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CreativeLive to broadcast six days of free photography workshops

By dpreview staff on Sep 16, 2013 at 22:36 GMT

The folks behind CreativeLive, an online resource for photographers co-founded by Chase Jarvis, have kicked off Photo Week: six days of educational workshops streamed live online for free. Workshops will be broadcast over three channels with topics including wedding, family and portrait photography. CreativeLive Photo Week begins today and ends on the 21st.

Press Release:


Leading online creative education platform announces largest-ever interactive photography event, featuring over 50 world-class instructors, culminating in live wedding broadcast

SEATTLE, WA (September 4, 2013) — creativeLIVE today announced that it will hold the largest-ever live online photography event on September 16-21, 2013. Streamed on three channels from creativeLIVE’s Seattle studios, creativeLIVE Photo Week will feature six days of free live workshops taught by 50+ professional photographers, in which participants will obtain expert insight on how to transform their photos from mediocre to marvelous. Concluding Photo Week, creativeLIVE will live broadcast the wedding of one of its longtime employees!

creativeLIVE Photo Week is one of the most ambitious events the photography industry has ever seen, and is poised to capture an audience in the hundreds of thousands. creativeLIVE Photoshop Week, held in February 2013, drew more than 150,000 students across 178 countries who consumed close to half a million hours of video.

"creativeLIVE Photo Week is our love letter to photography," said co-founder Chase Jarvis. "We have an incredible lineup of rock star photogs in the mix for this event — people who inspire our industry and are simply brilliant at sharing their knowledge with the world."

Founded in 2010 by photographer Chase Jarvis and entrepreneur Craig Swanson, creativeLIVE is transforming online learning by providing free, live access to skill-based education in more than 7 categories spanning photography to business, audio and more.

creativeLIVE Photo Week includes:

  • 150+ hours of live broadcast education
  • Over 50 instructors, including big-ticket names and emerging voices
  • Three live channels: Wedding & Family, Portrait & Commercial, and "Create What You Love"
  • An international photo walk
  • First-ever "creativeLIVE Photographers of Note" selected by Chase Jarvis and a panel of industry experts


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By KariIceland (7 months ago)

Jared polin has confirmed that he is participating as well

By rfsIII (7 months ago)

If you're impatient with the slow pace of the presentations, welcome to the world of professional photography where the path toward an objective is never straight.

That's why so many of the presenters sound like they're babbling, but that's not it at all. You're just hearing the way a very creative person's mind works. They run their mouths while their brains are working silently on the visual part of the shot.

Professionals shooters all have very flexible brains. One will start out saying something about a shot, switch to a discourse on vacuum cleaners, contradict what she said minutes before and then swing back onto the original topic.

By Kali108 (7 months ago)

So the consensus is.."meh"? Really? Hmm. A company provides you with access to observe the realtime working process of very successful photographers with decades of experience... for free... and you criticize them ? You'd prefer a pdf with bullet points? Wow.

Charge too much? Again, really? So, for example, you can get a 3 day workshop for $149 ($99 if purchased during the workshop), please share a better alternative. Please share an alternative for TWICE the PRICE. Photoshop World...$600. Is there an option to view it for free? Nope. CreativeLive sounds pretty freaking generous to *me*. Go take Zack Arias One Light workshop, check out the prices! Maybe Moose Peterson's workshops...check the prices !!!

CreativeLive offers you a full week of content that would cost several thousands of dollars via individual workshops with these individuals...FOR FREE...and you question their motivations and substance?

Ungrateful human beings.

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By graybalanced (7 months ago)

I've hung out in the CreativeLive real time chatroom from time to time and noticed two kinds of viewers.

Most are open-minded and willing to let an instructor immerse them through their complete thought process and work process, where a whole day of process and explanation is entirely appropriate. (As in a real world photography workshop!)

But there are others who seem to be very impatient YouTube-type viewers. You can tell them very quickly. They rush to judge a workshop negatively if the teacher is not barraging the class with "cool!" tips and "wow!" techniques every single minute, showing off gadgets and parading hot models. These types seem to expect a live workshop to be as fast-paced and tightly edited as a finished video. It is FREE, but they still criticize not receiving packaged, flashy, emotionally charged, quick-cut pieces in 30-second bites like they are apparently used to from watching CNN and Fox News.

Stefan Fuhrmann
By Stefan Fuhrmann (7 months ago)

Watching those workshops live for free is indeed a good offer. However, this is different to a workshop you attend in person. Watching it online is just too slow paced. It is good value though!

Now, I would be willing to pay money for this contents, but only if they offered an edited version, so I wouldn't have to spend days taking it all in. I've got more important things to do with my time (like procrastinating on dpreview).

By daqk (7 months ago)

I stayed couple hours and some "shows" are very interesting, i.e., Dan Milnor's "The Documentary Portrait" definitely stands by its own.

Thanks to Dan and the host creativeLIVE.

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By VisualFX (7 months ago)

I just looked at their main page. The "rebroadcasts" don't start from the beginning and their is too much jibber jabber in their videos, not enough substance. Pure marketing.

Stefan Fuhrmann
By Stefan Fuhrmann (7 months ago)

I tend to agree here. I did watch several hours recently as they broadcast live, but I can only watch it in the background doing something useful in the meantime (like editing photos), because there is just too much waffling going on. It feels like they need to justify the cost of those videos once they are up for sale for watching later.

I'd actually be happy to pay some money for the information (not nearly as much as they charge for it though), but only if they distilled it down to the interesting 10%. After all, this is what photo clients pay there photographers for as well. You never deliver 3000 photos of a wedding, you find the interesting parts and present them in a digestible way.

Clyde Thomas
By Clyde Thomas (7 months ago)

Wait... didn't they get the memo? I thought the iPhone killed any need for pro photo workshops. And the poor dour togs left don't have time for classes because they're too busy whining about the state of our industry.

Kudos to creativeLIVE for setting the bar high for togs and not getting dragged down by all the naysayers.

Bravo creativeLIVE!

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By Kodachrome200 (7 months ago)

kool. ill tune in when i have time

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