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Triggertrap shows off new Redsnap modular camera triggering system

Triggertrap, maker of several camera triggering tools, is seeking support via Kickstarter for another product aimed at trigger-happy photographers. Redsnap is a modular triggering system that starts with the Redsnap base block to which you can add sensor blocks, each designed for a different kind of photography. Four sensor blocks are currently in the works, including a high-speed laser sensor, high-speed sound sensor, high-speed light sensor and a Passive Infrared Sensor. Learn more on

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Triggertrap Flash Adapter helps capture high-speed photos

Triggertrap's new flash adapter activates any hot shoe-equipped flash from an iPhone using a specialized mobile dongleflash adapter and iOS app - ideal for freezing high-speed action using your off-camera flash. Using sound as its trigger, the app and hardware combination is designed to fire flashes when sound is detected through an iOS smartphone, allowing capture of fast-moving subjects. Learn more about how it works on

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Triggertrap Mobile app available free until the end of the year

Triggertrap Mobile, the camera triggering app, is available for free between now and the New Year. The idea is to make it easier to give the mobile dongle (that costs $24.99) as a gift, without the recipient then having to buy the associated app. The app is available for both iOS and Android and allows a smartphone to perform as series of sophisticated camera triggering actions, when connected to the camera using the mobile dongle.

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Triggertrap app adds Wi-Fi control for remote smart camera triggering

Triggertrap Mobile, the app-based camera trigger can now be used remotely if the user has two smart devices. The latest version of the app, that allows a wide range of cameras to be triggered in response to a range of events or with sophisticated time-lapse functions, features a Wi-Fi mode. In Wi-Fi mode, a 'master' iOS device can be used to remotely configure and trigger a camera that is connected to a Triggertrap mobile dongle and a second smart device (either an iOS or Android phone or tablet).

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Triggertrap releases mobile app for iPhone-controlled cable release

Triggertrap has announced a mobile app that converts your iPhone into a highly-configurable remote release for your camera. It works in concert with two hardware components, a 'Mobile Dongle' that connects to the phone plus a suitable camera cable, to offer a wide range of methods to release the shutter. These include timelapse, distance lapse (based upon the phone's GPS), face recognition, and sound, motion, and shock detectors. It can also control High Dynamic Range bracketing up to 19 exposures. A free trial version of the app is available for evaluation purposes. The full app and Mobile Dongle each cost $9.99, and are available now from the iTune App Store and Triggertrap web shop respectively.

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TriggerTrap universal camera trigger goes into production

The crowd-funded universal camera trigger, TriggerTrap, has gone into production its creator has announced. TriggerTrap is a light, laser and sound-sensitive programmable camera trigger with built-in time-lapse function. It also has an auxilliary input and is built around Arduino open-source architecture, meaning it can be programmed to trigger a camera in response to almost any electrical input. The TriggerTrap is compatible with a large range of cameras, via cable or infra-red communication, it will be available from February at a cost of $125.

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