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900MP portraits show human face in extreme detail

'Facial cartography' is an apt description of Swiss photographer Daniel Boschung's portraits. Folds, crevices and pores that are often invisible under normal viewing conditions are shown in extreme detail in his 900MP images. Each of his photographs is comprised of about 600 images captured by an ABB robot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a 180mm macro lens. Learn more

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Father's imaginative portraits of daughter guaranteed to make you smile

There's nothing traditional about photographer Nagano Toyokazu's portraits of his daughter. His unorthodox shots put the girl at the center of a series of whimsical scenes, in turn commanding the attention of a line of yellow rubber ducks, conducting a chorus of frogs and tackling an impossible tower of ice cream scoops on a cone. They're funny, sweet, and probably the most adorable thing you'll see on the internet today. Click through and get ready for the cute.

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Art or intrusion? Photographer Johnny Tergo's 'drive-by' portraits

Street photography isn't everyone's cup of tea, and for every Cartier Bresson, watching from a distance, there's a Weegee, pushing a camera into the faces of their bemused subjects without asking permission. Los Angeles-based photographer Johnny Tergo has taken this approach to a new level, rigging up his truck with a camera and bright studio strobes in order to 'bring the studio lighting aspect to everyday real life on the streets'. Click through for the full story, and images (via

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Portraiture exhibit that omits the subject

A celebrity portraiture series by photographer Robert Weingarten is on display at Washington, D.C.'s Smithsonian museum. Weingarten's work is unusual in that his portraits do not include his famous subjects. Instead, he photographs individual objects and scenes that have informed the lives and achievements of his subjects and uses them to create a composite image in Photoshop, seeking a metaphorical, rather than representational portrait. Click here to see a video of Weingarten explaining his process and motivation.

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Photographer explains controversial Team USA Olympic Portraits

Photographer Joe Klamar's portraits of US Olympic atheletes have caused a lot of controversy this week, especially in the USA. Many commentors have dismissed his images as unprofessional at best, and at worst unpatriotic. Others have defended Klamer, arguing that his apparently unpolished images represent a deliberate attempt to challenge the conventions of portrait photography. The truth, it turns out, is more mundane. Click through for the full story, in his own words. (via Petapixel)

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Exhibition Review: Yul Brynner - A Photographic Journey

As well as starring roles in films such as 'The King and I', and 'The Ten Commandments', Yul Brynner was an accomplished photographer whose subjects were some of the most acclaimed actors of the 20th century. 'A Photographic Journey', in London's The Little Black Gallery showcases some of his most famous images, and Matt Golowczynski went along to take a look.   

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