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Ricoh GR firmware version 2.03 now available

By dpreview staff on Oct 3, 2013 at 19:28 GMT
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Ricoh has released firmware v2.03 for its GR enthusiast compact. The list of updated features includes support for Raw file transfer via Eye-Fi card, the ability to use 1/2500 sec shutter speed with maximum aperture and a 47mm equivalent crop mode. Also new is a 'Maximum Aperture Priority' setting available in Program and Manual exposure modes. Here's the full list of updates in this firmware version:

  • Shutter speed at the maximum aperture can be set up to 1/2500 seconds.
  • Changed the order of the icons for No.21 to No.25 in the shooting display (p.18).
  • Pressing the shutter release button fully after starting up the camera in playback mode can switch to shooting mode.
  • Added 47mm crop (in 35mm format).
    Former [Crop to 35mm] has changed into [Crop]. It has three options: [OFF], [35mm] and [47mm].
    When [35mm] or [47mm] is selected, [35mm] or [47mm] appears instead of [CROP] on the shooting screen (p.18).
  • Added the program diagram in [Max Aperture Prior.].
    Newly added [P Mode Selection] (can be set only in P mode and M mode) has two options: [Normal] and [Max Aperture Prior.] (Maximum Aperture Priority).
    When [Max Aperture Prior.] is set in P mode, [PA] appears on the shooting screen.
  • When [Program] is selected in [One Press M Mode] of the [Key Custom Options] menu (p.42), the aperture value and shutter speed are adjusted according to the [P Mode Selection] setting you set.
  • Added [Shutter Button Confirmation].
  • When set to [On], pressing the shutter release button halfway can save the settings in ADJ. mode or in exposure compensation.
  • Added [Eye-Fi RAW Transfer] (available only when using Eye-Fi cards which support RAW files).
  • It has two options: [Allow] and [Deny]. When [Deny] is selected at [Eye-Fi transfer Selected Images], RAW files are not transferred.
  • When transfer images using [Eye-Fi transfer Selected Images], the number of remaining images to be transferred can be displayed on the playback screen.
  • Image files with a folder number of over 200 can also be transferred at [Eye-Fi transfer Selected Images].

Changes to V2.03

  • Exif tag [Manufacturer of image input equipment] change to RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD.
  • When focus is set with [Multiple AF], AFL is spot AF
  • Improved image quality for dark section when developing Dynamic Range Compensation [Strong] setting by RAW Development function of GR camera for RAW file that captured image with the Dynamic Range Compensation [Strong].
  • When LCD Confirmation time is set [HOLD] and taking image with [Custom Self-Timer], automatically taking next image with setting Shooting interval.
  • Improved image quality when developing RAW file with combining brightness correction and limb darkening correction.
  • Standard icon is displayed when taking image with setting Image Setting to Standard and playback with detail information display mode.
  • Improved color reproduction of white balance [Multi-P AUTO] for some scenes.
  • Improved ColorMatrix for setting of DNG file.
  • Improved image quality for taking image with ISO 1600 to 3200 and Noise Reduction setting [Weak],[Medium],[Strong] and [Auto].
  • Improved stability when selecting transfer by Eye-Fi.
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Total comments: 19
By Mizzy33 (6 months ago)

Jeez, just when I thought I was getting the hang of this little beast
I've got more to learn... What a fabulous camera!

1 upvote
By orhanyldz (6 months ago)

so how about the video issue ? can we change the exposure settings in video mode ?

By mas54 (6 months ago)

What am I missing here? Digital crop-smaller sensor, less pixels, doesn't show in external viewfinder, unless you constantly change finders. What's the purpose? Isn't it better to crop when ready to print?

Does this mean they're not coming out with 35 or 50mm cameras?

By Raist3d (6 months ago)

The benefit is you frame in those focal lengths and terse file is done in those required sizes

Some people get what they want out of the camera and rather not spend extra time post processing since they get what they want.

1 upvote
By JadedGamer (6 months ago)

"Pressing the shutter release button fully after starting up the camera in playback mode can switch to shooting mode."

I was surprised it didn't already do this, and tested - sure enough it does nothing. My Casio compact switches to capture mode if I turn on in playback mode and then press the playback button again; the Ricoh way will be less annoying than that. :)

By cgarrard (6 months ago)

Ricoh undoubtedly beat all other makers in terms of adding features through firmware. Gosh I love this company.

Comment edited 11 seconds after posting
By blank_ (6 months ago)

no doubt about that. I wish nikon did the same with nikon 1.

By kff (6 months ago)

Is possible to add a good EVF and an adapter for Pentax accesories like flash, remote control etc. ?

Comment edited 58 seconds after posting
By kff (6 months ago)

Eye-Fi ... better would be a lifeview and data transfer by build or external wi-fi adapter which would recieve GPS data to the exif info of picture ...

but well done firmware :)

Would we get super macro function by composed picture of several picures (10-20) with driven shift focus point for sharp object in the nice bokeh background taken on the tripod ... ?

Comment edited 2 minutes after posting
Craig Atkinson
By Craig Atkinson (6 months ago)

The crop modes are handy but it really reduces the pixel dimension of the image. I like using it as a test, to check which focal length would have worked best for a certain situation, having used only 28mm for many years.

By ogl (6 months ago)

Ricoh makes so "fat and tasty" firmwares.

By Trollshavethebestcandy (6 months ago)

Hmmmm... What will be the 35mm format equivalent in 47mm crop mode with the 21mm wide angle conversion lens?

Needs an OVF with 35mm and 47mm for crop modes to go with the 21 and 28mm OVF.

By itsKalan (6 months ago)

Just purchased my GR late last month. This news is outstanding. Particularly excited about the new crop mode, improved ISO with noise reduction, improved image quality of dark areas when using dynamic range settings and all the eye-fi updates.

It's like Ricoh-Pentax read my mind.

By Harold66 (6 months ago)

wondering why 47mm and not 40mm so one can use a separate OVF. it would be nice if DPR could give the size of a file at 47mm . I believe 35mm was producing something around a 10.5 MP file

By jsla (6 months ago)

47mm: 2912x1936 (~5.5M)
35mm: 3936x2608 (~10M)

These are exactly equivalent to the size of downscaled image in M and S picture format settings. I believe that answers your question why - they already have everything in place to process this image size, but instead of downscaling, they will just use sensor crop.

By FotodeMX (6 months ago)

Good job! New firmware 4 months after launch.

mike kobal
By mike kobal (6 months ago)

max aperture P setting will be very useful

Comment edited 48 seconds after posting
By peevee1 (6 months ago)

Almost 6 actually. Apr17th.

By ogl (6 months ago)

It's date of announcement, not launch. :) The camera is just 4 month at the shelves of photo stores.

Total comments: 19