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Manfrotto revamps 190 series tripods with updated design

By dpreview staff on Oct 7, 2013 at 16:31 GMT

Manfrotto has updated its popular 190 series tripod range, with a substantially reworked design. The mechanism for switching the centre column to the horizontal position has been redesigned to reduce weight and folded length, and now pops out from the centre casting only when needed. A rotatable bubble level has been added underneath the head platform, and the leg angle selectors redesigned for easier operation. The tripods come in either carbon fibre or aluminium, with a choice of three- or four-section legs. Prices range from £185 to £360.    

Press release:

Manfrotto’s new 190 tripod: setting the industry benchmark of the future

London, 7th October 2013 – Manfrotto, the world leader in the design, production and distribution of professional products for photography and video, presents the new 190 Tripod Series. The 190 model is Manfrotto’s most popular tripod and has become the pivot for all the photo-supports range. As a result of its effort to always anticipate trends and provide a comprehensive range of cutting edge photographic solutions, Manfrotto launches the new 190 tripod with exclusive and stylish additional features. Aimed mainly at hobbyists, the new 190 is a unique tripod that provides greater compactness and portability, plus offers versatile settings that help to release the imagination and creativity of every photographer. 

Get ready to go everywhere

One of the most innovative aspects of the new 190 is the mechanism to operate the new 90° column. It is accessed only when needed and with a quick ‘one finger’ operation at the bottom of the centre column, the mechanism appears from the main casting of the tripod allowing the column to tilt. Both the new column mechanism and 4 leg section models have a more compact closed dimension which allows for easier portability. Thanks to these features, the new 190 is perfect for every occasion: you can carry it everywhere, without worrying about the space in your bag.

A closer look at the main new 190 technical features 

The new QUICK POWER LOCK (QPL) system is one of the most eye-catching and unique features of the new 190. It is a strong, ultra fast and ergonomic locking system that allows for quick, complete extension of the legs with operation of all locks, on each leg, possible with one hand.

The new Rotating Levelling Bubble is quick to set up and allows the tripod to be positioned more precisely. It is easy to use, whatever the shape of the head or however the tripod is set up.

The new Leg Angle Selectors are also easy to set up, as they are made following the most innovative ergonomic standards and prevent fingers being trapped in the upper casting.

The new 190 Tripod and accessory integration

A tripod must be versatile and able to accommodate any additional accessory. For a photographer who is reaching the next level in their skills, the tripod alone is not enough: it must be complemented with other useful accessories. The new 190 provides a portable photographic studio, thanks to the new “Easy link” plug, which enables instant connection between tripod and accessories, such as LED lights for Macro Photography and VDSLR applications through arms and brackets.

Manfrotto’s eye to style and design detail

The entire shape of the tripod has been modified to be more manageable and stylish. The complete re-design of its functional elements shows a particular attention to aesthetics and detail: the two legwarmers (on the aluminium version only), are now made of comfortable but robust rubber to prevent the conduction of heat and cold in extreme weather conditions.

Models and Prices (SRP inc vat)

  • MT190XPRO3 £184.95
  • MT190XPRO4 £199.95
  • MT190CXPRO3 £344.95
  • MT190CXPRO4 £359.95

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Total comments: 22
Chris J Newman
By Chris J Newman (6 months ago)

I’m looking for a tripod that is light and compact to carry, but versatile, with features such as tilting and inverting the centre column for close-ups of small flowers, etc.

The Manfrottos look tempting. I would choose a 4-section carbon. The old 190 is shorter than I would like. I see the new 190 and 055 offer almost identical weight and height, but the 055 has larger diameter legs, which I would expect to be more rigid. Does the new 190 have any striking advantages to counter its skinny legs?

David Kinston
By David Kinston (6 months ago)

Those dark blue links are so hard to read! How about a bright orange, for example?

white shadow
By white shadow (6 months ago)

My first tripod was a Manfrotto 190 with the screw tighteners which I bought 15 years ago and I am still using it occasionally today. The screw tighteners are still more reliable and the best.

There are more choices today. Surius, a brand from China, is surprisingly good and definitely cheaper without compromising on quality. They have carbon fibre types too. Manfrotto is feeling the heat nowadays and is trying to innovate but sometimes ineffectively. The clips in this model, for example, look clunky. Those made by Gittzo are better.

By justinwonnacott (6 months ago)

Quite disappointed in the horizontal boom on my last manfrotto purchase. Wiggly............ Hopefully this time around it is better.

By zorgon (6 months ago)

This new model is quite a bit heavier than the old model, although it does extend higher.
It's more in line with the 055 series and should have been named as such IMO.

1 upvote
Eelco van Vliet
By Eelco van Vliet (6 months ago)

These things are build for life, I love using my "old" 190. But they still manage to improve things and provide better build quality.

By zorgon (6 months ago)

This is a sure sign that I've just purchased the old model.

Oh well, at least amazon have a good returns policy.

white shadow
By white shadow (6 months ago)

Tripods are not like cameras. Sometimes the old model may be better if it suit you. I am still using my original 190 bought 15 years ago.

However, I prefer the more compact carbon fibre type nowadays for easier portability especially when I am flying around the world more often.

Comment edited 3 minutes after posting
1 upvote
By SRT3lkt (6 months ago)

is that Levelling Centre Column?

Scales USA
By Scales USA (6 months ago)

Are any of them now tall enough to use without putting the center column up and losing most of the anti vibration effects needed in a tripod?

I guess that when all cameras have tilting lcd's, we won't need tall, but for now, I want something to bring my camera to eye level and still be stable enough to use for a long exposure.

By Miwok (6 months ago)

Maybe it's time for you to do some physical exercise... or bring a footstool!

By zevobh (6 months ago)

what will a footstool help? he need the tripod higher, not himself lower.

By BartyLobethal (6 months ago)

Buy one of the 055 series.

1 upvote
dark goob
By dark goob (6 months ago)

Cool thanks for looking at not just cameras.

Comment edited 41 seconds after posting
By marike6 (6 months ago)

These updated 190 series look quite nice actually. I'm using a Benro CF Travel Angel now that is just great but I do occasionally miss the quick locks of my Manfrotto 3021 which are faster to set up than Gitzo style twist locks.

The only drawback of the 190 series is that most of them only supports 11 lbs considerably less than my current tripod.

1 upvote
By nachos (6 months ago)

The 055 series supports a little over 17 lbs. It's pretty much the 190 series beefed up a little, and thus a little more expensive. I wonder if this line is also being updated? I'm in the market for new legs and like these new locks.

1 upvote
Lil g
By Lil g (6 months ago)

My 190XProB has a removable center column. I also bought an extra column that I shortened to three inches. Works great for me.

Hal NL
By Hal NL (6 months ago)

The old 190 series center column can most definately be detached - that's how I manage to store it every day inside my Airport TakeOff! You have a button underneath the center column that you press to make it go up - it is then stopped from detaching by a small pin. Press that pin down and voila - the center column is out. I wonder if a similar trick will work with the new model though...if it does I'll be picking one up as I love my old one! Now if only they reduced the size in such a way that the new 3 element version is as small as the old 4 element one...

By Ferling (6 months ago)

My 190XDB doesn't have a pin, just a rubber stopper that is easily popped off and center column can be be removed. I like the old knobs to ensure proper tightness and a positive grip. It will be interesting to see how the new power locks hold. I trashed a video camera when a tripod using friction clips suddenly let go. I swore to always use knobs from then on.

1 upvote
By yabokkie (6 months ago)

there is no good design of center column that I like,
why we need systematic.

Comment edited 11 seconds after posting
Den Sh
By Den Sh (6 months ago)

It's a shame that Manfrotto doesn't make tripods with detachable center column. Everything else looks really good.

By triplejck (3 weeks ago)

The 190 and 055 series center columns detach and invert.

Comment edited 48 seconds after posting
Total comments: 22