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creativeLIVE’s entire photography education catalog on sale until 31st October

By dpreview staff on Oct 28, 2013 at 18:43 GMT

Photography education resource creativeLIVE has announced a sale on all of its online photography workshops from now until the end of this month, plus a free three-day 'Autumn Photo Critique' evaluating submissions in three categories: wedding and family, commercial and fine art and portraiture. Read the press release below for more more details of the promotion, and relevant links. 

Press release:

creativeLIVE’s Entire Photography Catalog Is On Sale Now Until 10/31

creativeLIVE’s entire catalog of online photography workshops is on sale now (October 28, 2013) through October 31, 2013 — with savings up to 50% off. 

Not only is creativeLIVE making it easier for you to invest in your photography, they’re also connecting you — live, for free — with award-winning photographers to help you pinpoint where and how you need to focus your attention in order to improve. 

Starting Monday, October 28 at 9AM PT, creativeLIVE is broadcasting the Autumn Photo Critique, three FREE days of invaluable coaching with some of the biggest names in the industry. Sue Bryce, Bambi Cantrell, Scott Robert Lim, and John Cornicello will evaluate photo submissions in three categories: Wedding and Family, Commercial and Fine Art, and Portrait. 

You’ve probably often thought about honing your craft, getting more clients, or launching your own studio. But other things always kept getting in the way — be it financial constraints or lack of direction. Now, creativeLIVE is lessening those barriers by gifting you with massive savings and access to priceless industry knowledge. 

Check out the entire creativeLIVE photography catalog here, featuring workshops on everything from high-fashion wedding photography to fine art portraits, digital photography fundamentals to creative Photoshop techniques.


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By Mattoid (6 months ago)

The title is misleading. Makes it sound like the rights to images themselves are being sold, being that a photography catalogue is normally a catalogue of images.

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By Schweikert (6 months ago)

I don't quite follow what they are selling. Are they charging a fee for the same content that was free during the creativeLIVE events? What is the value difference in content between the free stuff and paid?

By graybalanced (6 months ago)

Nothing's changed. They always show the course free when it is live, and they always charge a fee to download the recording, in case you missed the live one or you think it's important enough to watch more than once.

The only difference between this and what they always do is the prices of the recordings are on sale.

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