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Great summer photo projects

A good summer photo project doesn't necessarily require a lot of expensive equipment, just a camera, an idea and the persistence to see it through. Chances are you've already got everything you need to kick off a photo series of your own. At DPReview we're always looking for new and interesting photos on the web and lately we've noticed a lot of inspired projects. Some are fairly laborious, while others take a simple idea and run with it. Check out these projects and why not get started on your own?

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UK's Focus on Imaging photo trade show to close

The organisers of Europe's largest annual photographic trade show, Focus on Imaging, have declared that this year's show was the last. Mary Walker Exhibitions had organised the show, held in March at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham UK, for the past 24 years. In a statement Mary Walker announced that the rights to the show would not be sold on, but instead it is simply being brought to an end.

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In-depth look at Google+ Photo Update with the Team that Designed it

At its I/O developers conference a couple of days ago Google introduced various updates to its Google+ social networking platform, many of which will be of interest to photographers. As well as changes to layout, images can be 'auto-enhanced', made into panoramas and animations, and the system can also select the best facial expressions in group shots. Click through for more details on

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Service lets you order prints of any Facebook photo

While the privacy and permissions surrounding Facebook-shared photographs have always seemed like a bit of a gray area, a new service is pushing the envelope further. Photos At My Door lets users log in with their Facebook account and access photos of friends. You can then order prints of those photos or even print them on coffee mugs, mouse pads and iPhone cases. Read more about the service and our take on it at

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World Press Photo award enables photographer to resume his career

Last October, Portuguese freelance photojournalist Daniel Rodrigues was forced to sell off all his camera gear to pay the bills. Only a few months later, however, one of his images took first prize in the Daily Life category from the prestigious World Press Photo foundation. As a result of the ensuing attention, Rodrigues has been able to acquire new gear and resume his career in photojournalism. (via New York Times Lens blog)

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Photojournalist unexpectedly documents domestic violence

Freelance photojournalist Sara Naomi Lewkowicz recently recounted the events that led to her presence during an incident of domestic violence. The harrowing images that she captured illustrate, among other things, the extent to which this photographer was able to 'blend' into the lives of her subjects, capturing a scene in which you'd imagine an outsider would be prohibited from documenting. Yet Lewkowicz's account has drawn online detractors who question whether intervention, not documentation was the appropriate response. Read on for more details.

OTHER NEWS Comments 269 Published: Mar 1, 2013 at 20:51
Ethics of prize-winning photo debated

A controversy over photojournalistic ethics and integrity has sprung up over the accusation that Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin misrepresented both the subject and context of an award-winning image. An image purporting to show a gun-wielding former Marine corps sniper in a rough neighborhood is actually of a former photojournalism student in a safe neighborhood. Was this simply poor record-keeping or a deliberate fabrication? Read on for more details.

OTHER NEWS Comments 151 Published: Feb 25, 2013 at 20:22
320-gigapixel photo of London is the world's largest panoramic photo

A 320-gigapixel image taken from top of London's BT Tower has set the world record of the largest panoramic photo. It breaks the previous record set by a 281-gigapixel electron micrograph of a zebrafish embryo taken in 2012. The London image was shot by panorama specialists 360 Cities and is made up of 48,640 individual frames. To get an idea of just how large this photograph is, BT says if it was printed at 'normal resolution' the photo would measure measure 98 x 24 metres.Click through for pictures and more information on the hardware used to make the image. 

OTHER NEWS Comments 77 Published: Feb 21, 2013 at 20:01
Stock photo agency Alamy to allow mobile photos

Rescinding its previous blanket ban against all mobile photography, international stock photo agency Alamy has announced that it will now allow images taken on mobile devices in its Live News service. To be accepted into Live News, Alamy has stated that smartphone images must have news, sports or entertainment value. And in case you were wondering, 'Instagram-style filters' are not allowed. Click through for the full story on 

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VII Photo Agency director praises mobile photography has published an interview with Stephen Mayes, director of the VII photo agency, about the importance of mobile photography in the digital age. According to Mayes, smartphone photography represents a 'pivotal moment' in photography, and calls cell phones 'a pretty pure implementation of the digital phenomenon'. Click through for more excepts from the interview and a link to the full article at

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Connect: Review of Photo Editor by Aviary app

We've reviewed the multi-platform mobile app Photo Editor by Aviary. Even if you're not familiar with this app, you've likely seen Aviary in effect in other mobile applications as the photo editor is available to other app developers as a software development kit (SDK) for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7, and there's a Web Widget too. We take a look at Aviary's version, optimized for both phone and tablet screens, on Connect.

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Accessory Review: Kata Revolver-8 Photo Backpack

The Kata Revolver-8 photo backpack's unique selling point is its roulette-style revolving lens compartment, which is designed to let you get access to your glassware in seconds, during a busy shoot. This backpack sits at the more expensive end of the camera backpack spectrum, so does its unique revolving design justify the price premium? Read our review to find out.  

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Nov5 goes behind the scenes of magazine's post-Sandy cover picture has published an interesting article examining how photographer Iwan Baan took his striking post-Sandy picture of Manhattan, which is currently gracing the cover of New York Magazine. According to the article, Baan took his photograph of Manhattan - which is half blacked-out due to the destructive effects of Hurricane Sandy - from the open door of a helicopter hovering at 5000 feet above New York. He went up on the night of Wednesday 31st October, when limited air traffic made it possible to hover for longer - and higher - than would normally be allowed over a major city. Click through to see the resulting image, and for more details of how Baan got the shot. 

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