Chinese lighting manufacturer ShenZhen Yongnuo Photographic Equipment Co has announced a variable temperature LED wand for still and video photographers. The Yongnuo YN360 features a 39.5cm/15.5in light board that is equipped with 160 LEDs designed to match daylight, 160 LEDs to match tungsten lighting and 40 further LEDs that are RGB SMD lamps. The wand can be used to produce light that blends in with ambient lighting in a wide range of conditions by varying the mix of 3200K and 5500K LEDs, and also be used to create a spectrum of colors by mixing the red, green and blue LED sources. 

The company says that the color of the wand and the brightness of its illumination will be controllable via a smartphone app and physical dials on the wand’s handle, and claims that its technology and encoders allow the light to be dimmed without altering its color. 

The YN360 will be powered by Sony NP-F type lithium-ion cells, and we should expect two hours at its 2560-lumen brightest output in the color temperature mode, and four hours in RGB mode, from a single charge of the recommended NP-F770 battery. A mains adapter will also be available. 

The Yongnuo YN360 should go on sale by the middle of February, though the company has yet to release information regarding its price. For more information see the Yongnuo store blog