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Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm F3.5 Preview Gallery - Posted 1st June 2010

Movie sample

Sample movie: 1280 x 720 pixels @ 30 fps
File size: 23.9 MB, 5.6 secs

Click on the thumbnail to view the movie (caution: very large file)



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By RRRoger (9 months ago)

I want a circular image and will stick with my adapted Sigma 4.5mm f2.8

Comment edited 14 minutes after posting
By Gandalfsson (Jul 21, 2012)


The 8mm focuses quickly, accurately and near-silently, just as we've come to expect from Panasonic's Lumix lenses. It shows fairly pronounced focus breathing, with the angle of view getting narrower on focusing closer. This has little practical impact, but does result in a visible 'jitter' during autofocusing when used on the Olympus bodies.""

What does :

"......but does result in a visible 'jitter' during autofocusing when used on the Olympus bodies.""

mean ?


Total comments: 2