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Watch the trailer for ski movie shot with gyro-stabilized 4K rig

By dpreview staff on Aug 30, 2013 at 08:01 GMT

Back in April we posted about the GSS C520 - a five-axis gyro-stabilized 4K cinema system by GSS (Gyro-Stabilized Systems). The C520 is compatible with the RED Epic, Arri Alexa M and Sony F55/HDC-2500 video cameras. The GSS C520 is being used by Teton Gravity Research to shoot a movie about skiing. If the preview footage is any indication, it'll be pretty intense, putting the 4K rig to work in some impressive locations.

Trailer: 'Way of Life' by Teton Gravity Research

Via: Wired , Source: Teton Gravity


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By acidic (7 months ago)

Snowboarders can stay in the parks and stick to the rails and other silly stuff.

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By attomole (8 months ago)

4K sucks, i'm hanging out for 8K 3D 120 FPS

Reilly Diefenbach
By Reilly Diefenbach (8 months ago)

You've got to love 4K video.

By dynaxx (8 months ago)

All well and good but when, oh when are we going to get some camera/lens reviews ??? Is this not your raison d'etre ?

The "new" Sony Zeiss 50mm 1.4mm Planar is new no longer.

How many "first look" appetizers are still awaiting the main course ? The only thing worth reading here is the bitching cynicism of the rival camps and even that is losing it's appeal. Please sort yourselves out ASAP !

By ET2 (7 months ago)

Grow up, dude. Or do you want your money back?

By jkoch2 (8 months ago)

When will Teton Gravity announce a $700 micro-copter + stabilizer to compete with the DJI Phantom or the various other contenders for the role of big boy fly toy? Perhaps never (too "down market"), but the quality of inexpensive devices is rising fast.

Were it to loft no more than a half-decent P&S, or maybe a GoPro, that would be good enough. The only acid test is whether a device is apt to crash or fail to return "home" if the R/C falters.

The daily rental costs of the equipment and crew needed to create the featured ski video is probably over 300x that sum. To top that off, there is no one to buy or see 4k video. The 4k display in a store I visit is often out-of-order or displaying rather gross animations.

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Hans and Lidy
By Hans and Lidy (8 months ago)

Wow... this defenitely is cool! Let's try doing the same with a RC Octocopter and some expensive DSLR gear bolted to it at 3500 meter... :-)

By jkoch2 (8 months ago)

It would take a rather hefty octocopter to lift a DSLR, and you'd not want to trust a DSLR to an R/C that has dizzy spells and drops everything in the river, treetop, or ravine.

Worse, what if some backwoods 'Billy, confusing it for a chicken hawk or Revenuer drone looking for stills and meth-works, uses it for musket practice? The things do make a nasty amount of noise anyway. "Derned thayng ruined my afternoon nap."

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Adrian Joseph Roy
By Adrian Joseph Roy (8 months ago)

Unmanned multi-rotor aircraft will eventually be the rule, not the exception, when it comes to shooting scenes like this. I think the *only* reason why it isn't that way right now, is because batteries as fuel cells still suck. In a big way. I am pretty sure that 10 to 15 minutes is the most you get. It would probably be a lot less than that if you're hauling a D-SLR.

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By AlanG (8 months ago)

There are numerous RC multirotors being used to fly all kinds of video cameras today - from GoPros to Reds. There recently has been a breakthrough in the availability of excellent inexpensive brushless gimbal stabilized camera mounts. A DSLR may offer little advantage over the lighter mirrorless cameras for shooting aerial videos. GoPros offer some advantages too. (High frame rates.) These things can be flown low and close to the skiers. I often use mine to film at 10 - 30 feet off the ground. I have a live video feed off the camera to a screen above my transmitter. Alternatively I fly via video goggles. The lack of FAA approval for "business" use is holding this gear back in some applications. 5-10 minutes of flight time is long enough to get several takes of most planned out scenes and one can then change batteries quickly.

By electrophoto (8 months ago)


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