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Fujifilm X100S retains retro looks while adding cutting-edge technologies

By dpreview staff on Jan 7, 2013 at 21:00 GMT
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Fujifilm has announced the X100S - a significantly enhanced replacement for its X100 large sensor, fixed-lens compact camera. The X100S retains its predecessor's classic styling but has been extensively re-worked inside, with a 16MP X-Trans sensor that includes on-chip phase-detection elements (a technology first utilized by Fujifilm), and a higher-resolution LCD in its Hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder. A faster 'EXR II' processor, along with the on-chip AF information help Fujifilm offer what it says is the world's fastest AF. The X100S backs-up its rangefinder-esque looks with a digital split-image manual focus system, allowing fast manual focusing. A great many fine details of the camera have also been enhanced - we look in greater detail in our hands-on preview article.

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Press Release:

The FUJIFILM X100S: FUJIFILM launches a high-speed successor to the X100 with the world’s fastest AF of 0.08 seconds (*1)

Two years ago, FUJIFILM launched the prestigious X100 with a FUJINON 23mm f/2 fixed prime lens and superb image quality, in a beautifully designed compact camera body.  Its unique style and international acclaim has carved out a niche for a new genre of Premium Compact Camera, designed in pursuit of optimum operability. Today, FUJIFILM is proud to announce the launch of the FUJIFILM X100S, the successor to the FUJIFILM X100, inheriting its elegant design and high-performance lens, whilst evolving further to meet customers’ demands with the introduction of a higher-definition Hybrid Viewfinder and a new sensor and processor.

The X100S has the ability to capture high resolution images, comparable to those taken on full-frame sensors. This is down to a combination of its newly-developed 16.3 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II, which together increase resolution by approx. 25% (*2) and reduce noise by more than 30% (*3). Clear images with minimal graininess, even at high ISO settings, can also be produced, thanks to the removal of the optical low pass filter and the introduction of a more powerful processor.

The newly-developed X-Trans CMOS II sensor has built-in Phase Detection pixels which provide the X100S with the world’s fastest AF in as little as 0.08 seconds (*1). Additionally, the EXR Processor II offers very speedy response times with a start-up time of approx. 0.5 seconds (*4), and a shooting interval of 0.5 seconds. Plus with its shutter time lag of only 0.01 seconds, it allows you to react quickly and capture each precise moment you want to with no missed photo opportunities.

Also new to the FUJIFILM X100S is the world’s first (*5) “Digital Split Image” feature, which displays dual images on the left and right to be lined up for manual focusing. This enables accurate focusing especially when working with an open aperture or macro shooting. What’s more there is a handy Focus Peak Highlight function, which shows you precisely which area of your composition is in focus.

Depending on the subject and scene, users can switch between two viewfinder options: optical or electronic. The Optical Viewfinder (OVF) is useful when users want to see their subject in the same bright clarity that they see with the naked eye, or when time lag is an issue. The high resolution 2.36 million dot electronic viewfinder (EVF) is useful when you want to be able to visually check focus, exposure, white balance and depth of field whilst composing the shot.

Main Features

(1) Sensor performance comparable to full-frame output
The X100S features FUJIFILM’s newly-developed 16.3 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor with a unique, highly randomised, colour filter arrangement. The benefit of the new array is the elimination of the need for an optical low-pass filter; these are used in conventional sensors to reduce false colour and moiré effects but they also reduce image resolution. The removal of the optical low-pass filter allows the X-Trans CMOS II sensor to maximise the light it receives directly, enabling users to capture much finer detail and optimise resolution levels.

The X100S uses a Lens Modulation Optimiser to reduce optical effects such as lens diffraction, which occurs when light passes through a lens. Even when stopped down to f/16, the X100S retains sharpness and texture in the smallest details, demonstrating the extent of the sensor and lens combination’s capabilities, perfectly.

The excellent sensitivity of the X-Trans CMOS II sensor is coupled with the new EXR Processor II’s advanced signal processing capacity, which can reduce noise by more than  30% (*2) compared to its predecessor.  Even when shooting in low-light, at a high ISO setting, the FUJIFILM X100S will produce crisp images with minimal grain.

(2) The World’s fastest Auto Focus and High-speed EXR Processing
With built-in Phase Detection, the X100S offers the world’s fastest AF speed of just 0.08 seconds(*1).  The Intelligent Hybrid AF can switch to Contrast AF, dependent on the demands of the subject or scene, to ensure that the camera always auto-focuses quickly and with precision.

The EXR Processor II delivers processing speeds twice that of FUJIFILM’s previous generation processor (*6).  The fast responses result in an impressive start-up time of approx. 0.5 seconds (*4), and a shooting interval of 0.5 seconds. In addition the X100S delivers a burst shooting rate of up to 6 frames per second (max. 29 frames) at the full resolution of 16.3 megapixels and the shutter time lag is a mere 0.01 seconds.

(3) Enhanced manual focus performance with the world’s first (*5) ‘Digital Split Image’ display
Making use of the built-in phase detection pixels for AF action, the X100S is the world’s first (*5) camera to offer a “Digital Split Image” feature, which displays dual images on the left and right to be lined up for manual focusing.  This enables accurate focusing especially when working with an open aperture or macro shooting.

In addition, the X100S offers a handy Focus Peak Highlight function, which highlights high contrast areas of your subject.  It provides the photographer with a guide, even in situations where it is difficult to calculate focusing accuracy, allowing users to enjoy manual focusing comfortably, however challenging the conditions.

(4) Premium Hybrid Viewfinder for easy image composition
Offering users freedom when composing photos and adaptability for a range of shooting conditions, the X100S’s Hybrid Viewfinder combines both an Optical and an Electronic Viewfinder.

The electronic viewfinder uses a 100% coverage, extra high resolution, 2,360K-dot High Definition LCD panel.  It shows depth-of-field during macro shooting, as well as white balance settings, allowing users to accurately compose their shot while continuously looking through the viewfinder.

The premium quality optical viewfinder offers an easy-to-see magnification of 0.5 at a 23mm focal length and a horizontal apparent field of view of 26 degrees.  The all-glass construction uses high-refractive index glass to minimise chromatic aberrations and distortion.

While in the optical viewfinder mode, users can make adjustments to shutter speed, aperture, ISO and other settings without having to take their eye off the viewfinder.  The shooting frame (Bright Frame) and text brightness automatically adjust according to the ambient light available, to ensure that the information on the display is easy to see at all times.

The system features an OVF Power Save mode, which activates the power-saving function in the optical viewfinder mode to double the maximum number of images per full charge from 300 (*7) in normal operation.

With FUJINON’s proprietary coating, the viewfinder cleverly resists fingerprints and can easily be wiped clean, so that users can enjoy the optical viewfinder’s clear display without compromise.

(5) FUJINON 23mm f/2 lens offering premium image quality in a compact body
Specifically designed for this model, the FUJINON 23mm f/2 Single Focal Length Lens has a fixed angle of incidence of light into the lens, which facilitates optimum optical design. Taking full advantage of this, the X100S demonstrates advanced levels of image clarity, not only in the centre of the image, but also through to the edges of the photo. The versatile focal length of 35mm (*8) delivers an angle of view ideal for a diverse range of subjects and scenes.

The lens consists of 8 elements in 6 groups, and includes a high-performance double-sided aspherical element and highly-refractive converging glass elements, which deliver a high level of detailed performance with minimal aberration, excellent sharpness and beautiful colour reproduction.  Moreover, FUJINON's proprietary HT-EBC coating is applied to effectively control image flares and ghosting.

Other benefits of this lens are the beautiful, soft, round-shaped Bokeh that is produced from the 9 blade lens diaphragm. In addition the lens allows you to get as close as 10cm from your subject in macro mode for stunning close-up shots. And its built-in 3-stop ND filter enables blurring of the background in portraits, or applies a gorgeous creamy look to flowing water even in a bright setting.

(6) Elegant design and sophisticated functionality
The front of the X100S proudly bares the letter “S” as confirmation of its extensive evolution from the FUJIFILM X100. Down to the tiniest detail, the premium build and feel of the X100 is continued in the X100S. FUJIFILM’s top quality Japanese engineering is evident from the high precision components used and the perfectly optimised body.

The X100S’s top and base parts are made of magnesium alloy to achieve a lightweight, resilient, yet delicate design. A specially-formulated coating is applied to give its surface a steel look for an added premium feel.  All the dials and rings have been milled from solid metal, with attention paid to the finer details such as finger grips and enhanced operability. The exterior is finished with synthetic leather, which is durable and resilient to the environment yet reproduces the texture of real leather, while still offering the practical benefits of additional grip and comfort.

The layout of the dials and rings allow users to operate the aperture ring on the lens with their left hand, and the shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial on the top panel with their right hand, meaning all the settings can be adjusted comfortably without having to take your eye off the viewfinder. And to make you feel even more at home, you can even customise your shutter sound by choosing between the four different sounds available:  Lens Shutter, Focal Plane Shutter, Mirror Up and Silent Shutter.

The menu system has been also updated to incorporate a Q “Quick” button which allows you to quickly call up frequently-used menu items such as ISO setting and Film Simulation modes. In addition, the Fn (Function) button allows users to assign functions frequently used while shooting, for convenient use at the touch of a button.

(7) Artistic photography
The X100S features FUJIFILM's proprietary 'Film Simulation Modes'. Users can choose from ten simulation options which replicate the results achieved by FUJIFILM colour reversal films (Velvia / PROVIA / ASTIA), professional colour negative films (PRO Neg. Std / PRO Neg. Hi), monochrome filters (MONOCHROME, Ye filter, R filter and G filter) and SEPIA.

Also available on the X100S is the Advanced Filter function; users can choose from 8 different artistic effects which can be previewed on the LCD screen:
Pop Colour - great for boosting contrast and colour saturation
Toy Camera - create shaded borders as if you were taking a photo on a toy camera
Miniature - adds top and bottom blur for a diorama or miniature effect
Dynamic Tone - create a fantasy effect by dynamically-modulated tonal reproduction
Partial Colour – highlights one colour and leaves the rest of the image in black and white (choose from red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple)
High Key - enhances brightness and reduces contrast to lighten tonal reproduction
Low Key – create uniformly dark tones with few areas of emphasised highlights.
Soft Focus – blurs the focus of the image edges to create a softer effect                    

In addition a Multiple Exposure function enables users to combine two separate images together for special creative effects. And for greater artistic freedom, the aspect ratio can be selected from 3:2, 16:9, and 1:1 (square) to accommodate a wide range of photographic styles.

(8) Full HD Video Shooting
The X100S can shoot at 60fps during Full HD video recording (1920 x 1080) for very smooth video capture. Plus shooting at the high bit-rate of 36Mbps will result in reduced noise and enhanced image quality that reveals every detail, from individual leaves in the trees, to subtle changes in facial expression. During video recording, users have access to many of the additional modes available in still image capture. Film Simulation modes can be used, White Balance settings can be adjusted, you can even make the most of the fast lens to produce beautiful bokeh and also operate the Intelligent Hybrid AF for high-speed and high-precision focusing.

(9) FUJIFILM X100S Key features list:

  • 16.3 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor
  • EXR Processor II
  • High Definition Hybrid Viewfinder (OVF / EVF)
  • FUJINON 23mm f/2 lens
  • Intelligent Hybrid AF (with the world’s fastest AF speed of 0.08 secs (*1))
  • Start-up time of 0.5 secs (*4)
  • Shutter time lag of 0.01 secs
  • Shooting interval of 0.5 secs
  • High-contrast and wide viewing-angle 2.8-inch Premium Clear LCD (460K dots)
  • Super Intelligent Flash
  • Burst shooting rate of up to 6 frames per second at full resolution (max. 29 frames)
  • Focus Peak Highlight function
  • Digital Split Image display
  • Artistic filters
  • Full HD movie recording (60fps / 30fps)

(10) Premium Accessories available for the FUJIFILM X100S

  • Wide conversion lens WCL-X100 - designed specifically for X100 and X100S, shortens the lens’ focal length from 35mm (*8) to 28mm (*8).  It offers a broader field of view while maintaining the powerful performance equivalent to that of the main body’s lens
  • Premium Leather case LC-X100S - Users can remove / insert a memory card and battery without having to take this case off.  This is a practical ‘Quick Shot’ case, made of premium genuine leather
  • Shoe Mount Flash - Three types of Fujifilm external flashes are available, capable of the proprietary high-precision TTL auto flash control:  EF-20 and EF-X20 with the guide number 20, and EF-42 with the guide number 42

External stereo microphone MIC-ST1 - For recording real sound with impact to go with premium-quality images and full-HD movie

*1 Fujifilm research as of November 2012. Compared with other compact digital cameras equipped with an APS-C sensor and a non-interchangeable lens based on CIPA standards and conducted in High Performance mode.
*2 Fujifilm research. Compared with X100 and conducted in f/16.
*3 Compared with FUJIFILM X100
*4 High Performance mode
*5 Fujifilm research as of November 2012
*6 Compared with the EXR Processor Pro.
*7 Maximum shots from a fully charged NP-95 lithium battery pack, based on the CIPA test standard.
*8 35mm format equivalent

Fujifilm X100S specifications

Body type
Body typeLarge sensor compact
Max resolution4896 x 3264
Other resolutions4896x2760,264 × 3264, 3456x2304, 3456x1944, 2304 × 230, 2496x1664, 2496x1408 , 1664 × 1664
Image ratio w:h1:1, 3:2, 16:9
Effective pixels16 megapixels
Sensor sizeAPS-C (23.6 x 15.8 mm)
Sensor typeCMOS
ProcessorEXR II
ISOAuto (ISO 200 - 6400), ISO 100, 12800 and 25600 with boost
White balance presets7
Custom white balanceYes
Image stabilizationNo
Uncompressed formatRAW
JPEG quality levelsFine, Normal
File format
  • JPEG (Exif 2.3),
  • RAW (RAF format)
Optics & Focus
Focal length (equiv.)35 mm
Optical zoom1×
Maximum apertureF2.0
  • Multi-area
  • Single
  • Continuous
  • Live View
Digital zoomNo
Manual focusYes
Normal focus range21 cm (8.27)
Macro focus range10 cm (3.94)
Number of focus points49
Screen / viewfinder
Articulated LCDFixed
Screen size2.8
Screen dots460,000
Touch screenNo
Screen typeTFT color LCD monitor
Live viewYes
Viewfinder typeElectronic and Optical (tunnel)
Viewfinder coverage90%
Viewfinder magnification0.5×
Viewfinder resolution2,350,000
Photography features
Minimum shutter speed30 sec
Maximum shutter speed1/4000 sec
Exposure modes
  • Program AE
  • Shutter priority
  • Aperture priority
  • Manual exposure
Built-in flashYes
Flash range9.00 m
External flashYes (hot-shoe)
Flash modesAuto, On, Off, Red-Eye, Slow Sync
Continuous drive6 fps
Self-timerYes (2 or 10 sec)
Metering modes
  • Multi
  • Average
  • Spot
Exposure compensation±2 (at 1/3 EV steps)
AE Bracketing (at 1/3 EV, 2/3 EV, 1 EV steps)
WB BracketingNo
Videography features
Resolutions1920 x 1080 (60, 30fps)
Storage typesSD/SDHC/SDXC
USB USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)
HDMIYes (Mini connector)
WirelessEye-Fi Connected
Remote controlYes
Environmentally sealedNo
BatteryBattery Pack
Battery descriptionLithium-Ion NP-95 rechargeable battery & charger
Battery Life (CIPA)330
Weight (inc. batteries)445 g (0.98 lb / 15.70 oz)
Dimensions127 x 74 x 54 mm (5 x 2.91 x 2.13)
Other features
Orientation sensorYes
Timelapse recordingNo

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Total comments: 49
By LAstreetPhoto (Jan 11, 2013)

I wouldn't depend on any coating or surface to grip my camera, that's why I wrap my strap around my wrist. The camera is always at hand and at the ready and I can't drop it.
Fuji should add a 28mm equivalent, a snap mode like on my old Ricoh GR-1 (hyper focal distance lock mode) and make the batteries last longer. I have an X Pro1 and the batteries are the only criminal design flaw.

By cgarrard (Jan 10, 2013)

This camera is more tempting. I've used all of the latest Fuji cameras and bar the XS1, they were all too quirky to please me.

Sounds like Fuji is getting the wrinkles ironed out but only hands on with it for some time will tell the whole story.

I may be inclined to check out an XPRO2 if the same bugs and irritations are worked out in that iteration, finally. We'll see though.

Fuji ought to consider making a fixed zoom lens on this camera with a similar finder as the X10/20 in its concept. Even a 24-85mm lens would be plenty and it could remain more compact (I'd settle for a 28-85 or better yet 28-90mm too) than an XPRO w/lens because you could elminate any back focus distance etc.


Comment edited 3 minutes after posting
Sergey Borachev
By Sergey Borachev (Jan 8, 2013)

Does DPR realise that serious photography is to a large extent old men's hobby?A lot of us on these forums and website find this tiny font not very user friendly.

1 upvote
By NineFace (Jan 8, 2013)

Get an ipad it's help

By roblarosa (Jan 8, 2013)

On most modern Windows broswers if you press and hold the CTRL button and tap the + sign button, the font will increase in size. Press the - button to return to normal size. I'm sure Mac browsers have the same ability.

By icexe (Jan 9, 2013)

Ctrl +, Ctrl - and Ctrl 0 are your best friends, old man ;)

By cgarrard (Jan 10, 2013)

I never new that trick, thanks man!!

1 upvote
By zodiacfml (Jan 8, 2013)

Wow, very interesting. I feel this is more compelling than Sony's RX1 and practical too due to price and the new AF performance.

By acidmilk (Jan 8, 2013)

Really interested to know the performance of the Intelligent Hybrid AF.

By Nitewalker (Jan 8, 2013)

As a previous owner of the awesome X100, I'm ecstatic about the X100S announcement; in the X100S, Fujifilm have all but put to bed the quirks of the X100 (alas, still only a 460k rear LCD screen) and continue to bring to market not only beautifully designed, but also innovative and compelling digital imaging products. If Fujifilm were a games developer, there wouldn't be yet another sports sim or first person shooter (no pun intended!) in sight.

So, to Fujifilm, I say, keep on doing what you're doing, because if there's more to come of this, then it's all good...

1 upvote
By solarsky (Jan 8, 2013)

Odd how the microphone didn't get a retro-finish to match that of the camera, causing it to look more like a periscope-kinda-microphone-foamy-yoke, wearily stuck on the top of the camera. But if that's what it takes for some decent video sound, then it's the way to go, I gueß...

Comment edited 37 seconds after posting
1 upvote
By JDThomas (Jan 8, 2013)

I'm glad I waited it out. The X100 wasn't quite there, but this model looks to be pretty slick.

By pdelux (Jan 8, 2013)

The photo with the microphone is just hilarious!

mike kobal
By mike kobal (Jan 7, 2013)

...and lets hope we get a firmware update for the X Pro1 and X-E1 to set the minimum shutter speed when using auto ISO and focus peaking soon

Comment edited 42 seconds after posting
J. Qian
By J. Qian (Jan 7, 2013)

"S" means second edition? Anyway I applaud Fuji's refinement effort for a classic model.

mike kobal
By mike kobal (Jan 7, 2013)

despite the APSC sized sensor, this could be serious competition for the RX1, really looking forward to try one, bravo Fuji!

By marike6 (Jan 8, 2013)

Can't wait to see what you can do with it Mike.

By maxnoy (Jan 7, 2013)

Digital split image demoed here --

By CameraLabTester (Jan 7, 2013)

Yes, that was what I wanted to confirm.

The Split Image is horizontal and quite limited. (due to digital?)

It could not confirm focus on the horizontal ballpoint pen, in the demo...

I was thinking in the lines of the Optical 45 degrees split image.


Comment edited 2 times, last edit 53 seconds after posting
1 upvote
By CameraLabTester (Jan 7, 2013)

Digital Split Image Display.

Kindly elaborate with viewfinder images on the full review.



1 upvote
By Deeso (Jan 7, 2013)

A really compelling product. Fuji is taking some risks (X-Trans RAW support is still a work in progress) but thankfully they are pushing the market beyond the Canikon dominance. Those will still lead the market for a good while but I hope Fuji's brave stand makes them push some more innovation in the enthusiast range.

Captain Tom L
By Captain Tom L (Jan 8, 2013)

Unfortunately I think Fujifilm is far from "pushing the market beyond Canikon dominance" at the overall level... There's still Sony and Olympus right behind Canikon.

By peevee1 (Jan 7, 2013)

RX1 will have even harder time selling now...

By thx1138 (Jan 7, 2013)

Nice camera, but I always laugh at how every manufacturer claims to have the worlds fastest AF. What's that Dire Straights song which has the lyrics " 2 men say their Jesus, one of them must be wrong"

By Revenant (Jan 8, 2013)

You're right, and that claim always comes with a qualifying foot note, in this case:

"Fujifilm research as of November 2012. Compared with other compact digital cameras equipped with an APS-C sensor and a non-interchangeable lens based on CIPA standards and conducted in High Performance mode."

How many other APS-C compacts with non-interchangeable lenses are there? Fuji X100, Leica X1/X2, the Sigma DP series, and the ancient Sony R1. None of those is exactly a speed demon.

By dav1dz (Mar 22, 2013)

More importantly, what is this High Performance mode?

By MrPetkus (Jan 7, 2013)

Focus peaking! I sure hope this makes it's way to the X-Pro2...

Clint Dunn
By Clint Dunn (Jan 7, 2013)

XPro2??? Here's hoping it comes to the XPro1 with a FW update. Not sure if it is possible...but man that would be nice!

Clint Dunn
By Clint Dunn (Jan 7, 2013)

Wow...not sure why anyone would buy a Leica X2 when this new Fuji becomes available...

By ryrychung (Jan 7, 2013)

Hoping Fuji treats us existing X100 users with peaking/Q menu/shorter default focusing distances in a firmware update...probably not likely though.

1 upvote
Clint Dunn
By Clint Dunn (Jan 7, 2013)

I doubt it....that would reduce the number of people who would buy an X100S. Maybe the XPro1 will get the upgrade since it isn't immediately scheduled to be replaced....

By Hentaiboy (Jan 7, 2013)

Man, Fujifilm seem to have addressed almost all the 'quirks' :-) Even the soft strap lugs have been beefed up! Roll on Feb 14...

By samhain (Jan 7, 2013)

Bravo Fuji, bravo!
Unfortunately, no adobe raw support= no Fuji camera for me.

Richard Butler
By Richard Butler (Jan 7, 2013)

No Adobe raw support is an exaggeration. There is Adobe support for X-Trans, but it doesn't always render fine detail as well as it could.

Kinematic Digit
By Kinematic Digit (Jan 7, 2013)

I agree with R Butler. As one of the people who has spent a lot of time researching into this and answered many people's concerns over it. It is a little overblown. Support by Adobe exists and the 'fine details' is something only seen in specific cases, and even in those cases are only apparent at 200-400% pixel resolution.

I did a spot sample of 5 different processing techniques and printed it on fine art papers to simulate a 5 foot fine art print, and in each of the swatches they all held up well. The Adobe examples do show some break down of fine details, but most people will not be printing 5+ feet prints from this. Regardless, Adobe will be updating this in ACR 7.3, and Capture One is developing a beta that will have a finer detail renderer that provides stunning details that even compared to higher MP outputs would put them to shame.

Comment edited 21 seconds after posting
By vkphoto (Jan 7, 2013)

Stunning results from Capture One 7.0.2

By mpetersson (Jan 7, 2013)

It looks very nice, the improved AF would be very welcome. The AF and the electronic viewfinder were two of the things that turned me away from buying the X100, and both seem vastly improved in this camera. It should sell like hotcakes despite the price.

1 upvote
Ulfric M Douglas
By Ulfric M Douglas (Jan 7, 2013)

I want to see it doing this! ;
"“Digital Split Image”"

By vkphoto (Jan 7, 2013)

Looks pretty neat

By vkphoto (Jan 7, 2013)

One more video regarding split image

By xc1427 (Jan 7, 2013)

the small ok/menu button is still there ...

By EricWN (Jan 7, 2013)

Yes, my thinking too. One of the elements that really are not worthy for a camera this nice.

By rjx (Jan 7, 2013)

What an awesome little camera!!! A street photographers dream camera.

Anyone know what the price will be? $1199?

1 upvote
By AngryCorgi (Jan 7, 2013)

Price is US$1299.99, and US$599.99 for the new X20...

Comment edited 21 seconds after posting
By JEROME NOLAS (Jan 7, 2013)

Finally a great news from Fuji, as always...This might be IT for me!!!

By vkphoto (Jan 7, 2013)

Hi, no Q button at the back?

Andy Westlake
By Andy Westlake (Jan 7, 2013)

The RAW button will bring up the Q menu. It's not entirely clear whether it will labelled Q or RAW on the final camera.

1 upvote
By vkphoto (Jan 7, 2013)

Ok, thanks for clarification

By Hentaiboy (Jan 7, 2013)

Looks to be labelled 'Q'. See here:

Comment edited 22 seconds after posting
Total comments: 49