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Things we found stuffed down the back of CES 2014

By Allison Johnson, DPReview Staff on Jan 12, 2014 at 22:17 GMT
Olloclip 3-In-1 Photo Lens
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Olloclip 3-In-1 Photo Lens

While there was surprisingly little that really blew our minds at CES 2014, there were some fun odds and ends worth mentioning. Starting with the olloclip 3-In-1 Photo Lens, shown here in colors to match the iPhone 5C, these pocketable iPhone accessories just slide on the corner and allow three lens options: wide-angle, fisheye, and macro. Just flip the little olloclip over to switch between the first two, and unscrew the wide-angle lens for macro. These are shipping now for about $60.


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By AgnesL (2 months ago)

Here is a comparison of Olloclip, Schneider and ALPA wide converters:

Sergey Kostrov
By Sergey Kostrov (3 months ago)

>>...These are shipping now for about $60...

Please check that:

It is for $7.99 US ( free shipping ) and I'm going to buy it for my son.

By PixelMover (3 months ago)

Don't buy that. Shipping from China costs them half of what you pay them, so the actual item is 'worth' about US$ 4.00
The magnets are -very- weak and lose their power after a few days of swapping lenses. The bigger ones will fall off, the little ones will slide down. Optical quality is not THAT bad, but don't ecpect pin sharp photos. How do I know? I bought one at the airport in BeiJing last week for a laugh, I paid 50rmb (about USD 3,50) to keep myself entertained on a 6hr connecting flight wait.

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Edgar Matias
By Edgar Matias (3 months ago)

@PixelMover, thanks for the info. Any thoughts on the iPro lenses from Schneider Optics?

Good pedigree, but I'm not sure if they deliver the goods -- esp. given that they're being placed on top of the iPhone's fixed lens. Worry about soft corners.

Edgar Matias
By Edgar Matias (3 months ago)

Here's another entrant to the iPhone lens market...

Edgar Matias
By Edgar Matias (3 months ago)

@BarneyBritton just wondering if you guys managed to make it over to the Schneider Optics booth at CES?

Their iPro lens system is Olloclip's main competition. Would love to see an article comparing the quality of the two lens systems.

Thanks for your efforts.

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gerard boulanger
By gerard boulanger (3 months ago)

So many reports, reviews, discussions about gadgets while so many cameras and lenses are waiting to get reviewed.

Barney Britton
By Barney Britton (3 months ago)

I hope you realise that we can do both - it's not a choice between doing one thing or another...

Eric Hensel
By Eric Hensel (3 months ago)

So many entitled complainers...

By JohnEwing (3 months ago)

iFed up. Now I know why the serpent gave Eve an Apple, to make her so bloody bored she'd discover sex.

PS I want a quad copter with a camera and blaster.

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By completelyrandomstuff (3 months ago)

I read 'Polaroid sociopathic'. Very creepy with that smiley face.

By Tom_A (3 months ago)

Considering the size of the images it produces, can we consider the Fuji Instax 90 as a medium format film camera?

All in all a rather attractive device if instant print results are important.

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Summi Luchs
By Summi Luchs (3 months ago)

Call it a LO res Medium format Optical device (LOMO)

Lee Jay
By Lee Jay (3 months ago)

It's been possible to control your telescope with a mobile device over WiFi for quite a while, using SkySafari and SkyFi from Southern Stars. Have a look:

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By RichRMA (3 months ago)

Sad to see how far into the junk business Celestron has gone since they were sold the Chinese. I hope their real telescopes keep being made.

By Zigmont (3 months ago)

Fujifilm does have an English version website for the Instax mini90, which is #4 on your list:

Volkan Ersoy
By Volkan Ersoy (3 months ago)

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90: Nice style but awkwardly placed shutter button.

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By monkeybrain (3 months ago)

If it's like their other Instax models (there's been a lot over the years, popular in Asia, and this is probably just a design change) it has two shutter buttons that allow for easy use in portrait or landscape orientation.

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