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64-bit Corel PaintShop Pro X6 now available

By dpreview staff on Sep 4, 2013 at 18:49 GMT

Corel has announced Paintshop Pro X6 'Ultimate', its PC-only image processing software which improves on the previous version of PSP X6 thanks to the addition of built-in automatic image correction by Athentech Imaging. The update to 64-bit architecture should result in better performance on modern operating systems, as well. Apparently, the new software was created after a research study indicated that 'more power, more speed and improved usability were the changes users most wanted to see in X6'. We hope the research team got rewarded handsomely for figuring that one out. 

Press release:

New 64-Bit Corel® PaintShop® Pro X6 Delivers on Users’ Top Request

Ottawa, ON – September 4, 2013 - Today Corel announced the availability of PaintShop® Pro X6 Ultimate. Thanks to the addition of 64-bit support, X6 is the most powerful version to date. Improvements in speed and performance, plus interface refinements and new quick selection tools help photographers achieve their best results – fast.

“PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate is rooted in Corel’s sincere desire to build a product that helps users create their best photos ever. The most effective way to achieve this was to go right to the source,” said Rick Champagne, Senior Product Manager, Corel Photo & Video. “X6 was developed based on our extensive customer research. Our users told us they want 64-bit power, faster performance, an improved user interface, and continued availability of a perpetual license, so we delivered them. Now we not only offer the most robust feature set in the space, but also the professional power to back it.” 

Improvements in PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate originate from the most extensive research study in the product’s history. Corel researchers drew from a base of over 2.6 million PaintShop Pro users, learning that more power, more speed and improved usability were the changes users most wanted to see in X6.

New 64-Bit Power Drives Acceleration Application-Wide

The leap to 64-bit has dramatically accelerated key features application wide. Performance gains include:

  • Superior performance: 64-bit dramatically improves the power of PaintShop Pro X6, delivering more performance, speed, and stability in users’ favorite features. For example, when compared to X5, 64- bit PaintShop Pro X6 saw a 78% performance increase in cataloguing JPG images. For more information on performance gains please refer to page 17 of the Reviewer’s Guide
  • New! Memory management: New memory management work opening and saving files and applying effects is accelerated in both 32- and 64-bit versions of X6. Both are included with every purchase.
  • New! Open more and larger images faster: With X6 users can open larger files and more files - upward of 50 - with ease. This significantly improves performance in batch processing, multi-layer compositing work and HDR processing.
  • Enhanced! Support for Adobe Photoshop plug-ins: PaintShop Pro X6 now supports many 64-bit Adobe Photoshop plug-ins in addition to Photoshop format (.psd) images and Photoshop format (.abr) brushes.

New Tools Improve on Workflow

New selection tools make traditionally tedious editing tasks a breeze allowing users to focus on the creative side of editing.

  • New! Smart Selection Brush: This new brush enables the selection of objects based on a brushstroke. Users simply paint over an object to select it.
  • New! Auto Selection tool: The new auto selection tool lets users enclose an image area in a bounding rectangle that automatically detects and snaps to the edge. It’s quick and simple, accelerating common selection tasks.

Professional Level Plug-ins Add Additional Value to PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate

Corel’s flagship photo editor, PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate also includes valuable photo editing extras worth over $200.

  • Perfectly Clear: Available for the first time in PaintShop Pro Ultimate, the award-winning plug-in by Athentech Imaging, saves users time by delivering advanced, one-click image corrections based on 10 years of scientific research.
  • FaceFilter3 Standard: A versatile photo retouching and beautifying toolkit by Reallusion, FaceFilter3 Standard helps users reveal the true beauty of their photos by providing scenario-based portrait editing and beautifying. 

Also introducing Corel Photo Video Suite™ X6

Corel also today announced Corel Photo Video Suite X6, the comprehensive combination of PaintShop Pro X6 and VideoStudio® Pro X6, for photo and video editing in one complete package.

Pricing and Availability 

PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate can be purchased immediately as an electronic download (ESD) from or from Corel's global resellers. North American suggested retail pricing (SRP) is $99.99 (USD and CDN). Upgrade pricing, for users of versions X3 and higher, is $79.99.

PaintShop Pro X6 is available at an SRP of $79.99 and $59.99 for an upgrade. For more information please visit

Photo Video Suite X6 is available for $129.99 or $99.99 for an upgrade. For more information please visit

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By Camediadude (6 months ago)

I think I might give it a try. Even if there might be some snags as some have reported (I hope they are just in the vocal minority) I would rather take my chances with this software than give Adobe one thin dime of mine ever again.

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By skyrunr (7 months ago)

With an open mind I thought I'd check this out.

I work in software support, have over 8 years of experience working with hundreds of labs across the country, and thousands of professional photographers. I downloaded the X6 trail today. I added a folder 30 rather small JPG's and the program crashed. It wouldn't even start up. I uninstalled it, cleared my Windows registry, and then only installed the 32bit version. That ran and then did the same thing. Nice!

I go through FAQ's, online documentation, and then try to contact technical support. That didn't work so I contacted sales. They tell me that I'm using an "ONYX PIN" and not a support PIN. Keep in mind that this PIN is listed within the support box of my online account on their website. Of course because it is a trial I don't have a support PIN. I ask for a temporary one, and I get an apology.

Based on this experience I'm not likely to even consider a Corel product ever again.

By frank200 (7 months ago)

I wish I could use Paintshop X6, but unfortunately it does not support my plugins, i have Onone 7, Alienskin, Topaz, Nik. until then i guess I'm stuck with adobe.

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By walberty (7 months ago)

I know it supports Topaz and Nik. TheX5 came with the Nik plugin and I have also tried the Topaz plugins in X5.I am trying out X6 and configured it to use my Nik plugin with no issues. Note that you must use the 32 bit X6 for the older 32 bit plugins and the 64 bit X6 for newer plugins.

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By icexe (7 months ago)

I downloaded the trial version of PSP X6 yesterday and played with it for several hours.

It opened all my RAW files just fine (specifically ORF and DNG). I found most of the equivalent tools that I use in Photoshop (Unsharp, Curves, cloning, dodge/burn, adjustment layers, filters, etc.) with no problems. Masking tools seem OK, but I didn't delve into those too much. I managed to go through my normal post-processing workflow without wanting for much.

The overall responsiveness is not as good as Photoshop. I noticed a slight lag when applying things like dodge/burn, curves, etc. (I'm running the 64-bit version on a Windows 8 machine with 16 Gigs of RAM). Also, it did crash on me once. So it could use a bit of optimizing and patching.

Overall, I'd say it's about 80-90% as good as Photoshop in terms of post-processing and image tweaking. I'm not sure how it compares to Photoshop for more advanced artistic features like drawing, painting, restoration, etc.. I'll get to those later.

Joseph Mama
By Joseph Mama (7 months ago)

In fairness you are comparing a 50 dollar product to one that is forced subscription based and costs 800ish or whatever.

I got PSP5x because of its cost effectiveness and ability to do a lot of stuff, yet not be as high of learning curve as Photoshop.

By dosdan (7 months ago)

I'm an PSP X4 owner. I'm trialling X6. I was disappointed to find some of it is still 8-bit. I run a SmartSharpen script. It uses Automatic Contrast Enhancement which, while it is not exposed now in the UI, still pops up when invoked from a script.

However, when working on a 16-bit TIFF, the ACE function in the script still has PSP X6 telling you to convert it to 8-bit to use this function.

# Auto Contrast Enhancement
App.Do( Environment, 'AutoContrastEnhancement', {
'Appearance': App.Constants.Appearance.Bold,
'Bias': App.Constants.ContrastBias.Neutral,
'Strength': App.Constants.ContrastStrength.Normal,
'GeneralSettings': {
'ExecutionMode': App.Constants.ExecutionMode.Interactive,
'AutoActionMode': App.Constants.AutoActionMode.Match,
'Version': ((14,0,0),1)


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unknown member
By (unknown member) (7 months ago)

I haven't noticed any difference in speed compared to X5 for every tool I use. I would have preferred a spotting tool and improvements to existing tools.

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By ChromeDome (7 months ago)

Please be careful. It might be my set up but I don't thinks so. If you're using a completely sRGB workflow and are certain that none of your images have other embedded profiles such as aRGB or ProPhoto then you should be okay. Otherwise checkout my experience here.

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By SpencerPhoto (7 months ago)

This is a great alternative for PC users, and best of all, you don't have to rent it.

David Hull
By David Hull (7 months ago)

Yes, but do they offer a "Creative Cloud"? ;-)

By Vallkar (7 months ago)

Who cares.

By wintoba (7 months ago)

I have been using their products since version 2 and they have all been great. Just purchased X6 and the 64bit version is a huge improvement. Photoshop users unhappy with the subscription model should give this product a try, I think they just might like it.....

By mickeybphoto (7 months ago)

I had 2 then 4 and now 5. I have been pleased with all too. I despise PS elements. I had versions 6 and was ok, 10 sucked so I bought PSP5 and have been very please. I will try 6 and get the upgrade is needed.

By CheekyWena (7 months ago)

I had x3,x4,x5 and so far have had good results. I think their pricing doesn't give any incentive for X5 users to upgrade. Pity, if the pricing was better i would upgrade but X5 does the job so why spend the money for a few nice to haves. For a new user, definitely a good product though.

John McCormack
By John McCormack (7 months ago)

The previous version, PSP X5, is very stable - now - after service pack 3.PSP X6 seems to be having some teething problems if you follow the X6 thread here on

I'll be sticking with X5 for now.

By Smalldane50 (7 months ago)

I've upgraded to X6 ultimate from X4. I've used it for about 2 weeks, and I can see a big improvement. Selection-tools are much easier to use, and you can work with 64 bit. I also use Nik Efex pro as a plug-in. I think you should look at X6, if you need a photo software that are cheep compared to PS, and can do almost the same.

By SemperAugustus (7 months ago)

What about RAW processing?

The Scurvy Dog of PR
By The Scurvy Dog of PR (7 months ago)

One would think you guys would state up front that this is a PeeCee tool and not compatible with MAC.

1 upvote
By Sordid (7 months ago)

Heee heeee! He wrote PeeCee! How phunnie!

By SpencerPhoto (7 months ago)

I guess it should be assumed, since the PC dominates the market share.

unknown member
By (unknown member) (7 months ago)

"I guess it should be assumed, since the PC dominates the market share."

That would be an illogical and foolish assumption. Paint Shop Pro is actually one of the few exceptions of photo apps not available for the Mac, although it works great on a Mac through Parallels. I run it on my iMac and I haven't had a single issue. The main thing missing from Paint Shop Pro is a spotting/healing tool. It's mind boggling and disappointing that they haven't added such a necessary tool in all these years.

By Cooloox (7 months ago)

Paintshop Pro has had a Blemish Removal brush for a number of years now and it is equivalent to the Photoshop Spot Healing Brush.

By RRD (7 months ago)

Corel has announced Paintshop Pro X6 'Ultimate', its PC-only image processing software.

What was not understood by the first sentence in the article?

1 upvote
By stratplaya (7 months ago)

I've used previous versions for some time now. A good alternative to PS.

unknown member
By (unknown member) (7 months ago)

I would say it's the best compromise, not an "alternative."

Total comments: 26