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Site update: two new forums

Just a quick update on a couple of new forums we've added over the weekend. The first is Feedback and Suggestions, a place for your questions, feedback and suggestions for the DPReview team (both technical and editorial). We hope this will be a more efficient and more effective method than the feedback form / email system we had previously, and will ensure we don't miss bugs, suggestions and feedback that until now has been spread over dozens of forums. The second new forum is Photographic Science and Technology: a home for those wishing to discuss  advanced technical matters related to imaging science outside the brand-specific forums. It's also intended to be the place for less technically-minded readers to pose questions of our community's smartest eggheads.

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Forum update: polls added

Forums update: We've just added a new 'create a poll' option for forum threads. Head over to the forums to try it out for yourself. We've also created a test poll here where you can see how it works and give us feedback at the same time!

SITE NEWS Published: Jun 24, 2013 at 18:02
Forum updates

We've just deployed an update to the forums that adds tabbed filtering by thread type and a new 'photo post' option, designed for users wanting to share images. We've also added filtering by product (to the product forums) and a swanky new 'grid view' for browsing forums by images (rather than thread titles). Finally we've fine-tuned the 'classic' skin and deployed some fixes and enhancements to the text editor.

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Mobile-friendly forums launched

We're delighted to be able to announce the introduction of mobile-optimized access to our forums. The mobile forums are one of the benefits that have been made possible by the new forums code we introduced in October 2012. This first release of the mobile forums supports the majority of full forum features, including both flat and threaded views - with the last-used format persisting when you next visit. We'll be building on the feature set in the coming months.

SITE NEWS Comments 103 Published: Jan 24, 2013 at 20:50
New image viewing options for forums

We've just deployed a smart new viewing system for images embedded in forum posts. It offers easy access to original images (100% view), makes navigating images easier within a post and lets you pixel-peep to your heart's content with the new loupe tool. We hope you like it - more information after the link.

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Just deployed: New forums system

We've just deployed the redesigned forum system - the biggest single change we've made since our forums were created, over 13 years ago. As discussed in an earlier news post, the new software will closely match the behavior of the existing system but with a range of additional features and with scope for further expansion in the future. We've sifted through the feedback from the preview announcement we made last week and have developed a list of requested features that we will start working on. Click here to find out more...

SITE NEWS Comments 736 Published: Oct 3, 2012 at 21:29
Major update to dpreview forums coming soon: tell us what you think

In an ongoing effort to improve the performance and user experience on dpreview, we've completely redesigned the forums from the ground up, and will be launching the new version in the coming week. We want to create something you're happy with, so are looking for feedback, positive or critical, as we make the finishing touches. Click through for an overview of the new design.

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