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Canon EOS M specifications

MSRP$799.99 with 22mm lens, €849/£769 with 18-55mm lens, €1049/£949 with 18-55mm + 22mm lenses, €979/£879 with 22mm lens + EF adapter
Body type
Body typeRangefinder-style mirrorless
Max resolution5184 x 3456
Other resolutions3456 x 2304, 2592 x 1728, 1920 x 1280, 720 x 480
Effective pixels18 megapixels
Sensor photo detectors19 megapixels
Sensor sizeAPS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)
Sensor typeCMOS
ProcessorDigic 5
Color spacesRGB,Adobe RGB
ISOAuto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800 (25600 with boost)
White balance presets6
Custom white balanceYes (1)
Image stabilizationNo
Uncompressed formatRAW
JPEG quality levelsFine, Normal
File format
  • JPEG: Fine, Normal (Exif 2.3 compliant)
  • Design rule for Camera File system (2.0),
  • RAW: 14bit RAW
  • Digital Print Order Format [DPOF] Version 1.1 compliant
Optics & Focus
  • Contrast Detect (sensor)
  • Phase Detect
  • Multi-area
  • Selective single-point
  • Single
  • Continuous
  • Face Detection
  • Live View
Digital zoomNo
Manual focusYes
Number of focus points31
Lens mountCanon EF-M
Focal length multiplier1.6×
Screen / viewfinder
Articulated LCDFixed
Screen size3
Screen dots1,040,000
Touch screenYes
Screen typeClear View II TFT LCD
Live viewYes
Viewfinder typeNone
Photography features
Minimum shutter speed60 sec
Maximum shutter speed1/4000 sec
Exposure modes
  • Program AE
  • Shutter priority AE
  • Aperture priority AE
  • Manual
Scene modes
  • Creative Auto
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Close-up
  • Sports
  • Night Portrait
  • Handheld Night
  • HDR Backlight Control mode
Built-in flashNo
External flashYes (via Hot-shoe)
Flash modesAuto, On, Off, Red-eye
Flash X sync speed1/200 sec
Drive modes
  • Single
  • Continuous
  • Self timer
Continuous drive4.3 fps
Self-timerYes (2 or 10 sec)
Metering modes
  • Multi
  • Center-weighted
  • Spot
  • Partial
Exposure compensation±3 (at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps)
AE Bracketing±2 (3 frames at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps)
WB BracketingYes (3 frames in either blue/amber or magenta/green axis)
Videography features
Resolutions1920 x 1080 (30, 25, 24 fps), 1280 x 720 (60, 50 fps), 640 x 480 (60, 50 fps)
FormatMPEG-4, H.264
Storage typesSD/SDHC/SDXC
Storage includedNone
USB USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)
HDMIYes (HDMI mini)
WirelessEye-Fi Connected
Environmentally sealedNo
BatteryBattery Pack
Battery descriptionLithium-Ion LP-E12 rechargeable battery & charger
Battery Life (CIPA)230
Weight (inc. batteries)298 g (0.66 lb / 10.51 oz)
Dimensions109 x 66 x 32 mm (4.29 x 2.6 x 1.26)
Other features
Orientation sensorYes
GPS notesvia GPE2
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Total comments: 562

To me it's simple no viewfinder= no purchase. I simply cannot use a camera that I have to hold in front of me. During the day they are useless and when you use it you look ridiculous. For that I can get a lousy smart phone. What were they thinking. At least allow the possibility to have an EVF. Sorry Canon, no sigar.


agreed .. no viewfinder = non-starter for me. the NEX-6 looks like my NEXt camera (with the gorgeous 35mm f1.8 prime)


That's the point... they have you thinking of getting a Rebel, instead of a NX or NEX or MFT.

Marco Nero

Picked mine up yesterday to use with my other Canon L-series lenses and it's a great camera. Size is just a little bigger than the s95 and a little smaller than the G1X. Picture quality and AF is going to vary based on the lens used. Good lens = excellent images. I tested the 18-55mm-M lens and found it to be VERY fast in relation to Auto Focus. The 22mm-M lens is known to be slower for some reason. The touchscreen is actually very responsive and fast to alter settings with. Being an APS-C sensor, I can get some very lowlight handheld shots with this camera. Works well with my L-lenses (via the included adapter when buying the Body-Only option). Certainly very well built and quite solidly constructed. Just like a DSLR in many respects, including image quality. Faster than my PowerShot G1X in many ways.


I'll skip this camera, my friend bought it, sold it the next day at clubsnap singapore buy and sell section. The autofocus just awful, I'd rather buy another cheap rebel body. also the battery is horrible, and can't find extra batteries. for all the troubles, I'll skip the M.

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I imagine the feel of this new M baby to be the same as that of the Walter PPK.



Do you mean "...it's for ladies, and not very nice ladies at that."


I just got the production model and it does NOT have the 3-10x telephoto digital zoom in movie mode. It's nowhere in the owner's manual either. This could have been a really useful feature for video shooters and a shame to know that Canon removed features from the preproduction models.

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I just had a go on one of these lovely looking things. Having seen some pics I was hoping for a replacement for my 90% of SLR work, but the autofocus! It's awful, really slow and hunts around all over the place before settling.

I tried the Panny GX1 for comparison and it focuses like lightning. I can only assume Canon has deliberately hamstrung this camera so that people still buy the SLRs. Big shame.

PAMS and an input dial would have been nice too but that would make all of Canon's APS-C cameras obsolete. We really can't have everything it seems.


Canon usually needs some time to fine tune anything. The slow focus is very sad, even the fuji improved things on their x mount to fully usable speed now. Hopefully they will improve firmware, but releasing slow focus after all the users critique of older 43m and last year fujis...well this should tell that people do have very little patience with slow focusing now.

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APS-C with on-board phased detection AF in a compact body would be an excellent proposition, but the two things that hold this back are that the they kept compatibility with the EF mount (large flange diameter) and the control layout. When you look at it, nobody in the mirrorless is putting it all together.

My vote:
- EOS-M sensor
- Fuji X-1 body
- Sony NEX manual control layout


I'm keeping my Lumix GX1 - it is part of my Canon system. GX1 features would seem to outweigh most of Canon's consumer offerings. I love the leveling indicator on screen and the built in bounce flash.

I use with the 10-22mm EF-S for a 20mm shift lens via the Fotodiox EOS-4/3 shift adapter. Of course if you don't need shift there are standard adapters.

I pre-set the f-stop at 9 which seems the sweet spot for this lens. Set focus to infinity. If I do need to focus a push on the thumb-wheel brings up the magnified view.

ref: http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii159/kw08/fs/shift_723.jpg

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This is essentially the camera I've been lusting after for years... only Canon left out a flash, which renders it useless for my needs.

The great thing about this camera is its size, adding the external flash destroys that attribute. Including a flash would have made it only slightly larger I would guess, but much more versatile.

I'm impressed with the size and design of this camera, unfortunately the lack of flash forces me to stick with my GF1 or buy something else, maybe the Fujifilm XE1.


The Samsung NX 20 has everything this should have.....a little disappointing, Canon....

Baxter Bad

The physical controls of a compact, but no built-in flash? A live RGB histogram but no Kelvin white balance? OK, so Canon wanted to combine the simplicity of an Elph with some of the advanced features of an EOS. I don't think they got the formula quite right.

Sony tried the ultra-stripped down approach with the first NEX models and now they're adding the built-in flashes, mode dials, etc., that buyers of this type of camera seem to expect. Strange that Canon would make the same mistake given they've sat back so long and watched the market mature.

For the next version, I hope they think more along the lines of the Panasonic GX1 - pop-up flash, front or top control wheel (instead of the rear dial) so I can do exposure comp one-handed, bit more of a grip. Add GPS and Wi-Fi. Send a clear message that this is an $800 camera, not an Elph with interchangeable lenses.

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Why didn't they include built-in GPS??? That feature is now standard on $250 travelzooms. You pay $800 for the EOS-M and you still have to pay another $250+ for a bulky GPS add-on that occupies your hotshoe? Infuriating. Canon really knows to build ill will with the customer base. The Japanese camera oligopoly is ripe for disruption.

Roberto Mettifogo

to sell you the external gps units...

CJ Chen

Personally, I do not like built-in GPS. My Sony H200 has a built-in GPS. It takes a long time to get a lock and drains on battery. It is useless if you just want to stop, shoot, and go. Instead, I just want to have a bluetooth interface that would allow me to use an external GPS device


There's no bulb setting? I'm a landscapist and bulb hardcore, 100% of the time I bulb my exposures for 10 minutes starting at twilight( if twilight starts at 5:27 a.m, I usually bulb for 10 plus minutes at around 5:20 a.m)

And how about the availability of extra batteries and remote control or cable release?

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fred 76

It seems that in Bulb mode, you can only select 400 ISO. However it should be possible to remote control the M from the EOS Utilities' Remote Capture tool.

For the batteries, it usually takes a few month (weeks) before a chinese maker supplies a compatible battery.

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Thanks for the reply, I guess I'll have to wait until next year for extra batteries, cable release, wait and wait again for a compact body.

fred 76

It should be worth treating such long exposures as the astronomy photographers do, by substracting a "dark" and dividing by a "flat" master images. The noise will drop down dramatically and the vigneting/dust traces will disappear.


Seems like dpr got the competitor just right: Pana GF3 and GF5. Let's see the pics, JPEGs in particular.

If Canon gets some following out of this P&S with macho barrel no flash, the next target would be Pana G5 (and EVF). Only when Canon gets really good can they go after the "retro" of Oly.

For its part, m4/3 needs to strike deeper into DSLR territory and I think superior focusing and f1.4 fast lens are the components. Easier (faster) white balance setting is also needed ("Pros" use a flash and don't care but I bet the guys having fun with photography do).


I read below in a comment that there is no additional crop factor when using EF-M/EF adapter, but will it effect on min focusing distance, like the extension tube?

Luau BoB

All they need now is an FD adapter with an FD AE mode!!! That would be so heavenly retro!

fred 76

The µ4/3 sensors are 17.3 mm × 13.0 mm in size compared to the 22.2 mm x 14.5 mm APS-C. This is about 40% less in surface. That's a lot !

For the same number of MPixels, an APS-C will have bigger photosites hence a better sensitivity and less noise.

That's a technological fact.

Preternatural Stuff

@hoggdoc - "All for a few bucks more"? - Typical BS about the M4/3 value proposition (or lack thereof). I used to want M4/3 to succeed but no more.

Products with smaller sensors and less glass @ equivalent focal length costs more? What kind of fool do the M4/3 makers take consumers for?

M4/3 will never beat a larger sensor for image quality. Look at the comments by your kind of M4/3 users filled with stuff like "nearly as good", "almost as good" qualifiers.

M4/3 will never beat the 35mm or APS-C system for sensor image quality (bokeh, depth of field, noise). Ditto for range of lenses - something any photographer worth his salt knows is what ultimately matters. Please - no nonsense about using the best M4/3 prime lenses to compare IQ with 35mm/APS-C bodies with kit lenses. The best 35mm prime lenses on a 35mm/APS-C body, will blow your measly minds.

M4/3 should be cheaper but instead costs more on an IQ-per-dollar basis. Understand why I refuse to get M4/3 yet?

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Totally agree 100%

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Not perfect but the vastly superior colour compared to my previous Pana GH2s yellow look makes it worth it

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@ALL for a few bucks more you can have a µ4/3's camera that will kick this camera's butt. Not to mention the ever expanding selection of µ4/3's lens from various sources.

Why Canon and Nikon both always plays this ours idea is better than your game all the time causes me to wonder about their market research.

For the record I am a long time Nikon shooter, but have fallen in love with the picture quality and dreamy film like look produced by my Olympus OM-D M-E5. Which BTW is a nearly PRO level quality of build, unlike this chunk of plastic Canon is trying to sell for $800.00.

The Oly can easily compete with pro-level APS-C Sensor Canons and Nikons. For that matter you would be hard pressed when comparing images from A Nikon D3 FF body with top quality glass and the OM-D M-E5.

If Nikon's success with the Series 1 cameras is any indicator, Canon's offering will meet the same lack luster response from the buying public.

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The Canon 18mp APS sensor is one of those sensors you mention the OM-D trying to compete with, it is the very reason Canon keeps refining and reusing it instead of upgrading to something else at this time. Not sure what you think Oly is capable of that this (yet to be released) camera cannot do in image quality. However if it is ultimate image quality you are after in this form, the X-Pro1 takes all in this category to school.

Lenses?? Olympus does not have even a fraction of the lenses available from Cannon given that you can use every EF lens Canon makes - and with FULL functionality. Not to mention all the same third party lenses adaptable to any of the other mirrorless cameras.

Strange you mention build quality, and without even reading this hands-on review. This 'first entry' by Canon has a full magnesium body.. Kudos to Oly for the VF though, it still needs to be optical. Maybe you can make a better comparison when Canon releases their (~15th?) mirrorless camera like Olympus..

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X-Pro1 is $1700 and oly is $1000, i paid $239,- for M, and i can use my 12 canon lenses with it !!!


I don't know if mirrorless will replace the SLR someday, but this camera isn't the one to do it. This product is much too stripped down for any serious amateur photographer. It looks like Canon must also believe that mirrorless is not (yet?) the solution for serious photographers.

fred 76

There is definitely NO REASON to buy that kind of camera because it is FAR TOO MUCH EXPENSIVE.

A G1X will do the job for less, with only advantages :
- integrated flash
- orientable screen
- small size
- ability to store RAW pictures
- big CMOS sensor (almost same size than a EOS sensor)
- only 560 EUR !!!

The only advantage of the M compared to the G1X is the ability to change lenses and to use the EOS Utilities softwares. Is it worth the huge price increase ?

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As an underwater photographer, I liked the G1x, however, the G1X does not have eTTL for my strobes, this camera does. The G1X only allows you to select flash power from the camera screen and does not actually "control" the flash power during the shot. That was the deal breaker for me.

This camera is exactly what I need for underwater photography...full manual, eTTL, much higher res than my last UW camera, and small body so the housing and related equipment is small and easy to transport on a plane with all my other gear. That's what frustrates me a bit here. It may not be the camera you need for your type of photography, and that's completely understandable. However, it may be the camera someone has been waiting for for the photography they do. For example, using a view finder underwater is almost impossible so the screen is almost always used. To write off a camera as "bad"with no explanation lends little to the conversation. SLR's are awesome, but sometimes other cameras fit better

Maurice Daniels

How do you use a touchscreen underwater?

Pubert Adams

Is there a inner magnesium frame? Nothing I have read so far talks about it.


I'll trade you one of them for my well taken care of 40D?.

Teppo Hytönen

Looks interesting. Too bad the the price isn't quite as interesting given how few photos I take these days though.

fred 76

I hope they will sell it bare, without anything (no lens, no flash), just the body.


Looks like a goog compact companion to a full-size Canon DSLR to share lenses.


The video of the shutter sound is a joke. C'mon, you can do better than that.

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Tom R35

This seems to be a capable camera, and I am sure that dpreview will provide all of the details, good and bad, after they have a chance to thoroughly review it. Personally, I am not sure what to think about this movement towards mirrorless cameras. I am a dedicated SLR user and especially love true TTL optical viewfinders. Switching to a LCD viewfinder is unappealing to me. If these cameras exist alongside SLRs going forward, that is great. I can see a place for them and in some instances would very much like to be able to use them. I will be upset, however, if they begin to take the place of SLRs. Maybe this is old fashioned thinking.


can the eos m accomodate EF lenses without using lens mount adapter?


no. It's clearly described. There's a glassless adapter for EF/EF-S lenses.

If it could accept EF lenses it would have to maintain the same distance between lens and sensor and you'd get something much fatter like the Pentax mirrorless.

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Sad Joe

When using the EF-S / EF adaptor on the camera is there any additional crop factor ? Been told there isn't which would really suit me fine - anyone know for sure ?


Good question... But I don't think there will be any additional crop penalties.. Even if there are, it won't be too much. may be 1.7X. STM lens tends to focus on normal shots, not fast action stuff, so the arrangement is different, but if you have EF-S lens, no need to bother, unless noise bothers you.


I don't see why there'd be a crop factor. It's a spacing difference. The sensor is the same size the two lens formats merely have different distances to the sensor. Since the EF-S is longer, you just give it some more space with a round ring and voala!

jaime hk

Tried the EOS M with Mount adapter EF-EOS M with a couple of EF lenses and compared same lenses on a 60D from the same distance. I noticed that the crop factor on the EOS M with EF lenses was significantly more. My guess is 2x. Couldn't measure it properly since I was trying the equipment in a shop.


Well it seems like, many people are demanding these mirrorless cam will have to do everything. I wouldn't disagree on that but even this newer M can do that, I simply wouldn't even look at it. Reason is simple, if you r a guy, we usually have larger hands, and the grips and the controls are key priorities. How r u going to shoot when you finger covers up 3 buttons. The M is nice, it's definitely more man but not man enough for me.

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EOS M was originally designed for lady (women's camera), see google translation from Japaness "Strategy of "EOS M" Interview with Canon: Interview":



For me the deal breaker is the touchscreen. That seems like it would be a pain to try to do anything quickly while having to navigate through a series of menus to quick change a setting. I'm not too familiar with the controls of the camera, but I would hope that there is at least a dial for aperture, a dial for shutter speed and hopefully a couple buttons for being able to change the iso and thumb focus. Just having a touchscreen would be like the experience driving a Toyota Prius with its screen - impossible to operate without taking your eyes off the road. So many times when operating a camera the photographer needs to change a setting while not taking his/her eye off the subject. With real buttons this can be done by feel. Impossible with a touch screen. Would have had the design lean towards an EVF.


You're probably going to have to wait for a higher-level model to have hard buttons. This is geared towards entry-level and casual users.

Sad Joe

Well, I'd love one. I either drag my Canon DSLR kit inside my LowePro or Billingham bags or take my sweet Canon s90 (wonderful sensor - thank you Sony) - the new M range might be a good half way point. So pleased they didn't do a Nikon 1 series and damage the brand overall. Anyone brought one yet - no, didn't think so. Predict the J1 will be going for £199 with lens this time next year....

Anyway back to the EOS M - sure its early days/ early models and the prices are too high....all normal.

Fancy that 22mm (35mm F2) lens which takes me back to my days shooting film (and some digital) with a Nikkor 35 f2 - pity that it tended to flare/ ghost but an ideal walk about lens and so much lighter than any of the super zooms we all tend to use today ( today I often carry a 15-85 & 24-105L plus longer lenses etc) so yep - roll on a Canon EOS M and save my back!


AGREE! Before I got my EPM1 to play with the 7D, I had considered the J1 and go to the shop to take a look...but... I have to say the J1 is bad... and I hate its flash very much! what's a cheap plastic toy at all... But I love the EPM1 very much although I hate the non-standard interface and I am not able to use a standard USB cable to connect it to the computer... anyway, Olympus did a great job in this section...
Come back to the Canon M...too expensive.....I think. People will spend much for the "pro" things and won't think that's expensive. But the 4 3 mirror-less cameras is not in that field. So I think $1000 for a compact camera is expensive.


very very slow auto focus with EF lenses. This camera will fail without "Peak focus" feature...

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inevitable crafts studio

booooooooring, a nikon 1 with a bigger sensor, i guess they needed 7 years of developement and a team of 25 highly trained dolphins to find out that people like mirrorless now :)

i mean seven years ago of course, because NOW people want mirrorless bodies that behave like real cameras and are made like a tool, not a toy.

clumsy dolphines

Sad Joe

LOL! But at least Canon have done as they said they would by not supporting the 4 3 format which they are on record as dissing. I think that Nikon have made a terrible mistake with their 1 series and I predict that they will be forced to introduce a completely revised system. I love the idea of a compact high quality camera - both Panasonic and the new Olympus OM-D seem excellent - I wish that Sony would spend as much as time on their lens range as they do on new camera bodies (menus are still too complex), as a Nikon/ Canon owner user if 'forced' to select another brand I'd go for the OM-D today - well done Olympus. Takes me back to my OM days - but that's another story.

fred 76

This camera has a big potential for astrophotography. It is light weight, has a short flange to sensor depth, and a decent sensor. But to shoot astrophotos, we need to be able to operate the camera from EOS Utility (or any other software that uses the Canon EOS SDK).

Some questions about the use of the EOS M with EOS Utility:
1) will it be possible to do remote shooting?
2) will it be possible to get Bulb with very long exposures (say 10 minutes or even more)?
3) will it be possible to use the EOS Utility intervalometer?

Last question about modifying this camera :
1) is it difficult to open so that we can remove and replace the internal UV/IR cut filters?


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fred 76

... seen on Canon Canada : when using the Bulb mode, only the 400 ISO gain can be used.

Is it also valid when using Remote Capture ?

Larry Fine

The RC-6 will be supported for remote capture per a Canon representative at http://photo.net/canon-eos-digital-camera-forum/00afFH


Where is the thumb activated focus? Without that one little item it becomes a toy from my perspective. Perhaps with a firmware tweak, the movie stop/start could be assigned that function whilst in 'stills' mode. Seems like an obvious omission on Canon's side?

Frank Minster

Does an artist use one paint brush? Does a mechanic use one tool? NO! Look at this camera for the purpose it's intended. I use my Canon 7D for Weddings and take my Canon 50D as a backup camera. These are only used for special events. I have the Sony HX-100V for everyday shooting where a telephoto lens would be needed. I also have the Canon S95 as a pocketable camera where there might be low light situations and don't need the long telephoto range. Each camera has it's strenghts and weaknesses. My knowing what they are will determine which camera will be used. I acheive great results will all the cameras listed. Every camera has it's good points and bad points and DPR tries to point them out with their reviews. I for one appreciate the work they do, however I am the one who ultimately decides which camera to purchase based on the knowledge gathered here and other sites and the intended use of the purchase.

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Sad Joe

I have to agree - we all get hung up on which camera is best for this and which other camera is best for something else. Two tales - both true - Saturday I attended a wedding (ex pro photographer now doing car hire) - the 'Pro" used 2x Canon 1 D series cameras with a bag of L lenses - pity he didn't seem to know what to do with them, boy did he take his time - never a good sigh when the pro checks EVERY exposure on the camera back before taking the next image, on Sunday I bumped into a guy who shoots weddings part time - he uses a basic Fuji bridge style compact camera - a super zoom 28-300 bog basic thing - he has no plans nor desire to buy anything 'better' as he said it gives him the quality, speed needed and most importantly he says his customers like his informal not dragging a 'huge bag/tripod/lighting rig with him style'.

So there You/I/ We have it forget your 5D3/ 7D / D800/ D3 etc - get a £200 Fuji instead!!

1 upvote

haha! I like the Fuji guy!
maybe next time you would see somebody using a iphone...maybe a bigger one...i-pad...


My prediction is that this sensor will be trounced by Oly Em-5...just saying.


Oly do not make sensors and their lack of knowledge about sensors was one of the biggest reasons behind the failure of original 4/3".


I'll resist the grammer lesson...I effectually said, that the sensor in the Em-5, will prove to to a better sensor than the one in the EOS-M. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it. Oh and, "Sony do make sensors" (I couldn't resist after all).


then why you should mention EM-5, which uses a same sensor as several other cameras? Pana said they improved sensor performance and a new, better sensor is used in GF5.

though Pana's sensors aren't the best, they aren't bad either. after all, the biggest problem for m4/3 is the lack of good high spec lenses.


OK, my bad...you are Japanese, and can clearly read and write my language better than I can yours, (which is, I'm afraid, not at all) I'm sorry...sincerely.

However, you are misinformed my friend, the Oly Em-5 uses a Sony sensor, Oly's first I believe, which is probably why it's kicking butt all all over cameraland. As you are, I'm sure, aware, Sony is currently making the best sensors this side of Jupiter.

I'll be back in an hour to comment on the lenses.

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Before I go on...would you like to take this private (before I get scalped) maybe we could both learn something. To everyone else of the Canon persuasion, I'm not foolish enough to think I've got a 5dmk3 here, heck, I'd love to be able to just shoot with a mk3 for a week, or two (years). I love Canon lenses, particularly, the 85 1.8, the 100 2.0, the 70-200 4 and IMHO the best FX super wide prime on six continents (Antarctica is a mystery to me) the Canon 14 2.8. OK then, behind kissing mode off.

With that said (you thought I'd never shut-up), I think Canon could have been more aggressive with this release...it should have had viewfinder, and an awesome one at that. Yes, other camera companies, Sony, Oly, Pany, and Pentax, (not Nikon) all started thier mirrorless journeys without a viewfinder while Canon waited. There was no longer a need to test the water, the market was there. Canon should have plowed under the competition (or tried a little harder to)

1 upvote

But they released this camera...an ok little cam that will sell to alot of people who already have a Canon dslr and three or four or more Canon lenses. Or it sell to a lot of people who will never buy another lense, because without that "never seen anything like it before in my life" Canon viewfinder, it's just another point and shoot, like the one they had, and oh yea, it says CANON on it . just saying...

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Michael Doleman

Hey mytake: I can't resist the spelling lesson, as regards your "grammer" lesson. I think you might have wanted the word "grammar," unless you were going for some sort of odd, vernacular reference to someone's grandmother.


You got me Michael...it was a cheap shot on my part, I regret it. Thanks for not "really" ripping me up.


What a great opening from Canon! I would say. As with any MILC, one will buy not jus a camera, but into a SYSTEM - including lenses, accessories, future upgrade options. On strategic level Canon played smart here:
1) APS-C sensor gives them upper hand over 4/3rds in image quality - always.
2) APS-C sensor and the EF-M mount gives compatibility of huge Canon lens portfolio. There are many Canon DSLR owners out there, and while using EF/EF-S lenses in EF-M is not optimal in sizewise, it is possible.
3) compatibility with huge selection of Canon DSLR accessories

The first product is really nice also:
4) Fantastic, clean design, without gimmickry. Yes, I think the retro look of Olympus E-M5 is nice, but Canon's clean design language will appeal to broader audience. I and my wife love it.
5) Touch-screen for ease for ease of use - let's see how photography enthusiastics like it.

Lack of EVF is a gap, but there is nothing preventing Canon to implement it in its next prosumer model.

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What Canon needs to do next is to:
1) Ramp-up lens portfolio and FAST
2) bring higher-end model with EVF
3) Not to care about internal cannibalisation - let consumers choose

Now I need to choose shall I wait for ahigher specsed Canon M or buy Olympus E-M5 now...


> EVF ... there is nothing preventing Canon to implement it

there is no reason to implement it, either.


It's certainly not necessary for everyone, but to say there's no reason to have an EVF is obviously false given how many people are interested in having one


I would really love it if sony came out with a 24mm lens the size and price of the canon's. They could probably learn a bit about menu design too. But otherwise I think you're paying more and getting less with the canon.

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Sony's E24/1.8 is a very low cost lens sold at an unbelievable high price.

vladimir vanek

what about time-lapse and/or hi-speed video?

Gully Foyle

Like SONY did almost two years ago, Canon too announces an "upgrader" product along with an "enthusiast" lens. Let's hope that unlike SONY, Canon lives up to its name and keeps lens production at a steady pace.


This is the first mirrorless camera I would consider getting. It's simple and solid. Even the EF-M lenses have a nice range. Body plus 2 lenses for $1100? Interesting. I think people are also missing the point that it can also use Canon wireless flash system. Very very cool.

Joe Ogiba

".. the EF-M lenses have a nice range."

Is that a joke or what ? Two friggen native lenses then you have to use a big $200 adapter to use Canon DSLR lenses.


Sounds like a bit of a disconnect between engineering and marketing...

"the EOS M - is unashamedly targeted to [compact-camera upgraders]"

"Targeting an enthusiast buyer, the camera plus 22mm pancake will be available from speciality photo stores only for $799"


"combined AV out/mini USM socket"

What is it? Did you mean USB?


Hope they'll make a FD adapter!

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Question: why there are no full size mirrorless cameras?


They are full size.


The Leica M9 is a full size mirrorless camera.


Define Full size?

Igor Marques Gil

Did you mean FULL FRAME?


Because the producers do not have enough imagination...


at least the throat diameter is larger than Leica M.


Design is not ugly ~ I do think it is bit conventional and boring... features are standard too but the shutter sound is the best I heard from this category.
but I still love my nex5 better haha.

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