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Behind the Shot: Erez Marom walks us through his 'Winter Paradise'

In the latest "Behind the Shot" article, landscape photographer Erez Marom walks through how he got this Aurora Borealis image in the Mývatn district of northern Iceland. Marom talks about his equipment choice and exposure settings. He also gives a step-by-step look at his post-processing technique. Click through for the full article. 

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Flying Penguins: Photography in Antarctica

DPReview reader Eric Lew is a keen wildlife photographer, and recently returned from a trip to Antarctica. He shared some recollections, advice and photographs in a post on our forums, but we thought what he wrote was so good it deserved a wider audience. Click through for Eric's 2-page article 'Flying Penguins: Photography in Antactica' and find out how you too can publish articles like this on dpreview.

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Neal Rantoul shares his aerial photography with Luminous Landscape

Aerial photographer Neal Rantoul has written an article for The Luminous Landscape, explaining how he got started in air-to-ground photography, and sharing some interesting advice. Click through for extracts from the article, in which Rantoul explains his artistic approach, methodology and equipment. We've also gathered a small selection of Neal's impressive abstract aerial landscapes, and provided a link to the original article at The Luminous Landscape. 

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Article: Theme and Variation
Great landscape imagery doesn't have to involve travel to faraway locales. Photographer Carsten Krieger believes there's much to be gained by shooting close to home. Over the years he has challenged himself to shoot from the same vantage point; a task made feasible by choosing a scene only minutes from his home. Learn how lens choice and attention to seasonal patterns can lead to surprisingly varied imagery.
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Article: The DSLR field camera
Landscape photographers have always placed a lot of importance on capturing as much detail as possible, which is what made large format cameras such desirable tools in the days of film. Professional photographer Carsten Krieger shows how today's high-resolution DSLRs can be used to create multi-exposure composite images that edge closer to the large format ideal than ever before.
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Connect: Landscape tips for smartphone shooters

It's all too easy to take for granted the wide dynamic range, variety of focal lengths and control over depth of field we have at our disposal. And ironically, one way to practice a a more traditional, disciplined approach to photography that introduces, rather than eliminates limitations, is to spend some time shooting with the latest smartphone. Read about how some photographers are embracing the challenges of creating compelling landscape images with their wide angle fixed-aperture smartphones.

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Sigma UK landscape competition: win a DP1 Merrill

Sigma UK is running a photographic competition, with the prize of a DP1 Merrill and a two day photo workshop in Cornwall with landscape photographer Lea Tippett. To enter, simply email in your favourite landscape photograph, along with a short paragraph saying how you would benefit from a weekend’s landscape photography tuition. The competition is open to UK residents only, and the closing date is 23rd September 2012. Click through for a link with full details on how to enter.

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Article: Evolution of an image
Great photos don't just happen - behind the scenes lies a lot of detailed preparation. Professional photographer Carsten Krieger demonstrates his working procedure when creating a landscape image in the wilds of north-western Ireland. In this article, Krieger discusses the importance of visualizing the end result before you take the picture as well as the crucial role that planning, preparation and patience play in allowing 'good luck' to happen. Click through to read about his creative process.
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