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Kodak ships API to help app devs take photos from phone to print

One of the remaining arms of the Kodak legacy, Kodak Alaris, is working to remain relevant by focusing its efforts on moving photos from smartphone to print, via one of its 105,000 photo printing kiosks worldwide. The company recently released its API to lure developers into adding Kodak kiosk printing capabilities directly into their mobile photography apps. Learn more at

CONNECT Comments 12 Published: Oct 17, 2013 at 19:16
Comparison shots pit Sony Xperia Z against Apple iPhone and Oppo Find 5

A Vietnamese site is sharing what it claims are sample images from Sony's new Xperia Z smartphone, compared with shots from both the Apple iPhone 5 and the Oppo Find 5, both of which will feature Sony's new 13-megapixel Exmor RS stacked CMOS sensor. Although we can't vouch for the integrity of the sample shots, if they're genuine, the comparison provides an interesting look at what the Xperia and Oppo Find 5's cameras may be capable of. Click through for the full story, and images, on

CONNECT Comments 15 Published: Jan 23, 2013 at 20:16
Connect: tears down the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

What makes a GoPro go? That's the sort of question that the curious folks over at love to answer. To find out, they've torn apart the Wi-Fi-enabled, 4K-capable GoPro Hero3 Black Edition to reveal its inner workings and release its secrets. In the course of their tear-down they found that the Hero3 Black is impressively repairable, thanks to its minimal use of adhesives to hold everything together. For all the gory details, images and a link to the full tear-down, click through to our article on

CONNECT Comments 14 Published: Jan 22, 2013 at 21:30
First look at Lenovo's 5.5" K900 smartphone with 2GHz Intel processor

Lenovo might not be the first name that springs to mind when you think of smartphones but the Chinese company is one of the biggest sellers in its home market. Its latest offering is the K900 - a 5.5" smartphone - slightly larger than the three we detailed yesterday but with the same 1920 x 1080 pixel count to give a resolution of 400ppi. It also features a 13MP Sony Exmor RS (stacked CMOS) sensor behind a 22.4mm equivalent F1.8 lens. Click here to find out more.

CONNECT Comments 54 Published: Jan 11, 2013 at 19:16
Hands-on with smartphones from Sony, ZTE and Huawei at CES 2013

CES provided a chance for us to get our hands on two of the latest smartphones. Interestingly, Sony's Xperia Z, ZTE's Grand S and the Huawei Ascend D2 are all built around 5", 1920 x 1080 pixel screens and feature 13MP cameras. All run Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and yet, despite the spec similarities, there are still differences - in the user experience as well as the processors used. We had the opportunity to use all these phones, to see how they behave - find out what we thought.

CONNECT Comments 29 Published: Jan 11, 2013 at 01:25
2012: The Year in Mobile Photography

While 2011 marked many milestones for mobile photography, 2012 easily surpassed it. Last year saw mobile photography really take off, both in terms of consumer interest and mainstream acceptance. In this article, we look back on an incredible year where images from cellphones graced everything from magazine covers to the walls of major exhibitions. Click through for a link to the full article on

CONNECT Comments 42 Published: Jan 2, 2013 at 18:55
Connect: Creative New Year's resolutions

Resolutions for the New Year don't have to be just about losing weight or curbing vices. You can include fun, creative and challenging goals that will broaden your photographic horizons and improve your picture making skills. Here are some suggestions for sharpening your creative eye during the coming year. Although the article concentrates on mobile photography, many of the suggestions are relevant regardless of what you shoot with.

CONNECT Comments 14 Published: Dec 31, 2012 at 23:06
Connect Review: Shooting with the Samsung Galaxy Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is the the most serious attempt anyone's yet made to build a truly connected camera. It's essentially a hybrid of the company's WB850F compact superzoom and its Galaxy SIII smartphone - combining the zoom range and larger sensor of the camera with the powerful processor, touch screen and Android operating system of the 'phone. But how much extra capability does this bring? Mobile photographer Oliver Lang takes a look.

CONNECT Comments 75 Published: Dec 13, 2012 at 21:44
VII Photo Agency director praises mobile photography has published an interview with Stephen Mayes, director of the VII photo agency, about the importance of mobile photography in the digital age. According to Mayes, smartphone photography represents a 'pivotal moment' in photography, and calls cell phones 'a pretty pure implementation of the digital phenomenon'. Click through for more excepts from the interview and a link to the full article at

CONNECT Comments 3 Published: Nov 15, 2012 at 18:47
Connect: Review of Photo Editor by Aviary app

We've reviewed the multi-platform mobile app Photo Editor by Aviary. Even if you're not familiar with this app, you've likely seen Aviary in effect in other mobile applications as the photo editor is available to other app developers as a software development kit (SDK) for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7, and there's a Web Widget too. We take a look at Aviary's version, optimized for both phone and tablet screens, on Connect.

CONNECT Comments 5 Published: Nov 15, 2012 at 18:54
Connect.dpreview competition winners announced

Indian photographer Sudeep Mehta has been chosen as the winner of the photo competition. The Connect team, along with a panel of judges, has selected the winners from over 3,000 entries, with Metha of Mumbai, India, winning the $5,000 first prize. The second-placed image and four runners-up selected from some excellent submissions will also receive cash prizes. Visit to see the winning images and thank you to everyone who took part.

CONNECT Comments 44 Published: Nov 13, 2012 at 23:45
Simple tips for square format images

Long before the rise of Instagram, square format film cameras from Rolleiflex and Hasselblad were held in high esteem by photo enthusiasts. Indeed the square image is part of a long image-making tradition in visual arts. And one that every photographer - new or experienced - should explore. In this article, we share some tips and tricks for square shooting with your most mobile camera: your smartphone.

CONNECT Comments 26 Published: Nov 9, 2012 at 18:05
Photographer puts GoPro in bride’s bouquet for unique wedding video

The tiny GoPro camera can make some spectacular videos. From Red Bull’s record breaking skydive to a cat's perspective on chasing a laser pointer, there is serious potential for the $200-$400 video camera. The GoPro is built to survive extreme photographic situations, but it can also work well for more conventional video needs. When San Diego-based photographer Ben Horne got married earlier this year, he put a GoPro HD Hero2 in his bride’s bouquet to create a unique camera angle. Click through for more details, and to see the video on

CONNECT Comments 40 Published: Nov 8, 2012 at 19:35
Connect: Samsung’s 'Smart Camera' to be released this week in the UK

Samsung has announced UK residents can purchase its Android-based Galaxy Camera this week for £399. The device runs Android 4.1 and has 3G/4G connectivity as well as Wi-Fi. Though not a fully functional mobile phone, the Galaxy Camera can run applications such as Skype to make and receive voice calls. Its 16-megapixel camera has a 21x optical zoom and comes with built-in 'Photo Wizard' editing software. 

CAMERA NEWS Comments 2 Published: Nov 5, 2012 at 23:37
Connect: Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Review

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest incarnation of Samsung’s hugely successful Galaxy smartphone line and with an eight megapixel backlight-illuminated sensor and 1080p video capture it offers one of the most compelling photographic feature sets of any current smartphone. The S3 is Samsung’s best-selling Galaxy model to date - read our in-depth full review of its 8MP camera here.

CONNECT Comments 54 Published: Nov 1, 2012 at 19:21
iFixit Tears down iPad Mini - finds it's not easy to repair

No-one takes gadgets apart quite like the guys at and they've just got their hands on Apple's latest tablet, the pint-sized iPad Mini. Basically an iPad 2 in a smaller form factor, the Mini goes on sale tomorrow in the US. Thanks to a whole lot of glue holding the thing together and expensive battery replacement cost, the iPad Mini earns a low repairability score of 2 out of 10 on the iFixit scale. Click through for some sample images from the teardown and a link to the full, gory experience over at

CONNECT Comments 37 Published: Nov 1, 2012 at 17:11
Connect: Using Instagram to follow current events

Connect: Australian photographer Misho Baranovic decided to use Instagram as a way of keeping track of the human-scale impact of Hurricane Sandy as it reached the US coast. He explains the steps he took to find the most relevant photos and filter-out inauthentic images - highlighting both the potential and pitfalls of curating and sharing crowd-sourced content.

CONNECT Comments 15 Published: Oct 31, 2012 at 17:02
Connect: White Balance tips for smartphone photographers

Connect: Creative White Balance tips for smartphone photographers. White Balance can make the difference between a bland image and an engaging photograph. Smartphones are increasingly giving control over this important tool for getting color 'right' in your photos - we give some tips about how it's used.

CONNECT Comments 36 Published: Oct 30, 2012 at 18:43
OmniVision offers 8MP BSI CMOS and inexpensive 5MP camera modules

Connect: Sensor maker Omnivision has announced two smartphone-targeted CMOS camera modules. The OV5645 is built on an affordable 1/4"-type 5MP sensor built around a standardized MIPI interface, allowing processing functions to be passed to the host processor, rather than having to include JPEG compression in the device. The OV8835 uses a higher-end, 1/3.2"-type 8MP second-generation BSI CMOS sensor with claimed 'best-in-class pixel performance.' 

CONNECT Comments 2 Published: Oct 30, 2012 at 18:38
Connect: Beamr app uses JPEGmini to make high-res images shareable

Connect: The Beamr app allows full-res iPhone and iPad images to be shared as virtual magazines. We spoke to Dror Gill, Chief Technology Officer of ICVT about the way it uses the company's JEPGmini technology to make file sizes manageable and how this is just the consumer-facing beginning.

CONNECT Comments 8 Published: Oct 29, 2012 at 19:56
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