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Accessory Review: Vanguard Abeo Pro Tripod kit

By dpreview staff on Jan 5, 2014 at 21:24 GMT

The Vanguard Abeo Pro 283CGH tripod kit ($498) is a three-section carbon fiber tripod with a pistol grip ball head and an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate. Other features include three foot options, an articulating center column, and a built-in shutter release, giving the Vanguard Abeo Pro plenty of options for customization. Click the links below for our detailed review.


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By Photofunster (1 month ago)

I absolutely love my Vanguard gear!!
Very well designed, quality built and awesome fit and finish.
For the price, this stuff is incredible.


By JasonHale (3 months ago)

Good reviews and good tripod kit!

By AbrasiveReducer (3 months ago)

One of these days the Chinese are going to start making these without any plastic and look out Manfrotto. You can already see what they've done with ball heads and Arca releases.

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By mantra (3 months ago)

sorry which ball heads and arca are you talking?
are talking about berno?

By InTheMist (3 months ago)

This review makes it sound like it's not stable with it's 'flexible legs', 'plastic leg locks' and loose ball head. Plus what seems to me a complicated mechanism. 8kg max load though.

I NEED those snow snow feet!

Big Col
By Big Col (3 months ago)

In snow you put all legs together and drive the thing in like a snow stake ;)

By yabokkie (3 months ago)

nowadays people have plastic in their faces, breasts, limbs, blood vessels, everywhere. we just cannot escape and we may beg for one, two, many, someday.

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By Sugarsnapphotos (3 months ago)

Whoever has AF tied to shutter release on their 5D M3 should have a look at the manual and try and figure out how use Custom Functions to assign it to another button. Then go ahead and update their review where they ding this tripod for activating AF with the remote shutter release.

Mike Perlman
By Mike Perlman (3 months ago)

We're not dinging it for activating AF on shutter release. It does not do a half-press to focus, then full press to shoot. It's all in one, so the camera immediately focuses, then shoots without spending any time to properly focus. Every other camera tested was able to have the shutter release half pressed, then fully pressed to shoot when ready. With the Mark III, it was focus, shoot, all in one, with no ability to focus, wait, then shoot.

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By CameraLabTester (3 months ago)

Imagine the center column of this tripod as an anti aircraft gun able to sway and tilt and point along the whole hemisphere. (actual, the whole sphere, if you consider it also reverses the other way)

That's how nice the center column functions. Really cool.

It really one-ups everything in it's class.

One has to really touch, feel and test it physically to understand the cool functions, because often times, a 3 dimensional function is a bit hard to explain in a few sentences.


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By KWEnz (3 months ago)

"However, the ABEO Pro 283CT majorly one-ups the Manfrotto 190 series with the ability to move the center column vertically from 0 - 180º angles."

Not correct - the Manfrotto can also invert the centre column upside down. This is done by pulling it fully out of its holding "sleeve" and reinserting it upside down. It is not an all-in-one movement, but it nevertheless can be easily done.

Mike Perlman
By Mike Perlman (3 months ago)

Semi correct in that Manfrotto never listed this as a feature, and it's a royal pain in the butt to take out the center column and reinsert it upside down. I just did did it after reading your comment, but now I can't get the center column out, as it is stuck. I don't think it's designed to do that, but it is doable. I think it's safe to say that the Abeo can achieve this easily, as it was designed to perform upside-down reinsertion. Gosh, that sounds perverted. Anywho, now I have to go back to attempting to remove the center column from the 190--I think I'll try to pick it with my library card...

UPDATE: It has to be inserted a certain way in order to be removed. Still, it's a laborious task, and the Abeo can tilt and achieve upside down orientation in a matter of seconds. You are right, though--thanks for pointing it out.

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By Superka (3 months ago)

I should say, that I have Vanguard tripod legs, similar, but aluminium. It is not solid as SLIK or Feisol (for example), no matter what material. I would not recommend Vanguard legs. You can get better for this money. TRy SLIK 824CF (823) or Feiso - they are cheaper, lighter and can be used with Large Format cameras.

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By jase (3 months ago)

I'm not a fan of the Manfrotto 190, mine is now doing duty as a stand for a lamp shade in my living room. The tilt column is nice, but I so rarely use this functionality. I recently got rid of a Benro C168M8 Travel Angel which I loved due to lightness and compact folded dimensions, but it wasn't quite tall enough, so now I have a carbon Brian by 3 Legged Thing. Fully extended it's over 2m tall, the legs are sturdy and it's still light. It's also cool, which is something I never thought I'd say about a tripod.

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