with, though. You could walk around with the camera in one hand and your phone in the other, and never actually look where you are going, except by turning your hand.

I can just imagine people walking around using their phone as a periscope.


Agree. Phone built into a camera like the RX100 would be easier to pocket, even if it added bulk over the RX100

Stealthy Ninja

Galaxy Zoom is kinda like that but the thing is you want to occasionally hold your phone up to your ear and not look ridiculous doing so. ;)


I don't want my phone to be do everything if I am going to change phones every 3-4 years. It seems a phone that is easy to control with my phone would be nice, but I don't want to pay for good optics every three years.
Furthermore, I have thought about going to a dumb phone and then carrying a samll tablet for data.


I was excited when I heard the rumor but now very disappointed :( This is not what a photographer wants. It may sell due to the "Cool" status. But it is worst than carry a RX100 and a phone. There is no size advantage. And now to take a picture. I have to take the Q from the pocket, the phone from another pocket. Put them together, turn on the phone and photo app. Oh man, forget it. The squirrel would be long gone.


Hopefully Sony will extend the conept to "lens only". For now, the cheap ebay lens maybe a more workable and cheaper solution than the Q.


for squirrel u wud need 300mm f4 anyway


I will buy this.... Since it gives you a excellent control .... excellent for street photography....


no control of iso, no control of shutter speed, not so good for street photography

1 upvote
ABM Barry

How did you work that out Mike?
I think that when you start doing Street Photography, you are going to make a few discoveries?

Go forth Columbus, your subjects await you!

1 upvote
comet suisei

I am sure a lot of Android and iPhone users will get this camera, the quality will be better than the latest announced Nokia phone and not only in resolution but also in terms of white balance, aperture control etc. it is far better than any other smartphone camera. Finally iPhone users & co. get their zoom as well

1 upvote
Stealthy Ninja

Except it won't work with an iPhone.


Wrong. It DOES work with iOS (iPhones) as well. Apparently NFC isn't needed (although preferred). On iPhone it uses the Playmemories app.

Total comments: 159