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Back from the dead: Fujifilm boosts X100 with major firmware upgrade

By dpreview staff on Oct 18, 2013 at 05:00 GMT

Following recent updates to the X-Pro1 and X-E1, Fujifilm has released a major upgrade to the X100, the original (now-discontinued) X-series model, which was announced back in 2010. Since its release, the X100 has benefitted from a series of major firmware improvements, and the latest - likely to be the last - offers faster startup time, and improvements to automatic and manual focus. Firmware v2.0 is available for download today.

The X100 has benefited from a string of firmware updates, which greatly improved the product over its lifespan. Firmware v2.0 is notable for being released after the camera has been discontinued.

This update is significant in two ways. Firstly, X100 owners are going to love it, since it promises to significantly boost the performance of their camera for no cost. It doesn't turn the X100 into an X100S, but we suspect that for a lot of owners of the original model, increased AF speed and a decent manual focus aid will keep them very happy, and will extend their relationships with the X100 for some time to come. 

And this leads us to the second respect in which Fujifilm's announcement is significant. We're pretty sure that no one has ever done this before. We've seen major updates to relatively old products before (Canon's venerable EOS 7D was given a serious shot in the arm last year) but never to a camera that has been superceded and discontinued. Updates to 'end-of-life' products are generally released to ensure compatibility with newer dependent accessories or software.

It's worth noting that reenergizing the X100 in this way won't in itself make Fujifilm any money. In fact, if it prevents some X100 users from upgrading to the X100S, the company might even lose out in the short term, without even taking the cost of research and development into account.

This looks very much like a gesture of goodwill. Plus, knowing Fujifilm's engineers as we do, we suspect that there's a degree of simple, gleeful enthusiasm here - they figured out how to do something, got excited, and went ahead and did it. Not every manufacturer would take this kind of a risk. But if there's one thing that we've learned, it's that while gestures like this might have a short-term cost, keeping your customers happy always pays off in the end. 

Press Release:


New firmware v2.0 delivers focus peaking, faster AF and improved close-up focus

Mississauga ON, October 18, 2013 – FUJIFILM Canada today announced a new firmware v2.0 update that dramatically improves the performance of the original FUJIFILM X100, the first model in the premium X-Series line of digital cameras.

Since its release in March 2011, Fujifilm has received meaningful feedback from X100 photographers throughout the world and this firmware upgrade reflects many of their requests.  This new firmware update delivers improved autofocus and manual focus, as well as other convenient features for users who apply the update.

“Photographers around the world have trusted their images to Fujifilm and the X-Series, and this new firmware update is concrete evidence that we are not only listening to our customers, but also working hard to improve our products on a continuing basis,” says Greg Poole, Vice President, Imaging and Recording Media Products, Fujifilm Canada.

Key Features of New X100 Firmware v2.0

Improved Auto Focus

  • Approximately 20% faster AF speed and enhanced focus distance compared to the previous firmware version
  • Close-up focus distance shortened by 30% before needing to switch to macro mode

Improved Manual Focus

  • New Focus Peaking function assists in manual focusing by enhancing the outline of the subject in high contrast
  • Improved focusing via the EVF or LCD when using wide apertures

 Improved Operability

  • The camera start-up time has been shortened by approximately 0.2 seconds.*1
  • Pressing the AF button now toggles the focus area selection screen and the area of your choice can be selected

The X100 firmware v2.0 update will be available on October 18, 2013.

To download the new firmware and instructions on upgrading your X100 camera, please visit:


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By rusticus (6 months ago)

+1 fuji
still the best Fuji X

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By Summit_pg (6 months ago)


By fatdeeman (6 months ago)

Maybe Canon will follow suit and give us 60D users AF micro adjust :)

Why's everyone laughing?

By Digitall (6 months ago)


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By codeNsnap (6 months ago)

Another reason I pre-ordered my XE2 today. I am done waiting for D400.

Ernest M Aquilio
By Ernest M Aquilio (6 months ago)

Excellent! Thanks Fuji, now I am just waiting for the X Pro II to debut so I can make the full switch.

It is good to see in this day of planned obsolescence in regards to electronics that Fuji still values its past products. Despite the SAB, the X100 is still a stellar performer.

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By Norwich007 (6 months ago)

Just updated and works great!!!!!! Manual focus big improvement. Other features very good improvements! Thank you Fuji. Love my X100!

By mpe (6 months ago)

This is great. The X100 was more or less addition to my Nikon DSLRs.

After ignorance of Nikon, who is unable to fix even very simple issues, not even thinking about improvements I will be looking for my next major camera in Fuji X-Pro system in the future.

No more Canons, Nikons for me. Well done Fuji!

By ??ad?µ???? (6 months ago)

Love it, Fuji! Thanks.

By GabrielZ (6 months ago)

Good on Fujifilm for doing this - other manufactures should be so bold! This is one of a few reasons I'm considering moving over to Fujifilm when I upgrade camera system soon.

Andrew Koenig
By Andrew Koenig (6 months ago)

There's one major, undocumented feature in 2.0: In previous releases, if you take your memory card out of the camera, put it into an Apple Camera Connection Kit, and copy the images on to you iPad (for example), then when you put the card back into the camera, the camera would take 30 seconds to start up, and would continue to do so until you formatted the card.

As far as I can tell, 2.0 fixes this bug. I tried it last night and the camera starts almost instantly. This is fantastic news.

By vackraord (6 months ago)

Yeah, that bug annoyed me at times as well :)

I was the same issue when putting the memory card in a normal Mac. The issue was due to the hidden folders that osX and iOS creates (.fseventsd, .Trashes). When those folders were removed the camera would start instant again.

Anyway, nice that they corrected the issue!

By Walsh_uk (6 months ago)

Well done Fuji...

By Klay (6 months ago)

Love the idea of gleeful engineers releasing code... Good for you Fuji!

Abhijith Kannankavil
By Abhijith Kannankavil (6 months ago)

great job Fuji. a really nice way to show the commitment to the costumers.

By xeriwthe (6 months ago)

hope they keep up this kind of dedication to all their products, at least the X-line. 2+ year post release FW upgrade. hot damn.

lol makes me all teary eyed for supporting and believing in this comical-at-times company

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By JohnEwing (6 months ago)

The second-hand market for this just got fascinating.

By whtchocla7e (6 months ago)


By Northgrove (6 months ago)

Yeah. At least I have a SAB repair receipt for mine. :D

But I'm not selling this one now. Firmware 2.00 efficiently quenched any GAS I felt about the X100s. AF and improved focus ring response were the only "must haves" on that one for me, and the focus peaking a nice bonus. I don't care much for the X-Trans II sensor.

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By karinangelika (6 months ago)

Northgrove, thanks for sharing your feeling about the X-Trans II Sensor. I have encountered quite a few who swapped their X100 for an X100S and now regret having done so. I have not been lucky enough to try an X100S so reserve judgment.

I have stuck with the X100 due to it being the ONLY Fuji X-series camera that DxO supports in DxO PhotoOptics Elite. If I had bought into the X-Trans II sensor cameras I would have had to upgrade my RAW processor to Capture One as Adobe's software does not give me what I need for available darkness documentary work.

This firmware update has extended my X100's usefulness until I inevitably upgrade to an X-Pro2 and a small set of prime lenses along with Capture One.

By tallguy600 (6 months ago)

Good for Fuji!
Nikon should have a look.
That's why I got the X100s and I like it a lot.

By DouglasGottlieb (6 months ago)

Wow! Hats off to Fuji for putting customers first. Now if only other manufacturers would follow this great example. Of course, one could argue that maybe the original should have not launched without the firmware updates to begin with, but continuing to support a discontinued model is a class move

By amipal (6 months ago)

It's great that Fuji are supporting an older device like this. Too many tech firms are happy to let their older models become unsupported in order to force customers into upgrading.

By djsphynx (6 months ago)

I'm impressed with Fujifilm's dedication to their clients. Nikon could take a hint and a page from their playbook.

By vadims (6 months ago)

Not only Nikon, unfortunately...

By joachim05 (6 months ago)

Did I hear someone mumbling D600?

By five5pho (6 months ago)

and canon also!

By BillFS (6 months ago)

*especially* Nikon!

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By ArchAndoz (6 months ago)

i dont own a fuji and i never have , but im looking to change systems from ff nikon and news this makes me quite confident in investing in them and their x mount system ! gj !

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By ginsbu (6 months ago)

Great job, Fuji!

(Other manufacturers take note: this is how it should be done.)

By Bupo (6 months ago)

Had my X100 for a couple of years now but have never got round to the first couple of updates. Do I need the earlier ones installed before this latest one or will it work OK on its own?

By Apteryx6 (6 months ago)

No, there is no need to install the intermediate updates. Any Fuji FW update completely replaces the FW that was on the camera. The corollary is that any Fuji FW update is a factory reset, returning the camera to default settings (ie, default for the new FW). Any customised settings you have made you will have to do over again (eg, most people turn off the fake shutter sounds the camera makes as soon as they get it, but you will find that the update turns them back on)

Roger Rempel
By Roger Rempel (6 months ago)

Class act Fuji, thanks for supporting early adopters!

I bought my X100 when it was freshly released. I enjoyed the camera but there were a few issues that were very frustrating during shooting with this - annoying and persistent issues.

This firmware update looks to address most of the focus issues I was struggling with, so very pleased to be downloading the new firmware and pulling that x100 out of the drawer to use again! Well done!

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By JackM (6 months ago)

Glad to be a Fuji owner! I will remember this.

By JeromeD (6 months ago)

Whilst I've always loved the image quality from this camera, the manual focus performance was frustratingly laggy and disconnected for me. Also, the startup time felt excessively long, and AF felt pretty laggy too. I learned to be very patient whilst shooting with this camera!

I've just installed the update (from 1.2 -> 2.0) and first impressions are great! The manual focus performance feels much more usable now. It responds to acceleration on the focus ring, which is helpful. I like the focus peak feature. Startup time feels noticeably faster. AF feels noticeably faster.

Really great - feels like a new lease of life for the camera. Definitely making me consider buying into the X-Mount system for the next camera purchase!

By gabriel67 (6 months ago)

It doesn't seem to be the general feeling, pal.
I got sticky blades twice, and fuji just changed the whole machine.
Without any further issue.
Customer service in Fuji is Five Stars.

By NikOlyMic (6 months ago)

I'm very happy to receive this firmware update. A first test shows that manual focus works a lot better now. The responsiveness of the focus ring is much better after the update. It steps through the range in larger steps and fine-tuning is okay with the new focus peaking.
Great work Fuji! (and an example for others)

By Gesture (6 months ago)

Yes, Canon SHOULD be continually upgrading EOS-M firmware.

TB Rich
By TB Rich (6 months ago)

And quite why they didn't transfer the Live View firmware improvements from the M over to the 650D which has the same sensor, is just plain lazy.

By claratvt (6 months ago)

Thank you, Fuji! I'm in love with my X100 even more. You are all that I ever need!

1 upvote
By mpgxsvcd (6 months ago)

I don't even own any Fuji cameras. However, I like this announcement. Well done Fuji. The day is yours.

By doctorbza (6 months ago)

As an avid X100 user I'd just like to say thanks to Fuji for not leaving us in the dust after a new model is released. It's refreshing to get more than you expect nowadays. Top notch all around.

By atamola (6 months ago)

5 minutes with the new firmware: absolutely brilliant.

If somebody from Fuji is reading this: that's the way to go. Fuji is now #1 in customer support as far as I'm concerned.

By atamola (6 months ago)

"Don't worry, pal -I've got you covered" (Fujifilm)

By cgarrard (6 months ago)

Looks like they finally got the X100 to the place it was intended to be from its first announcement. Yep this is a very good move by Fujifilm.


By bafford (6 months ago)

Great job Fuji.

I am going to buy into a fullframe mirrorless system soon. With that kind of customer support you made my decision easy which company will have my business. Can't wait till Fuji announces their fullframe camera.

By UnChatNoir (6 months ago)

I hope you don't mean Sony or Leica. Pay a lot more, and get twice the weight. But not twice the quality, it's already there, in the heart of all X-series. The whole FF-hype is completely artificial and not required to get the best quality. Over a few year, nobody will still understand why the world was looking this way. For me FF doesn't need to be there in the X-series, give us the organic sensor.

Comment edited 4 minutes after posting
By slackjawgaze1 (6 months ago)

Upgraded my firmware to v2 from v1.3. Really easy to do...
1.manually write down all your x100 settings.
2. Take off all pics from memory card.
3. Format memory card in camera.
4. Charge batt to max.
5. Check current firmware by holding back/disp button and turn on camera... Must be v1.3.
6. Go to Fuji main site download the file. Fpupdate.dat 32.9mb file size to your desktop mac or PAC same process.
7. Copy and paste this file onto the previous memory card (put it in the root file i.e. Not inside any of the two folders shown).
8. Insert mem card back into camera and turn on back/disp and on at same time.
9. Follow the on screen prompts about updating will take about 5 mins to do.
10. Upgrade to v2 done.
11. Turn off camera.
12. Go to memory card and format it again to delete the upgrade bits.
13. Manually go thru camera to put back on your settings.
14. Use new x100.... Better start up, faster, closer focus, manual better, focus peaking in mf, move af points better...

By Dougbm_2 (6 months ago)

Thanks for that.

Asylum Photo
By Asylum Photo (6 months ago)

You say it won't make them money short term, but frankly their support and open minds make me more likely to continue to buy into their systems.

By amf1932 (6 months ago)

I have not used Fuji products since the film days, but I always admired this company for their forward thinking attitude! Someting such as this reinforces my positive feeling for this company. Yay Fuji!!!

Robin Spencer
By Robin Spencer (6 months ago)

mmmmm Christmas in October. Thank you Fuji, you made my day.

1 upvote
By CFynn (6 months ago)

Great to see Fuji, unlike some other manufacturers, continuing to add real improvements to firmware of a discontinued camera.

Bastian Junker
By Bastian Junker (6 months ago)

Great simlpy great Fuji! I believe with the new update the X100 will go down as a legend camera that people will love and remember. Not only a quality product that makes great images (IQ) but also a company that think differently about their customers. Its not only about making money but also about the people - this is socialtechnology!

By tamras29 (6 months ago)

I was on the verge of selling my x100 to pay for an Olympus 17mm f1.8 for my OMD. I'm glad I waited, manual focussing is superb, just what I wanted! now it's for keeps. Pity they couldn't manage to squeeze in a "Q" button. Not sure the purpose of 0.2 seconds faster to start up, quick SU mode was fine for me, but many thanks to Fuji. Well done.

By wayne131 (6 months ago)

I also nearly sold my X100 to fund some glass for my Sony a77.
However the trade in price was approx. £270.00 and ebay average selling price £350.00 before fees.
The camera was worth far more to me than that and now I'm even happier I have kept it.
I found the money elsewhere for my Sony 70-300 G series lens and still have the fantastic and improved X100 :-)

1 upvote
By GMart (6 months ago)

I see, flog the S for a bit then once that dies down give all the original x100 owners as near to S performance as you can.

I like it - applied to my x100 and it works a charm.

By ryrychung (6 months ago)

Just installed it on my X100 and the AF does seem to have improved significantly. Very happy that the focus distance has been reduced, and there seems to be less hunting at closer distances.

Thank you Fuji!

By yardieLion (6 months ago)

Got SAB issue in France : got repair for free.
Now this firmware : nice job Fuji!

By inorogNL (6 months ago)

sand in the eyes for us x100 owners who payed premium price for what turned out to be broken product ( sticky apertures blades )
Fujifilm netherlands even refused to fix it for me saying that they could not guaranty my camera will work properly before they fix my battery compartment door that is not opening properly ( took 10 sec cleaning from my side to fix that - fuji wanted to replace bottom plate, menu buttons (text is worn out) and eye cupt rubber ( not perfectly round ) for 600 euros ...

By gabriel67 (6 months ago)

It doesn't seem to be the general feeling, pal.
I got sticky blades twice, and fuji just changed the whole machine.
Without any further issue.
Customer service in Fuji is Five Stars.

By Calistoga_Guy (6 months ago)

It bums me out that Fuji really screwed their customers with the sticky aperture issue. Now with that out of the way, I picked up a used X100 with a good serial number that does not have the issue. Got it in June 2013 with V 1.21. Saw no need to go with 1.3 so I stayed there.

Just installed 2.0, works great so far. Manual focus is now much quicker, focus peaking is nice and not a fix for a Fuji flaw but a nice little gift for the owners that did deal with the not so great 1.0 firmware. I also own a Sony A700 and Sony was great about releasing so many updates, with the final being 4.0. Thanks Sony and Fuji for making the effort to improve a product that shipped with issues, and for listening and tweaking everything.

I bet people that sold the X100 way back when are wishing they stuck around. A great reason to get a used X100 now.

By Northgrove (6 months ago)

It's unfortunate that the SAB issues overshadowed the X100 so much. It's said to have been due to exceptional circumstances with the earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan messing up their production line in the Taiwa-Cho factory. When starting up again, it didn't use the proper parameters. Seems like a really unique chain of events that I hope we won't have to go through again, if true. Interestingly, in that case, it was never about poor design in the X100 itself.

Comment edited 2 times, last edit 2 minutes after posting
By wayne131 (6 months ago)

Fantastic and a massive thank you to Fuji.
This firmware update didn't have to happen and I believe it will do Fuji a world of good in terms of future camera sales and brand loyalty.
As already mentioned by another forum member Fuji and Ricoh are making us happy.
The recent Ricoh GR firmware has turned an already fantastic camera into the best in it's class, ahead of my Fuji X100, mainly in terms of versatility.
Superb cameras, we are simply spoilt for choice.
Kind regards,

Comment edited 2 minutes after posting
By Sonyshine (6 months ago)


This is impressive customer service from Fuji!

I would not have sold my X100 if this had been released earlier - shame - but still good to see manufacturer supporting an older product!

By GMart (6 months ago)

Sellers remorse eh?

By Najinsky (6 months ago)

Well, I'm (genuinely) happy for you guys who can make use of this but unfortunately my X100 is an ornament.

It's an ornament because it developed Sticky Aperture Blades and I can't get it fixed.

I can't get it fixed because Fuji won't publicly acknowledge the problem and insists it goes via warranty repair.

It can't go via warranty repair because the required warranty card and receipt were in a document wallet that got stolen in Thailand (all it had was receipts so the thief got nothing but deprived me of a fix).

They were being carried in the wallet in the vain hope of finding a repair centre while travelling, who spoke enough English to understand the problem in the absence of any public acknowledgement I could show them.

I know some of you get annoyed with me for beating down on Fuji for this, but you know what a great camera it is and I bet you'd feel the same if YOU lost the ability to use yours because of an unacknowledged manufacturing defect and bureaucracy.

Mr grumpy

Paul Doe
By Paul Doe (6 months ago)

The Czech Fuji centre did repair it for me (complete lens exchange) and didn't ask for the waranty card. I brought the camera to an authorised service for out of waranty repair, they found SAB issue, forwarded it directly to Fuji, they replaced the lens and sent it to me. No charge.

I can't promise this will happen to you too, of course. Just saying Fuji service can also be really great.

By andywhoa (6 months ago)

You're just a flat out liar. I sent my X100 to Fuji USA for repair. It is arriving back at my home today. I never filled out my warranty card. Fuji did acknowledge the error and, for a time, was fixing all X100 cameras free of charge. Two years later, they are now charging a service fee ($140), but the $700 lens assembly is still free. Get a life, Mr Grumpy.

Edit: I should mention my X100 is 2 years old. I bought it at the end of 2011.

Comment edited 26 seconds after posting
By canadre (6 months ago)

Thank you Fuji! You have my short-term, and long-term, respect!

Jon Stern
By Jon Stern (6 months ago)

I have never needed the receipt for repair of my X100. They just did it and sent it back to me. All three times!

Comment edited 9 seconds after posting
By Najinsky (6 months ago)

andywhoa - It's very rude and dis-respectful to call me a liar just because your experience differed. You have no basis for making that claim.

Good job you made it from behind your keyboard, if you'd done it in person I'd have knocked you out cold.

By gabriel67 (6 months ago)

Your threats have no place here.
Please keep that kinds of language away from us.
Is absolutelly disagreable.

By Najinsky (6 months ago)

gabriel, you are having an issue with your language comprehension.

No threat was made.

I'm just pointing out that when people meet in person, we are more aware of common respect because there can be consequences to direct unprovoked insults.

For some reason, some people feel comfortable making insults from the comfort of their keyboard that they likely wouldn't do in real life.

andywhoa is the transgressor here. He rudely and disrespectfully called me a flat out liar in respect of my X100 issues.

You see, you mistakenly thought I made a threat, so I could simply have called you a flat out liar. But I have more respect for you than that, so I have instead taken the time to explain that you had a comprehension issue. I don't feel the need to be disrespectful to you just because I'm sat behind a keyboard.

By andywhoa (6 months ago)

Apparently, you're an idiot on top of being a liar.

1 upvote
By gabriel67 (6 months ago)

Andywhoa: I really find your ways useless.
We are having a constructive chat here.
Najinsky made a point.
Calling somebody liar is a really unproductive way of acting.
More if you are unable to prove so.
Why don't just keep attavhed to the theme we're treating here?
It's far more interesting.

1 upvote
Martin Zimelka
By Martin Zimelka (6 months ago)

"Back form the dead"

What kind of title is that?

Total comments: 206