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DxO launches DxOMark Mobile - device IQ analysis as used on Connect

DxO Labs has announced 'DxOMark Mobile' - its assessment of mobile phone image quality that will support mobile device reviews on In its first group of tests, DxO has found that the best contemporary mobile devices (in this case the Nokia 808 PureView, with its large sensor) will out-perform a 5-year-old high-end compact camera. And when it comes to video, the Samsung Galaxy SIII will trump last year's Canon PowerShot S100. DxOMark Mobile will analyze 14 aspects of mobile imaging and produce a final score that will be comparable to existing DxOMark figures. We'll be reporting DxOMark Mobile figures alongside our overall scores in connect reviews.

OTHER NEWS Comments 32 Published: Oct 9, 2012 at 20:38
Aptina details 1" sensor for mirrorless, bridge or broadcast-video cameras

Sensor maker Aptina has released more details of its two most recently-announced chips, including a 10MP, 1"-type sensor that uses its dynamic range-boosting DR-Pix technology. The company, which also makes the 1" sensors used in the Nikon 1 System cameras, is making this new sensor available to the wider market. It has also provided more detail about an 18MP 1/2.3" compact camera sensor that can shoot 1080p video with three different crops at up to 120 frames per second.

OTHER NEWS Comments 25 Published: Oct 8, 2012 at 02:17
Getty Images' Flickr licensing deal reaches 1/2 million images

Getty Images' scheme for licensing images from the photo sharing site Flickr has added its 500,000th image. The half-millionth image was shot by system engineer and photo hobbyist 'Jiangang Wang' for Tianjin, China, of the Minato Mirai development in Yokohama, Japan. The licensing deal, started in June 2010, allows Flickr members to offer their images for licensing by Getty. If Getty chooses to accept the request, the photographer can choose how to license their images, at rates comparable to Getty's other images libraries.

OTHER NEWS Comments 32 Published: Oct 8, 2012 at 17:57
AT&T brings Samsung Galaxy Camera to USA, but at what cost?

US mobile carrier AT&T has become the first network to announce that it will be offering Samsung's Galaxy Camera - the first truly camera-like device to include a cellular data connection. The version being offered is being described as 4G but AT&T has confrimed it will use an HSPA+ connection, rather than the faster 'LTE' system that is more widely accepted as '4G.' Prices and details of data plans are also unspecified at this point. (via Engadget)

OTHER NEWS Comments 57 Published: Oct 4, 2012 at 23:34
PetaPixel asks: What should we call connected, app-based cameras?

It's a question that's been on Michael Zhang's mind, over at PetaPixel, and ours too. If Photokina 2012 had a theme it was definitely connectivity, and recent months have seen several moves by manufacturers to introduce smartphone-type functionality into cameras. As camera manufacturers continue to respond to the rise of the smartphone camera with their own solutions, journalists in the industry are faced with an interesting conundrum: what do we call these things? 

OTHER NEWS Comments 134 Published: Oct 1, 2012 at 18:17
Olympus and Sony confirm $397m tie-up to provide much-needed investment

Following months of speculation, Olympus has confirmed it will enter a partnership with Sony. Sony has bought 21.2m shares in Olympus, at a value of ¥31bn ($397m). The deal does not constitute a merger or takeover, but will see the companies work together and exchange technologies. Olympus President, Hiroyuki Sasa's statement explains 'In the field of digital cameras, we will seek to achieve collaboration in a manner that further improves the competitiveness of the two companies.'

OTHER NEWS Comments 106 Published: Sep 28, 2012 at 16:55
Manfrotto creates 'Klyp' case for adding lighting and tripods to the iPhone

Manfrotto has announced the Klyp, an iPhone case that allows the use of mini tripods and LED lighting panels. The company rather entertainingly talks in terms of turning the iPhone into 'a complete and professional camera,' but the ability to attach supports and lighting will undoubtedly be useful. The case allows accessories to be clipped-on at various points around the phone, allowing use in different orientations, and packages are available that include the company's compact LED light panels. The case, which fits the iPhone 4 and 4S, will retail for around £25, with lighting a tripod bundles also available

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Sony to become Olympus' biggest shareholder with $650m investment

Sony is planning to invest ¥50bn ($642m) in troubled medical and photographic company Olympus, according to news agency Reuters. The report says three sources have confirmed Sony approve a move to take a 10% stake in Olympus, which is still reeling from the revelations that its executives covered-up $1.7bn of loses dating back to the 1990s. The report comes a day after former Olympus Chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa and two other former executives pleaded guilty to fraud charges relating to the cover-up.

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Take Better Photos offers photographer's take on iPhone 5 capabilities

Take Better Photos has published an insightful look at the iPhone5, from a photographer's perspective. In keeping with the site's maxim that photography should be a joy, not a science exam, the article looks at how the latest handset behaves, compared to its predecessor (and compared to cameras including the Nikon D3). However, this photographic focus doesn't preclude some more technical detail about the new camera's program line and just how effective its 'dynamic low light mode' is. Click here to read more.

OTHER NEWS Comments 231 Published: Sep 24, 2012 at 18:17
iFixit tears down iPhone 5, reveals new camera sensor and sapphire glass lens

The tech-elves over at have published a complete teardown of the new iPhone 5, barely hours after the handset first became available. Obviously, we're most interested in the camera, which according to Apple, will give improved image quality over its predecessor. Although a teardown doesn't reveal much about how the new device will actually perform, it's interesting to see everything reduced to its component parts. Click through for more information and a link to the complete teardown. But be warned - the more squeamish among you may prefer to look away.

OTHER NEWS Comments 105 Published: Sep 21, 2012 at 14:17
Apple reveals iPhone 5 with updated camera - here's what you need to know

Apple unveiled the highly anticipated iPhone 5 featuring an updated 8-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, durable sapphire glass lens cover and larger, 4", 16:9 screen. A more powerful A6 processor allows improved noise reduction, 40 percent faster capture and improved low-light performance through a 'dynamic low light mode' that Apple isn't giving further details of. Now that it’s here, you probably want to know: is it worthy of the hype? Read on for more news on that larger screen.

OTHER NEWS Comments 195 Published: Sep 12, 2012 at 17:59
Sigma UK landscape competition: win a DP1 Merrill

Sigma UK is running a photographic competition, with the prize of a DP1 Merrill and a two day photo workshop in Cornwall with landscape photographer Lea Tippett. To enter, simply email in your favourite landscape photograph, along with a short paragraph saying how you would benefit from a weekend’s landscape photography tuition. The competition is open to UK residents only, and the closing date is 23rd September 2012. Click through for a link with full details on how to enter.

OTHER NEWS Comments 7 Published: Sep 11, 2012 at 10:42
Book Review: 'Masterclass - Arnold Newman'

Arnold Newman, who died in 2006 was a master portrait photographer who captured many of the most iconic figures of his day, from artists and actors, to presidents. 'Masterclass', a handsome new book of images by Newman, the first published since his death, contains more than 200 images. Many will be familiar, but several have never been published before. Adam Koplan takes a look at this extraordinary collection. 

OTHER NEWS Comments 20 Published: Sep 9, 2012 at 05:20
BBC looks at the work of disabled photographer Giles Duley

The BBC has published an interesting article examining the life and work of British photographer Giles Duley. Duley, a documentary photographer, lost both of his legs and one arm in an explosion near Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2011. He survived, and is currently covering the Paralympic Games in London. The article describes Duley's protracted recovery and the ways in which he has adapted to his new life as a triple-amputee in order to return to photography. Click through for more details and a link to the full article. 

OTHER NEWS Comments 27 Published: Sep 9, 2012 at 04:55
Nokia Lumia 920 promises PureView, but it’s no 808

Nokia has announced the Lumia 920, the next generation of its phones to wear the 'PureView' branding but, despite the name, the camera technology isn't up to the standard of the 808 PureView. Rather than the 808's 41MP, 1/1.2" sensor, the 920 has a slightly oversized 8.7MP CMOS. Nokia is still making big claims about the 920's camera capabilities, it has a Carl Zeiss-branded lens featuring ‘floating lens technology’ image stabilization, prompting claims of better low-light performance than other smartphones. The Lumia 920 and the co-announced Lumia 820 both run on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system – an improvement over the Symbian model on the Nokia 808, which we gave our Gold Award to in our July review. 

OTHER NEWS Comments 193 Published: Sep 5, 2012 at 16:53
BJP looks at Instagram and what it means for professional photographers

The British Journal of Photography has published an interesting article on its website entitled 'The New Economics of Photojournalism: The rise of Instagram'. In the article, author Olivier Laurent addresses the significance of services like Instagram for photojournalists, and investigates how these photographers are adapting to a platform where interactivity and immediacy are paramount.  Click through for more details and a link to the full article.

OTHER NEWS Comments 108 Published: Sep 4, 2012 at 19:59
Exhibition Review: '8x10' By Impossible

The discontinuation of Polaroid film in 2008 led to much despair among its fans. The Impossible Project, founded in the same year, set out to recreate the out-of-production films that Polaroid users had come to depend on. In advance of a new 8x10 monochrome emulsion becoming available to the wider public, The Impossible Project shared it with some of their test users - photographers they call their 'Pioneers', and has created an exhibition in New York City, from the resulting images. Adam Koplan takes a look. 

OTHER NEWS Comments 85 Published: Sep 2, 2012 at 00:00
Wikipedia launches 'world's largest photo contest' to expand image collection

Wikipedia has launched what it calls 'the world's largest photo contest' to increase the number of images of 'historic sites' in its image database - Wikimedia Commons. The contest, called 'Wiki Loves Monuments 2012' will run throughout September 2012, with the best entry receiving a photo tour of Hong Kong, coinciding with the Wikimania 2013 conference. Wikipedia has run photographic competitions before, but this is the biggest yet, and will involve volunteers from more than 30 countries. Click through for more details.

OTHER NEWS Comments 79 Published: Aug 30, 2012 at 22:36
Chase Jarvis writes about Neil Armstrong's 'Inspirational' moon photos

When Neil Armstrong passed away this weekend we lost someone who was not only a a hero to millions, but also one of the most important photographers in history. Armstrong's photographs from the moon, taken during the Apollo 11 landing in 1969, are among the most iconic and inspirational ever captured. In response to the death of Armstrong, photographer Chase Jarvis has written an article in which he examines the photos taken on the moon, all those years ago. Click through for a link to the full article.

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Kodak to exit consumer photography, while tech giants gang-up to buy patents

Kodak has announced it will sell two of its business divisions, ending its role as a consumer-facing photographic company. The Personalized Imaging business includes print kiosks and consumer film, while the Document Imaging business includes scanners and commercial document management. Both businesses will be sold as going concerns. Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal has reported that many of the world's biggest technology companies, including Samsung, Apple and Google, have formed a consortium to bid for Kodak's digital imaging patents, significantly lowering the price the amount the sale is likely to raise.

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