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Ilford opens US lab to meet demand for black and white film development

While digital has truly swamped film for most common purposes, demand for black and white film development and printing is sufficient that ILFORD has expanded its processing and printing service to include a mail-order lab in San Clemente, California. Unlike most local labs, ILFORD's service offers black and white printing on silver gelatin photo paper.

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17 signs that you were alive before digital photography

Feeling old? Photoshelter has published a humorous list of 17 signs that you were around before digital photography became the norm. For those of us who were, the list is a nostalgic look at some tools and accessories that have fallen into disuse, as well as a reminder, possibly, that some things remain useful, even in the digital age. If you're too young to remember anything before digital, you should take a look at the list anyway. You might learn something. 

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Film scanner employs smartphones to digitize negatives

A new smartphone gadget promises to use your mobile device to digitize your 35mm film. Compatible smartphones snap photos of backlit film inserted into the device while an app automatically inverts the negative image. See the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner in action on

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