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Celebrated photographer Saul Leiter dies, aged 89

By dpreview staff on Nov 27, 2013 at 21:05 GMT

Celebrated photographer Saul Leiter has died aged 89. Leiter eluded mainstream fame for most of his life, but his body of work, particularly his experiments in abstract street color studies in the middle years of the 20th Century are a continuing inspiration to new generations of photographers. A shy figure, Leiter is the subject of a new film, 'In No Great Hurry' about his life and work which was recently released.

According to the British Journal of Photography, Leiter, who was an accomplished painter as well as a photographer, died on Tuesday in New York after a short illness.

Why are we covering this? Although DPReview is primarily a gear site, it's run by photographers, and we're always sad when someone who has inspired us goes offline for good. 

Saul Leiter portrait © Roger Szmulewicz


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By dman4ever (4 months ago)

By: dman4ever

I met Saul when I was working as a Photo Assistant in NYC in 1981. He had sold his wonderful A-Frame, Two Story, rooftop studio on the corner of 5th Ave. & 20th St. in the heart of the NYC Photo District. to the Photographer that I first worked for, & Saul used to visit occasionally. On several occasions I was allowed to accompany them on some excursions around town, sometimes with Saul's muse Soames Bantry, a top fashion model from his heyday. Saul usually carried a Leica & taught me the only thing that mattered in shooting was to be instictive & quick. Thinking got in the way. It still is the best advice that I've ever received, & I will miss his greatness. I look forward to seeing 'One Night Only'

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Ginger Snapper
By Ginger Snapper (4 months ago)

While reading the sad news about Saul Leiter and following a link to gallery51, I noticed that there was a short film made about him and then discovered that there was going to be a 'One Night Only' showing of it at the Bath Film Festival on the 4th December in the UK.
After seeing his work for the first time, I bought 2 tickets and can't wait to find out some more about this gifted man.
So thank you DPReview :-)

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By HawaiiVolcanoes (5 months ago)

"primarily a gear site"...well seriously...what could be more boring?

By HawaiiVolcanoes (5 months ago)

By Pixnat2 (5 months ago)

Sad news. Rest in peace Saul.
We should thank him for his outstanding work that will remain a wonderful source of inspiration for generations of photographers.

By fad (5 months ago)

Sometimes the good die old.

By InTheMist (5 months ago)

I like to think that as long as you're remembered, a little piece of you lives on.

Therefore, make photographs that you hope people enjoy long after you're dead.

God speed.

By carpediem007 (5 months ago)

זיכרונו לברכה

May his memory be blessed.

See ya around Saul...

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By babalu (5 months ago)


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By heinerpattaya (5 months ago)

One of the all time greates, he understood photography as a unique form of art.

I like his style a lot!


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By babalu (4 months ago)

My comment above was a reaction to very rude, racist comments by Hawaiivolcanoes . These have been meanwhile removed via action from DPR staff.

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