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LensRentals shipping Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern

By dpreview staff on Aug 23, 2013 at 03:52 GMT is now shipping the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, with a twist. These particular 5D Mark IIIs have Magic Lantern (which adds additional features to Canon DSLRs) pre-installed. The most notable feature gained by using Magic Lantern on the 5D Mark III is Raw video support, which offers much better video quality than on a 'stock' camera. You can also take advantage of the rest of the Magic Lantern feature set, including focus peaking, an intervalometer, too many movie enhancements to list, plus the dynamic range improvement that we reported on last month.

All this can be yours for around $250 per week. LensRentals throws in a 128GB Lexar 1000X CompactFlash card, which you'll need to capture Raw video.

Via: CanonWatch, Source: LensRentals
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By grock (8 months ago)

Sooo tempted to put ML on my mark III, mainly for the shooting at multiple ISOs. But can't risk it, not matter how stable it seems. So a friend who had ML loaded though, and it IS pretty sweet. If I had more than one camera body I would definitely try it on one.

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Francis Carver
By Francis Carver (8 months ago)

RAW video? Nay..... you really do not need it.

By 67gtonr (8 months ago)

Are they doing this with the Canon EOS M too?

By AbrasiveReducer (8 months ago)

This is great news for everybody. If Magic Lantern turns out to be popular and trouble-free, Canon can re-evaluate. If it causes problems, it voids the warranty so it's 100% the user's risk. If the user wants Magic Lantern but not the risk, they can rent from LensRentals. Something for everybody.

Francis Carver
By Francis Carver (8 months ago)

Wow, you already have to hack a fairly new $3,500 camera? And void the mfr's paltry warranty? Phew.... times are a-tough. People are getting desperate all over the place.

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By Almeida (8 months ago)

So it must be good!

By mpgxsvcd (8 months ago)

Is ML stable for RAW video now? What frame rates does it support?

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Donnie G
By Donnie G (8 months ago)

Smart move by Lens Rentals that's good for them, their video enthusiast customers, ML, and Canon. Also, Canon has no reason to block the Magic Lantern hack since it makes their cameras even more desirable among the video and movie maker crowd without leaving Canon open to a flood of warranty claims when something overheats or breaks.

Peter Galbavy
By Peter Galbavy (8 months ago)

There's a potential fly in the ointment here for Lens Rentals - hope they realise.

While ML is free not many care. As soon as someone starts monetising it the patent trolls will be crawling out from under their bridges demanding the tolls.

Hope no one gets burnt.

Just a Photographer
By Just a Photographer (8 months ago)

They have the full right to do so if they are indeed violating patents as soon as they start monetizing these kind of hacks.

How would you feel if someone uses your photo's without paying you any money while the violator make money out of them.

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By Benarm (8 months ago)

Great trend, hopefully Canon will not block Magic Lantern in their future cameras.

new boyz
By new boyz (8 months ago)

If Canon were smart, they'd know that (some) people buy Canon for ML. If I were Canon, I'd do product differentiation at hardware level instead of selling same sensor with different firmware. This way people will have to buy higher end model if they want to get the best, even with the help from ML hack.

By AshMills (8 months ago)

Anyone who thinks they couldnt have stopped ML earlier if they wanted too is mad. ML does them very little harm.

By Zdman (8 months ago)

There are some really big hardware differences already. Mainly in buffer memory and card writing speed which is why only the 5D can do raw at full res. Would be fantastic if it was just a firmware difference but at the same time Canon would have been more likely toput a stop to it then.

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By StevenE (8 months ago)

I checked the links for downloads at magic lantern. I did not see any available downloads for the 5DIII . Where is it?

By yabokkie (8 months ago)

don't know if it's a good idea for Canon but I'd want to see Canon cooperate with ML and eventually provide us a sound API for Canon cameras, like programmable (instead of programmed) P mode.

it's can go very complex to let camera choose shutter and aperture for best resolution based on analysis of subject movement (need live view but we have dual-pixel AF now) and lens sweeping, etc.

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By chaos215bar2 (8 months ago)

Actually, what you're describing sounds extremely complex, especially if the camera wasn't designed with that kind of real-time image analysis in mind. It may be possible, using the same hardware / processing power that powers autofocus in live view, but that's the only vaguely similar feature I know of included in Canon's firmware (and it's much simpler than what you're suggesting).

By yabokkie (8 months ago)

the days of SLRs may be numbered when we are going 4K and 8K within a decade, especially for the low-resolution pro models like 1DX and D4. the advantage they have now is mobility, can be carried and operated by a single person.

that I see high level automation (APIs and complex add-ons) and efficient human-machine interface (that can be programmed, too) the key to the future.

there is a large chunk of our brain devoted to visual processing and cameras will need huge processing power to handle 8K video and construct a 3D battlefield for best shooting of the targets.

By spidermoon (8 months ago)

Setting shutter and aperture for best resolution already exists (MFT program in Pentax camera), not base on subject mouvement though.
For canon, you have CHDK, it have script for motion detection.

By bossa (8 months ago)

I'm sure you meant MTF there...

Henrik Herranen
By Henrik Herranen (8 months ago)

Good for Magic Lantern!

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